23 Reasons Why You Should Move To Sydney In 2024

Wondering if you should move to Sydney? With its iconic harbour views, gorgeous beaches, and abundance of attractions, Sydney is consistently ranked one of the most liveable cities in the World. This Down Under city has it all – a cool food scene, thriving job market, spectacular nature, and an unbeatable outdoor lifestyle. I personally think it’s the most beautiful city in the world!

Ready to make the move to Sydney Australia? Here are 23 tempting reasons why Sydney should be your new home.

1. World Class Beaches


Everyone will have heard of Bondi Beach (thanks to Bondi Rescue TV series!), but there is so much more to explore. Sydney and New South Wales are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the World, here are some of my favourite beach things to do:

  • Watch the sunset over the Sydney Harbour Bridge from a little bay in Vaucluse.
  • Swim with your dog on Rose Bay Beach.
  • Sunrise swim at Bronte rock pool – You will honestly come to love the rock pools that Sydney offers, especially if you don’t want to get too knocked over by waves.
  • Surfing in Manly – A great place to try your hand at being a chill, Aussie surfer with many surf schools and smaller waves to tackle.
  • Stand-up paddle boarding in Gordon’s Bay – Feel like you’re off the coast of Spain as your cruise the tropical waters in the Eastern suburbs.

We’ve explored so many beaches around Sydney to bring you the following guides so you can tick them all off when you get here.

2. Amazing Weather


This is a no-brainer, right? With an average temperature of 25 degrees every day in summer, Sydney is an amazing option for sun lovers. The summers here seem to last longer and the mild winters mean you can be outside in nature all year round.

3. Job Opportunities


Sydney is a vibrant city with a hub of start-ups, new technology, and a wide range of jobs. Construction workers are valued highly and teachers can make a considerably higher wage here in both private schools and Government schools.

Whether you are on a working holiday visa or looking for skilled worker visa options, the job hunt is usually short. The central business district is home to many recruitment companies to help you with a job offer and visa requirements. If you’re moving from London, check out this article:Working In London Vs Sydney: an honest guide you need to know

4. High quality of life


You can have a very comfortable lifestyle in Sydney, even if it seems expensive for rental prices. The average wage in Australia at the time of writing is $80,000, which is £41,593. In comparison, the average wage in the UK in 2023 at the time of writing is £34,963, which is $67,247. Income tax is generally lower in Australia, and higher earners can earn more before they hit the 45% highest income tax bracket.

Housing costs and monthly rent are higher on average than in the UK. Still, with the extra income, your cost of living and quality of life will feel higher. If you’re keen to see a breakdown of living costs, here’s an article we wrote which shares what our followers and readers’ living costs look like: Expats Tell Us What Their Cost of Living In Sydney Looks Like

5. Education opportunities

Camel Rock Surf School

The school system in Australia is world-class and in 2023, was ranked 5th in the world by The Human Development Index (HDI), whereas the UK ranks 18.

There is no national curriculum in Australia. Instead, each state sets its own education system and the school year runs from January to December. I have heard that school fees are expensive in Australia, not just for private schools, but for public schools as well.

This Move Hub article compares the UK vs Australian school systems extremely well! The thing I have found most interesting here is the sheer amount of extra-curricular activities on offer and school children are actively encouraged to get involved.

6. Healthy Lifestyles


One of the best things about a new life in Sydney is the wake-up call on what a healthy lifestyle is. Australians here grow up seeing exercise as a fun and necessary part of life, rather than a chore. Physical education is actively encouraged in schools and many adults keep up with sporting teams, gyms, running clubs, and daily walks.

With the glorious weather and views, it is easy to motivate yourself to get up for a sunrise walk or finish work with a cool sports match. Days in England can feel lethargic and slow, especially in the rain. But, Sydney feels rejuvenating, energising, and encouraging.

7. New Holiday Destinations


Whilst being in the UK is great as you are so close to Europe for amazing holidays; if you move to Sydney there are many more options. Australia is part of Asia-Pacific (APAC) and encompasses East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.

