6 Reasons To Move To Sydney

Moving to another country can be just as scary as it is exciting so I’ve decided to write a quick Top 6 reasons to move to Sydney post to reassure any of you trying to make the big decision.

1. The Weather


reason to move to sydney

The number 1 reason to move to Sydney is the weather. This is an obvious one but it’s the best one so imagine weather with barely any rain, bright blue skies most days oh and not as cold in the UK so the middle of winter will feel more like late Autumn. It’s really bright in Winter in Sydney so make sure you have your sunnies on hand! Summer on the other hand is hot and beach weather everyday which can last for months so there’s no 1 week of summer sun like you’d see in the UK!


2. Healthy Culture

reasons to move to sydney healthy culture


Morning Boot Camp on Bondi Beach

My favourite thing about living in Sydney is the infectious healthy culture. People are more health conscious than they were in London and you’ll see most exercising all times of the day and plenty of boot camps throughout the parks of the city before and after work and during lunch hours. The sunshine helps which makes people live for the outdoors, whether it’s going camping or hiking, this is a great city that has it all.


3. The Food

Bread & Circus


Picture taken at Bread & Circus, Alexandria Sydney

The food in Sydney is amazing. Following on from the healthy culture, Sydney siders are opting for healthy food and therefore there’s been a huge influx of incredible healthy cafes and restaurants popping up all over the place. If you are Vegetarian and Vegan then even better, you’ll love the choices in Sydney.


4. The Beach

Sydney Beaches


Sydney’s Camp Cove Beach 

How could I not mention the beaches in Sydney? This is one thing Sydney is known for being better at than in Melbourne is for the beaches. There are so many choose from from that you’ll find many which are deserted. After three years of living in Sydney, I’m still discovering hidden city beaches! And the best news is, you can live by the ocean and feel like you are on holiday while living in a city. I can’t think of many places like that in the world. Most beaches have man made swimming pools to the side of the beach which is excellent news for the swimmer in you, imagine waking up to a morning swim in the ocean?

5. The Pay



Because the Australian dollar is strong at the moment, the pay is amazing. I’m currently on at least a third more than what I was earning in UK. Yes, Sydney is more expensive than London but I’m still able to save more money over here than I could in London. Transport and petrol is much cheaper in Sydney though. Imagine $7 (that’s about 3.5 pounds) for a 2 and a half hour train ride away? You’d be looking at a good sixty pounds in the UK for that! A full tank of petrol in my car costs $40 (that’s 20 pounds!) in Sydney.

6. Bringing Up Children



6. Even though I don’t have any children, I think Sydney is a great city to bring them up in. My reasons are firstly all of the above points but also because Sydney is a safe and friendly city where you’ll kids could have a really active, healthy up-bringing which to me couldn’t be any better.


At the end of the day, I always say make the move because you can always go back if it doesn’t work out. There are so many expats living in this city that you’ll settle in in no time. If you are looking to make the big move then I recommend taking a look at True Blue Migration for their help with getting you the right visa.

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