If you’re looking to find some of the best fine dining restaurants in Sydney to wine and dine a loved one, or for that special occasion in Sydney, look no further.

Expat writer, Rebecca Shinn has tried and tested all of the famous Sydney restaurants, so here’s her lowdown on the top restaurants in Sydney and whether they are really worth the hype.

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1. Quay Restaurant In Sydney


Image source via Delicious

Two words which will resonate pretty strongly with those who’ve been fortunate to sit at a table at Quay in Sydney; Snow & egg stir an amazing birthday memory for me that puts a massive smile on my face! A signature dish at the end of an incredible tasting menu and what’s known as one of the best desserts in the world.

The simple yet sophisticated design of Quay makes it feel like you’re in a bubble within the harbour at this beautiful fine dining restaurant in Sydney.

You’d expect a certain level of pretension with a three chef hat eatery, but I felt welcome from the moment I strolled in.

The service is impeccable as the waiter explains every meal in front of you. This one is definitely for the foodies or for a date to impress. With the best views of the Opera House, it would be hard for your date not to be satisfied with this beautiful spot.

Where is it? Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks

How much is a meal cost at Quay? 6 course tasting menu $210 + $125 for wine pairing. 10 course tasting menu $275 + $175 for wine pairing.

2. Momofuku Seiobo Restaurant


Image source via HG2.com

Momofuku Seiobo in Sydney has without a doubt, the most experimental tasting menu of our list of our favourite fine dining restaurants in Sydney. The live marron brought to your table for a quick hello makes it unique. The petit fours make it shocking and the wide range of flavour makes it ridiculously delicious.

The open plan kitchen is in full view of diners, especially for those seated at the square bar top can observe the different stations at work.

Where is it? 80 Pyrmont Street, Sydney

How much does meal cost at Momofuku Seiobo? Tasting menu is $185 + wine pairing from $65.

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3. Aria Restaurant In Sydney


Image source via Zomato

Arguably one of the best Sydney sunset views for its prime location in front of the iconic Sydney Opera House, is the famous Aria Restaurant ran by celebrity chef, Matt Moran.

The crowds start to dim and if you time your reservation right, you’ll be treated to one of the best sunsets at Sydney Harbour.

Try and get a window table if you can wrangle it on the reservation.

The service is attentive but not as attentive as other places – it may have been due to the fact that we were at an early sitting.

The food is good and flavour nicely balanced, but in my opinion, not as interesting as the other venues, only because they were exceptional.

Where is it? 1 Macquarie St, Sydney

How much does a main meal cost at Aria? Dinner starts from $145 for 3 courses.

4. Catalina Restaurant


Image source via Smudge Eats

Catalina Restaurant in Sydney is the only fine dining restaurant in the Eastern Suburbs with an accolade of a chefs hat. The chow is nice and easy for a simple dinner, wines helpfully recommended.

I’d recommend a lunch reservation for harbor views as it is pitch black in the evening making visibility outside non existent.

It’s tasty fare but nothing out of the ordinary for a nice place with one fancy cheft hat. The only reason I would return is to see the views at lunchtime, not necessarily because the flavours were memorable.

Where is it? Lyne Park, Rose Bay

How much does a main meal cost at Catalina? Mains start from $51

5. Berowra Waters Inn


Berowra Waters Inn is funnily enough located in Berowra. For those of you who are not familiar (like I wasn’t!) – it’s about 1 hour drive away from Sydney CBD or a nippy $400 seaplane flight. Getting picked up at the wharf to ride along the river to the restaurant is quite fun and the chap who drives it is pretty fun.

The food is well balanced with good portion sizes, however we didn’t get the petit fours that all other tables had because the boat was waiting so I think the staff wanted us to hurry.

One thing that was a con to many pros was the lack of air conditioning. We happened to visit on a very warm and humid day, then discovering there is next to no air moving through the dining room was a bit uncomfortable.

Where is it? Public Wharves, Bay Rd, Berowra Waters

How much does a main meal cost? 6 course degustation menu starts at $165 per person.

6. Ormeggio At The Spit


Image source via Good Food

Now Ormeggio At The Spit is one I will be definitely returning to!

The view is stunning especially at sunset, the interior décor is earthy and neutral in tone and the service is fantastic.

I don’t have any cons for Ormeggio in Sydney – everything was just perfection and well worth the spend.

The oysters were delicious and the little snacks were perfect bites to entice what is to come. All courses were very well rounded in flavour with an amazing understanding of what diners want when visiting.

There’s a whimsical bit of fun with the selection of tasting menus. You can take a Trip To Italy, or more recently in 2018 – a Trip Via Spain!

Where is it? D’Albora Marinas, Spit Road, Mosman

How much does a main meal cost? Spain 7 course tasting menu starts from $189 + $100 wine pairing

5 course tasting menu from $129 + $70 for wine pairing

7. Pilu At Freshwater


If there was ever a more beachy-by-the-beach restaurant; Pilu at Freshwater is it. Clean whiter than white linens over tables with views over Freshwater beach.

The staff are fun and polite whilst making recommendations and it’s great to see people enjoying what they do. There’s some nice options of tasting menus versus a la carte. The sultana and honey pastry was not my cup of tea, however the ravioli was pretty nice.

Where is it? Moore Rd, Freshwater

How much does a main cost? 5 courses $125 + $70 wine pairing. 8 courses $154 + $105 wine pairing

8. Cottage Point Inn


Image source via Trip Adviser

Cottage Point Inn is a beautiful restaurant located right in the middle of Cowan Creek in Ku Ring-gai Chase National Park.

You can get here by seaplane or it’s an hour’s drive.

This place was jaw dropping beautiful in a secluded part of Sydney. As we watched the sea planes come in, we had a beautiful meal here. The food was awesome and the service was spot on.

Where is it? 2 Anderson Pl, Cottage Point

How much does a main cost? 3 courses $105, 4 courses $125, 7 courses $150

9. Bennelong Restaurant


Image source visa Sydney Opera House

Bennelong Restaurant in Sydney is without a doubt one of Sydney’s most well known restaurants as it sits in the front sail of the Sydney Opera House.

But, was Bennelong Restaurant actually worth it? The service was insanely amazing, they knew it was my birthday, even gave me a cake with a candle on it at the end and the food was incredible.

It’s without a doubt my favourite fine dining restaurant in Sydney. Be expected to pay up for it though, the night set us back like $450 between the two of us.

Where is it? Bennelong Point Sydney Opera House, Sydney

How much does a main cost? 3 courses $145, pre-theatre menu: 2 courses $90, 3 courses $120

10. Cafe Sydney


Image source via Sydney Cafes

It’s a more budget friendly Sydney restaurant but Cafe Sydney does come up as one of the best fine dining restaurants in Sydney. Not only does Cafe Sydney have fantastic service and incredible food, but it’s also home to one of the best views of Sydney Harbour.

Cafe Sydney is an awesome fine dining restaurant in Sydney without breaking the bank. Mains start from $37 and they also include a vegan menu too.

Where is it? Customs House, Circular Quay

How much does a main cost? Mains from $37

What’s your favourite restaurant in Sydney?
Let us know in the comments below.

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