There are so many holiday destinations in New South Wales and all across Australia, and many people do holiday within the country, either going on epic camping trips or to more popular destinations like The Whitsundays. However, basing yourself in Sydney also opens up many travel destinations overseas which may have been hard to get to from the UK. You could be visiting the following countries for awesome holidays:

8. Public Transport is Pretty Good


The train/underground system here is so refreshing compared to London. Spacious trains, aircon, and usually on time. The only downside is that the trains don’t go to every suburb so if you want to live by the beach in the Eastern suburbs then you may need to get a bus.

The trains are cheaper in Sydney, especially when travelling further out in New South Wales. You can take a 2-hour 30-minute train from Central Station to Kiama on the South Coast and it will only cost you $10 (£5). Whereas I used to get 2.5-hour trains from London to Darlington in the UK and it would cost around £80 ($160), shocking! Although, I do miss the British trolly service on trains here. Don’t expect a cup of tea and snack on trains in Australia, boo!

The buses are great, nearly always on time, and go to all outer suburbs. You can also jump on a tram, “light rail”, which run regularly through Sydney city centre and inner suburbs. If you’re unsure where to live in Sydney, check out my complete run down of the Best Suburbs In Sydney To Rent.

9. Aussie Food


Contrary to popular belief, Aussie’s don’t just eat Kangaroo or Crocodile! Although you can find them and they can be delicious when cooked properly, if that’s your kind of thing. If you think you’ll miss you’re British home comforts, you’ll love this guide: 26 Best Places To Buy British Food In Sydney.

If you move to Sydney, create an Aussie food experience bucket list:

  1. Bunnings Sausage Sizzle – Bunnings is the equivalent of B&Q and they often do BBQ sausage sizzles in the car park. Don’t expect a soft hotdog bun though, Aussie’s never do that. They simply wrap the sausage in a piece of white bread because why not?
  2. Tim Tams – Were penguins your fave as a kid? Well, Tim Tams will become your fave as an adult! Flavours range from caramel to coffee or white chocolate and they are so moreish!
  3. Cadbury Koalas – Think Freddos in Aussie form. Move to Sydney just for these!
  4. Lamingtons – An Aussie delicacy! Butter cake rolled in chocolate and then desiccated coconut and loved by most.
  5. Schnitty – You can get a chicken schnitzel from any pub and it will become your new go-to. Get it with gravy or a parmie wrapped in cheese and bacon and it will start to become your British pub comfort food equivalent.

10. Whale Watching


Sydney is a great place to go whale watching and see these magnificent ocean giants up close. Between May and November each year, thousands of humpback whales migrate north from Antarctica to the warmer waters of Australia to mate and give birth.

Many tour companies in Sydney offer whale-watching cruises that take you out into the ocean off the coast where you can spot whales surfacing, breaching out of the water, and slapping their tails. The sight of these 40-50-foot-long whales leaping out of the water is breathtaking. Going whale watching is an unforgettable Sydney experience.

11. Fresh Food


Another reason Sydney has a quality healthy lifestyle is the availability of fresh food. Honestly, one thing Australia does well is putting their home-grown food first. Every shop boasts “100% Aussie grown” and the supermarkets are full of fresh and vibrant fruit and vegetables, not in plastic packaging!

Sydney is also full of farmers markets, making it super accessible to get organic healthy food without paying an arm and a leg like you would in London.

12. Fresh Air


Did you know that Sydney has the freshest and cleanest air in the world?

The city benefits from steady ocean breezes which circulate fresh sea air inland. Strict environmental laws also limit air pollution from vehicles and industry. In addition, Sydney is surrounded by lush national parks and forests which further filter the air. Move to Sydney and breath a sigh of relief.

13. Hiking Freedoms


New South Wales is home to 225 National Parks! By National Parks, we don’t just mean well-kept gardens either or walking through someone’s field like you would in England. We mean, huge, rolling parks with awesome hiking trails, huge trees, and incredible wildlife.

Sydney is also home to the oldest National Park in the World, The Royal National Park. It features on our Best Hikes from Sydney post; add these places to your move to Sydney adventure list as well as our Best Waterfalls And Swimming Holes in Sydney.

14. Enjoy the Best Coffee in the World


When I lived in Europe, I thought nothing could beat an Italian coffee. I’m humbled to admit that I was wrong.

