26 Best Places To Buy British Food In Sydney

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Missing food from home and need to find the best British food in Sydney? Look no further! It’s only a matter of time before you miss your home comfort favourites and treats.

Tell your family to hold off on sending a British food care parcel, we have found some amazing shops, butchers and British restaurants selling your favourite UK food right here in Sydney!

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British foods that just don’t taste the same in Australia


All countries have slightly different ways of making the same food products and it’s natural to feel an affinity for the food you have grown up eating. But there are some main differences most Brits notice in Australia:

Bacon – British bacon is wet cured which gives it that flavour we adore, whereas Australian bacon is dry-cured and thicker so tastes more like a slice of pork than the bacon we are used to.

Sausages – in the UK we are used to mostly pork sausages, but beef is more popular in Australia. It can be a shock to cook your first English-style breakfast and realise the sausage is beef.

Chocolate – I think we’re all in agreement that chocolate just isn’t the same in Australia. English chocolate tastes notably different to Australian chocolate, even comparing Cadbury’s which should be the same recipe. The main differences are the milk from the cows which influences the flavour hugely and added additives in Aussie chocolate to stop it from melting.

Fish & Chips – In the UK and Ireland, it is normal to get gravy, curry sauce and mushy peas with our fish and chips and our usual fish is cod but these are not standard in Australia. Although the fish and chips here are great, especially with the seafood basket options, we can still miss our home comfort food.

Indian Curry – Chicken tikka masala is now considered a British dish and we are used to having a number of Indian restaurants and takeaways at our fingertips. It is harder to find British Indian favourites on a menu here such as korma, rogan josh and balti.

Crisps – Let’s be honest, we miss being able to grab a small snack-size packet of crisps from any supermarket or newsagent, we don’t want to walk around with a huge family-size bag of chips…or maybe we do?

The list could go on and on about the differences, so without further ado, let’s introduce you to some of our favourite British food shops, restaurants, cafes and more to help you have a little bit of home in Sydney.

26 Best Places To Buy British Food In Sydney

1. Cosy up in a British pub


Missing a classic British pub meal and pint? Well we have found 15 British pubs in Sydney to satisfy your craving. Think scotch eggs, pies, bangers and mash and ploughman’s lunch!

2. Feast on “a decent pork pie” from British Butchery, Pacdon Park


The awesome Pacdon Park was created by chefs from Lancashire who couldn’t find a decent pork pie “for love nor money” and now have a successful business. They also have their own pig farm and make bacon, sausages and black pudding in the English way. They are based in Rural NSW but you can order a delivery to Sydney City from their Pacdon Park website.

3. Have a butty with The British Bacon Company

British food in Sydney

Specialising in making bacon and sausages in the British way, you can find The British Bacon Company products in most supermarkets. The price is higher than the Australian versions but it is so worth it to have that taste of home in a bacon or sausage butty on a Sunday morning.

4. Countdown to ‘Aldi Special Buys’ British week


Every year, Aldi does a British week for their rotating ‘special buys’ theme and it’s great! Their stock previously has included club biscuits (school lunchbox throwback), penguins (but timtams can fill this hole), HP brown sauce, Worcester sauce crisps, Rowntree sweets and many options of English chocolate. Check out online for press announcement of when this exciting week begins.

5. Irish & British Convenience Randwick


One of the best spots to stock up your cupboards with all your favourite British food. The Irish & British Convenience in Randwick has a huge range of snacks including old-school favourites like drumstick lollies, fruit salad and dib dabs! Their groceries section is one of the biggest Irish and British selections I’ve seen and you can even save yourself the trip and order online to get delivered.

6. Enjoy home comfort food at JP McCaffrey’s Fish and Chips, Coogee

JP McCaffreys-Fish-and-Chips-best-british-food-in-sydney

The traditional JP McCaffrey’s fish and chip shop serve the great food we are used to ordering in Britain and Ireland. If you are craving battered cod, mushy peas, curry sauce or gravy then you will love this place, drop into the seaside front store or get delivered to your door.

7. Gorge on M&S Percy Pigs & British sweets at Redfern Convenience Store

British food in Sydney

Annie went wild when she saw this incredible store in Redfern importing percy pigs, Ritz chocolate, Dime bars, Terry’s chocolate orange and party rings, check out our Redfern Convenience Store Review! Feel nostalgic selecting your favourite sweets from a place that has that classic corner shop vibe!

Watch our Redfern Convenience Store video below!

8. Fill your ‘Nan’s Sunday Roast’ whole in your heart


It’s a hugely popular tradition in the UK to have a family roast at home or a pub every Sunday without fail. Whilst we are homesick and missing this comfort, you can work your way through our list of the Best Sunday Roasts in Sydney.

9. Try Scottish delicacies at Hill’s Butchery, Maroubra

British food in Sydney

Created by a Scottish couple, Hill’s Butchery is dedicated to making quality meat, cold cuts and delicacies in the true Scottish way. Order online and have a feast of haggis, black pudding, pies, British bacon and even some groceries and British treats.

10. Conveniently order your snacks from Irish Convenience Store, Bondi Junction

10. Conveniently order your snacks from Irish-Convenience-Store-Bondi-Junction

Missing an English or Irish breakfast tea with a biscuit to dunk? Well, you can order a box of hobnobs or McVities and tea straight to your door on Deliveroo from this convenience store in Bondi Junction. They also have a huge range of groceries, crisps, treats and drinks in stock.

