Why You Need To Visit Marigold Yum Cha Restaurant In Sydney

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Marigold yum cha restaurant in Sydney’s Chinatown is one of the experiences everyone needs to go to at least once in their life. As one of Sydney’s oldest yum cha restaurants, I booked it as a surprise for Steve’s birthday and we literally had one of the best nights out in ages. And, it’s just $35 pp for a degustation menu!

Steve used to go for yum cha and dim sum with his parents in Hurstville as a child and he’s be banging on to me for years about wanting to go to find the best yum cha in Sydney ever since.

For me, I wasn’t so keen. I remember going for yum cha when I was 18 in Hong Kong with a mate, and the thought of eating chicken feet didn’t sound so appealing the second time round. But, I knew Steve was keen to go and seek out the best yum cha in Sydney so I booked a table at Marigold restaurant.

It’s funny to think Marigold yum cha in Chinatown in Sydney is my first yum cha experience after living here for 10 years. To be honest, when I told Steve where we were going, he very nearly wanted to go somewhere else, purely because he thought it might be a bit rubbish because it’s so cheap. I did too.

Whilst our expectations were low, we had one of the best night’s out in Sydney in ages! Here’s why you need to experience the best yum cha in Sydney!

Where Is Marigold Yum Cha Restaurant In Sydney? And Where to park


Marigold restaurant in Sydney is located in CityMark Building on George Street in Chinatown. As random as it is, you basically take the lift in a shopping mall up to level 4 and you’ll find the restaurant as soon as the lift doors open.

We parked at the Wilson carpark in Market City which is literally like a five minute walk from Marigold yum cha. It cost us $13 for two hours which isn’t bad at all. Alternatively, you could park at QVB car park which costs just $12 from Sunday to Wednesday or $15 from Thursday – Saturday after 5pm.

Why is Marigold restaurant famous?


Wondering why Marigold restaurant is famous and has lasted so long in Sydney? It’s mainly famous for its consistently good dishes being served up in the very busy restaurant. It’s also home to what a lot of people say is the best mango pancakes in Sydney. We were looking forward to trying them and they are great!

Also, everyone gets the same treatment at Marigold yuma cha in Chinatown, no matter what time of day you visit. We had a very funny waiter who added to the novelty and experience of it all.

Why did I book Marigold restaurant in Sydney?


Although there are plenty of yum cha restaurants in Sydney to choose from, I chose Marigold because it’s not only one of the oldest yum cha in Sydney, it always gets good reviews. I nearly booked Zilver but it seemed a bit more upmarket. I wanted to take Steve to an authentic yum cha experience and hoped Marigold would come up with the goods. Luckily I managed to pull it off because we both had a brilliant night there.

What was the experience like?


We haven’t explored much of Chinatown in Sydney before and it’s something we always wish we made time for before. When we found Marigold restaurant, it’s located in a bit of a random building, inside the Citymark building spread across level 4 and 5. We get into a lift inside the shopping mall and head up to the restaurant. We look at each other in the lift and agree to make a run for it, if it looks terrible.

I met up with an old friend days earlier and she explained to me that Marigold restaurant was the type of place you’d go to when you’re really drunk at 4am. I wondered if we had made the right choice.

When we arrive at Level 4, we’re greeted by a lady who instantly tells us it’s full. We explain we’ve booked a table and she hurries us in without asking what name the booking is under. Luckily, we had only booked hours before.

When we walked into the large room, we’re greeted by a dining room with so much prescence and life, we’re actually kinda excited by what was to come. The restaurant is full, mainly of Chinese people which to us, must be a good sign.

As we’re hurried to our table, we realise we’ve committed to the experience without having an opportunity to give each other the silent nod to exit. A waiter comes to our table instantly and gives us menus whilst pouring us green tea.

We’re a bit overwhelmed by the atmosphere as it’s busy and noisy. Maybe it’s because we’re used to living in a remote part of Queensland now, and maybe that adds to the excitement for us coming to this Sydney yum cha restaurant.

What we had to eat


As our hilarious waiter comes back, he asks us what we want to eat. As always Steve asks the classic question “what’s the best?”. He tells us to have the set yum cha menu. As just $35 pp I had my reservations about how much we were actually going to get and whether it would be vaguely good. With 11 dishes coming our way, we weren’t expecting much. So we agree to it and he’s off in a flash. We found it really funny as he says “you have the set menu.” And so we did.

We’re only waiting five minutes or so before food comes to our table. And it doesn’t stop for the next hour or two. And I have to say, the food is actually pretty good. I’m not usually a fan of yum cha, I don’t like the texture of soggy dim sum and it’s generally not my idea of an exciting meal. But Marigold yum cha changed my mind. We’re both pleasantly surprised and love that more and more food is coming. The spring rolls are fantastic, as is the steamed brocolli.

And when it comes to dessert, I know we’re in for a treat. I had read the mango pancakes is what makes Marigold yum cha famous. I warn Steve and he’s excited as he can be. When it turns up, they don’t look as amazing as I thought, but once you try them, you realise what the fuss is all about. It’s the type of dessert you could just keep on eating and not want to stop.

What’s the service like at Marigold restaurant?


The service is fantastic at Marigold in Sydney. Our waiter is so funny, he really adds to the whole experience as being a bit eccentric. Steve actually spilt his beer on the table, and within seconds our waiter rushed over to help clean up. He came back with another beer without us even asking and not charging us for it.

By the end of the meal, we were both completely full. We looked at each other and said what a brilliant experience it had been, totally in shock that it only cost us $35 each.

Go To China Town Night Markets After Dinner

After dinner, we walked over to the Friday Chinatown Night Markets which starts at 4pm and ends around 11pm. As we walked down the main street in Chinatown in Sydney, the markets were a mixture of really random stalls selling everything from what looked like it could have come from a car boot sale to random Christmas gifts and of course lots of food stalls.

It was fun just to take in the atmosphere but what stole the show were the Emperor’s Puff hole in the wall shop. We saw a massive line outside and wondered what it was. Not knowing what people were lining up for, we did the same wondering what was in store for us. For $5 we ordered a massive box of cream puffs, and although we were really full after our yum cha, we managed to fit them in because they are delicious. Otherwise, we probably would have bought the delicious cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu. If you know, you’ll know the cheesecake there is unbelievable!


Walk around Chinatown in Sydney at night as there’s a lot going on. We loved the art installations down the alleyways and wondered if there were any hidden bars down them like in Melbourne.

We walked over to Darling Square and loved it was a sociable hang out spot where people were just hanging out drinking coffee outside on a Friday night, not something I’ve seen much before in Sydney.

All in all, we had a brilliant night and loved our Chinatown experience in Sydney. If you’re looking for new things to do in Sydney, book a fun evening at Marigold yum cha restaurant. You won’t regret it!

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Marigold Yum Cha In Chinatown In Sydney


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