Sydney’s amazing cafe culture serves up some of the absolute best coffee on the planet, hands down. The whole specialty coffee scene here is just so focused on quality. They take everything so seriously – the careful roasting of those premium beans, the perfect brewing techniques – talented baristas here are super passionate about making the ideal cup. In fact, baristas can get paid around $28 an hour (£15) compared to London which is £10 an hour ($19). They are well looked after and valued.

I’m not sure exactly why coffee here is so superb but trust me, once you try an expertly made flat white or cold drip coffee, you’ll be totally convinced that Sydney’s got the world’s greatest coffee. No question! Try our top 10 coffee places in Sydney.

15. Access to the Great Barrier Reef


How cool is it that a move to Sydney gets you access to the amazing Great Barrier Reef? This place is one of the natural wonders of the world and was top of my bucket list. Just a quick 4.5 hour flight up north from Sydney and suddenly you’re at this underwater paradise.

You gotta go scuba diving or snorkelling there at least once in your life. You’ll be blown away by the turtles, tropical fish, rays, and everything swimming around you. With many Great Barrier Reef tours, you’ll be able to explore every inch of the 900 islands off Queensland!

Check out our 5 Best Southern Great Barrier Reef Islands guide to find the true hidden gems you absolutely need to put on your bucket list!

16. Happier People


Sydney has a knack for boosting happiness, I swear! The hot climate means more time spent outdoors on beautiful beaches and parks – activities proven to reduce stress. The work-life balance here gives you time for hobbies, family, and friends. Also, with a Nationwide “Are You Okay? Day” and more people normalising meditation, journalling and therapy, it’s easy to start new self-care routines and focus on personal growth.

17. Learn to Surf


If you are anything like me, you will have an image of moving to Sydney and becoming a chill and relaxed surfer. Now, my dream didn’t quite work out as I couldn’t get the hang of the waves without nose-diving. But, it’s incredibly fun to give it a go with one of the many beginner surf schools in Sydney.

Top tip: go to North Bondi Beach for smaller waves on your first few classes.

18. Laundry Rooms

Now this is one you probably didn’t expect to see on the list but it deserves a spot! This country has normalised building rental apartments (or “units”) and houses with internal laundry rooms. Gone are the days of trying to put a load of washing in next to someone cooking in the kitchen.

An internal laundry is either set up in a seperate room or the bathroom, which just makes so much more sense! It’s cleaner, you can close the door on your laundry and you just feel so much more organised. England could learn a thing of two here.

19. Incredible Sushi


Sydney has a high Japanese expat population and has fostered high-quality Sushi chefs and restaurants. As it is a harbour city close to an abundance of fresh seafood, the sushi here is so delicious every single time. Even if you don’t like sushi back home, add it to your list to try again when you move to Sydney.

20. Save More Money


I’m not sure what it is, but everyone in Sydney seems to be clued up on saving money, investing and increasing their wealth. I used to find it so hard to not dip into my savings in England but here, I am actively involved in conversations about finances and it encourages me to save more. Plus, it’s way easier to save when the majority of activities are based outdoors – think hiking, exploring waterfalls, swimming holes and beaches – all of which are free!

21. Meat Pie Craze


Now, I know you probably think England has the best pies and you are right, they are pretty good. But, Australia is obsessed with their “meat pies” and it’s for good reason – these pies are perfection. In Sydney and throughout regional New South Wales towns, you’ll find locals lined up at pie shops for their daily fix.

I love driving through the country and finding heritage bakeries on the side of the road boasting “best meat pies since 1840”. It’s like stepping back in time. Their meat pies are iconic and will help you with homesickness in Sydney.

22. Low Crime Rates


The low crime rates makes Sydney safe for both adults and children. A crime index shows Sydney crime rate is 34.35% whereas London is higher, at 54.15%. The safety scale shows 65.65% safety rating in Sydney, compared to 45.85% in London. In fact, walking at night in Sydney feels so safe in both the city and outer suburbs.

23. Sydney Opera House


This one needs no explanation, right? After living here for countless years, I still get a buzz when I see the Opera House and pinch myself that I live here. The Sydney Opera House is so iconic and amazing, having a casual happy hour drink there or just watching the sunset over the Circular Quay will become a regular part of your routine.

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