11. Feel nostalgic in The British Lolly Shop, Darlinghurst


Do you miss skipping to the corner shop and selecting your favourite sweets from the pick n mix? The British Lolly Shop can help you relive your childhood excitement, and select your old-school favourite sweets which will be weighed out into a treat bag. You can order online and even send British gift boxes to your expat friends.

1.) Fall in love with British cakes at The Sconery, Chippendale


Famous for their traditional and experimental scones, The Sconery also specialises in British cakes! If you are missing your Nan getting out the cake tin even on a 2 minute drop-by visit, then stop by here and feast on Battenburg, Bakewell tarts, Eccles cakes and Victoria sponge.

13. Feel happy at British Sweets & Treats, Waterloo


With a long list of items they import, you will not be disappointed at British sweets & treats in Waterloo. Search their online shop and you will find some gems such as pear drops, sherbet lemon, bonbons and curly wurlys. Now there are multiple reasons to feel happy!

14. Get your “Treats from home”, Chiswick

British food in Sydney

I’m not sure about you but the cordial is not the same in Australia. If you are missing Robinsons fruit squash, then navigate your way through the Treats from Home shop in Chiswick to find this and a huge selection of favourite snacks from home. Every month they also have a sale on chocolates going out of date, check their website regularly to not be disappointed.

15. ‘Go for a curry’ at The Colonial British Indian Restaurant, Multiple Locations


The Colonial British Indian Restaurants are specialising in making British-style Indian curries. So if you are missing your favourite local curry house from home, then book a table here and order a classic like korma, balti, rogan josh or vindaloo with that all-important naan bread.

16. Cure your ‘meal deal’ sadness with incredible Sandwiches


I believe everyone misses the easy ability to walk into any supermarket or sandwich shop and grab a meal deal; sandwich, crisps and a drink! Although Australia has not got on board with this genius deal yet, we have found 10 amazing sandwiches in Sydney you must visit.

17. Step into a London cafe at Brick Lane N12, Belfield


Created by Londoner Lisa, Brick Lane N12 was designed to bring the East London cafe feel to Sydney. The best thing? ALL day breakfasts are hearty and menu items are named after London places so you can really get that London feeling.

18. Have a British Style Afternoon Tea at The Tea Cosy, The Rocks


Annie’s visit to The Tea Cosy was definitely something to write about. With British-style Devonshire tea, ploughman’s lunch and a huge selection of tea, you will really feel like you are in a British country tea room.

19. Taste an English Chef’s hearty menu at Banco, Manly

British food in Sydney

English Chef Dan Webb has created an inventive menu at the intimate Banco in Manly, based on flavours he loves from home. Try their British Madras Pie with poppadoms or scotch eggs and finish off with a classic home-style sticky toffee pudding.

20. Scour Coles British Aisle


In the international section of Coles, you will find a small shelf dedicated to British food! I have found Galaxy, crisps, Fry’s chocolate, (aaah) Bisto gravy, wine gums, tunnocks teacakes and pot noodles! The selection often changes so I would check it out on every visit.

21. Stock up on Tesco products at The Reject Store


Tesco British food in Sydney? The Reject store have a deal to import and sell Tesco products in Australia! Stock up on your pantry staples and feel like you have just done your weekly shop at home.

22. Have a quintessential Gin & Tea Experience at The Fox & Hole, CBD

British food in Sydney

Designed to feel like a London laneway bar, The Fox & Hole is the cutest bar serving British food like scotch eggs with a huge selection of scotch and gin. Book in on Saturday for a Gin & Tea experience, pairing scones with a gin tipple? Yes please!

23. Have A Full English at Cosmopolitan Cafe, Bondi Junction


There’s something comforting about a greasy spoon cafe in the UK, a full English can cure the worst of hangovers. It is harder to find a full English in Sydney as they specialise more in healthy brunches. But at Cosmopolitan in Bondi Junction, you can grab yourself a hearty big breakfast complete with hash browns and baked beans, easily making it onto our best British food in Sydney guide!

24. Warm your belly with soup from Broth Bar & Larder, Bronte


Visit any cafe in the UK and it is almost guaranteed they will have soup on the menu, it is cold after all. Although not British, Broth Bar & Larder is bringing delicious home-style soups and broths to Sydney so you can get that warm cosy feeling all year round.

25. Support the first and only British female 3 Michelin star chef at Oncore, The Crown Sydney

25. Support the first and only British female 3 Michelin star chef at Oncore-The-Crown-Sydney

Now this is something to celebrate! The first and only British female chef to hold 3 Michelin stars, Clare Smyth, has opened Oncore Restaurant in The Crown which pays homage to traditional Irish farming.

26. Have an immersive experience from a British Chef at Nel


British chef, Nelly Robinson created Nel restaurant which changes theme every month. Their dining experiences transport you into the theme and hits all the senses. Previous theme has included a Great British Menu serving all the great food we miss in the most inventive way.

Phew! Hopefully this awesome list will keep you going for a while! Is there anywhere we missed off this list? Let us know in the comments below!

26 Best Places To Buy British Food In Sydney



This article is written by Londoner In Sydney team member, Amii Freeman.

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