It’s funny to think how it’s taken me to move to Australia to appreciate how truely amazing Europe really is. Here’s some of the wonderful places we’ve been fortunate to visit in our comprehensive Europe guides.

GEORGIA GUIDES (the country)

Not many people have heard of Georgia (the country) in Eastern Europe but Steve & I decided to jet off after Christmas and spend New Years there. Here's a couple of posts we wrote about this unique and off the radar country in Europe you need to visit!

The capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi is an awesome city to visit in Europe. Firstly it's really popular city in Europe for digital nomads because you can get a free visa stay for up to 12 months and it's a cheap city in Europe to visit. Expect beautifully designed buildings with a mixture of historical sites intwined with modern architecture. With fewer tourists than other European cities, you'll feel like a local in no time, plus you'll feel like you've found a proper hidden gem.

We had read a couple of articles about Georgia having some of the best cheap ski resorts in Europe but couldn't believe how true it actually is. Expect to pay $100 for a ski-in-ski-out resort right next to the ski lift and ski rental for less than $40 a day. Gudauri Ski Resort in Georgia is an incredible skiing in Europe option you need to know about.


Iceland is a completely fascinating country everyone should visit. With an array of hiking, waterfalls and so much more, it's a country like no other. It's no wonder astronauts used to train on the terrain in Iceland, you'll really feel like you're on another planet. If you're coming from Europe, Iceland makes for a fantastic long weekend, but you could easily stay for longer. The ring road literally circles the entire country so you could go on a road trip and tick off all of the bucket list places to visit in Iceland!


If you're wondering where to stay in Iceland, look no further than our insanely amazing airbnb which is right in the heart of Reykjavik!


Wondering what to do in Iceland? There are so many incredible places to visit, so I thought I'd show you what I did in 3 days in Iceland in this 2 minute video.


After having the opportunity to explore The Arctic Circle in Norway, I couldn't believe how Tromso is an adventurers dream destination. Expect everything from dog sledding, reindeer sledding, hiking, snow shoeing, skiing, snow boarding and so much more! And, find out what it's like to experience the polar night sky, where you'll only see about an hour of light each day!


We had a stopover in the absolutely amazing Barcelona for 24 hours when we were on our way to Mexico. Barcelona absolutely blew us away because it was so unexpected. We loved visiting the insane Gaudi buildings, eating incredible food, as well as soaking up the history and culture which are absolutely wonderful. It's a thriving city by the ocean, so there's literally something for everyone. We're not sure we've been to another city like Barcelona before, and it's somewhere we can't wait to go back to soon!


Since moving to Australia, I have now realised how amazingly beautiful UK really is. The countryside and history is absolutely remarkable. From dramatic cliffs by the sea to beautiful villages to visit, the rich history which is apparent throughout the entire country is like no other. Ironically, having seen more of Australia than the UK, we can't wait to go back to write about more amazing places.


We've written a whole series dedicated to our thoughts on living in England and Australia. Whilst many people think the two countries are similar, they really aren't at all. If you're unsure about moving to Australia or you're thinking of moving back home, check out our entire page about living in both countries below.