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India has a massive piece of our hearts, especially as it's the country we met in 2011. We went back recently and captured the following content for you which is mainly of Southern India. India is such a diverse country, you'll find the tropical vibes in the South and the mountains in the North. It's a country that tourists either love or hate. To be honest, I found it too overwhelming at first but as time went on, I grew to love the country and the incredibly friendly & fun local people.

There's something about India that just opens your mind and makes you see your own life in a whole new perspective, and it changes you for the better. It's a country you'll want to go back to time and time again.


Japan is one of those countries we were unsure whether it would live up to its hype, because everyone raves about it. But, we instantly fell in love with this amazing country for its unique character, history, culture and damn right wackiness. From dressing up as ninjas at the Ninja Village to visiting a cat temple, the infamous Robot Restaurant and the amazing art islands in Japan, we packed in so much within two weeks. Find out what our personal best things to in Japan are so you can make the most of your next holiday.


Whilst the Maldives might be a dream honeymoon destination for many, you can in fact go backpacking in Maldives like we did! During our three week trip, we backpacked our way around five islands and we even managed to fit in a resort for the day! You don't need a huge amount of money to holiday in luxury, so we're sharing everything we learnt about backpacking the Maldives and travelling the Maldives on a budget. 

When it comes to getting around Maldives, it takes a bit more planning as you need to take boats rather than seaplanes to keep the costs down, so we've got all the information we learnt about how to do it. Plus we'll share which Maldives local island was our favourite if you don't have a lot of time to travel Maldives. It's honestly a country like no other and it's one of those pinch me moments that you're actually in paradise! We can't wait to go back!


If you're wondering what it's like to stay in an airbnb on Maafushi Island in Maldives, find out how we got on.


Find out what it was like to go scuba diving in Maldives with sharks, one of Steve's best diving moments!


We specifically went to Nepal to take on the Everest Base Camp trek, a dream for both of us. Whilst we only decided to do the trek a month before whilst we were in India, we didn't have an opportunity to train for it. Find out what it was like for two normal people (with not a huge amount of fitness) take on a 13 day hike in altitude. Whilst it wasn't easy, it was one of the most amazing experiences of our lives which will stay with us forever!

If you're thinking about doing the Everest Base Camp trek, check out the below posts which includes a discount from the excellent local Nepalese trekking company we used called Visit Himalaya Treks. I'm so glad we went with this company because it was a customised private tour. This means we didn't have other trekkers in our group and we were able to call the shots. I couldn't recommend them highly enough! 


The Philippines is an amazing country to visit! Think of what Thailand would have been like 30 years ago and this is what Philippines is like. From insanely beautiful lagoons, absolutely stunning beaches, camping trips and so much more, we had an absolutely magical time in this beautiful country.



When you're travelling to Australia from UK, most people do a stop over in Singapore. We actually stopped over in Singapore for less than 24 hours at the start of our around-the-world trip.

If you're unsure how to fill your time in Singapore, check out our guide!


Watch what it was like as we boarded our flight from Sydney for our around the world trip, starting in Singapore. Find out what we thought of Singapore as we spent the day walking around.


Sri Lanka is an excellent country for anyone going on their first backpacking trip to an Asian country. There's a lot to see and do in Sri Lanka from; lush rainforests, tea plantations, plenty of beaches to discover and a rich history to explore, there's something for everyone. We saw everyone from backpackers, first time travellers and families with prams travelling around Sri Lanka! Expect fantastic food, beautiful beaches, awesome treks and much more.


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