13 Best German Restaurants In Sydney

We’re sharing the best German restaurants in Sydney by German expat, Carolin Lautenbach! So, if you’re looking for as close to the best authentic German food in Sydney, you’ll find it right here!

Carolin Lautenbach is originally from Stuttgart in Germany, but has lived in Sydney since 2003. There’s much more to discover than the famous Munich Brauhaus! Let’s read her expert opinion on the Best German restaurants in Sydney!

What is typical German food?


German food in a nutshell is hearty, meaty, porky, yummy, and often enjoyed with a stein of beer. But don’t miss out on vegetarian specialties such as Käsespätzle or Apple strudel. List of popular German food includes sausages, schnitzel, pork knuckle, sauerkraut, dumplings, potato salad and brezels!

You can find a variety of German / Austrian / Swiss / Bohemian food across Sydney at food trucks, butchers and delis, bakeries, casual or fine dining restaurants.

But if you want to meet the German-speaking community and enjoy German Gemütlichkeit (closest translation – cosiness) – visit one of the country clubs across town. Go out, and taste a German-inspired feast or pick up ingredients for a German Abendbrot (supper) at home.

13 Best German restaurants in Sydney

1. Volkswurst Foodtruck (flexible locations)


The guys from Volkswurst (translation = sausage for the people) are selling authentic German sausages from two transformed Volkswagen (translation = car for the people) kombis.

They are serving their sausages traditionally in a bread roll, topped with Sauerkraut and mustard. Don’t miss their Currywurst, a specialty from Berlin which is a cut-up sausage served with a curry-spiced tomato sauce.

Try their vegetarian Nudelplatte, which is a version of the Swabian Schupfnudeln, where noodles are fried with sauerkraut, secret spices and served topped with fried onion.

You can find their cute vans and outdoor seating at pop-up events, festivals, and markets. They are also available for catering events. Check locations on their Facebook or Instagram account

Did you know this about Bratwursts?

Bratwurst is a very popular fast food in German-speaking countries, often cooked and sold by street vendors from small stalls or transformed caravans called Imbißwagen. It’s traditionally made from pork and spices, slowly grilled over low heat on a Barbeque or frying pan.

Curry wurst came to Berlin after WW2. The German provided the wurst, the American brought tomato sauce and the English brought curry powder.

2. Berliner Food Bunker Food Truck, Melrose Park


Döner kebab done right – and yes it is done right. Peter owns and runs The Berlin Food Bunker in Sydney, serving authentic German Döner kebab and Pommes rot weiß (fries with tomato sauce and mayonnaise). It’s served in a toasted pita bread pocket, stuffed with fresh cabbage, salad, beef or chicken, and a variety of sauces and spices. Just like it’s served in Germany!

Don’t go away without trying a Berliner, the German version of a doughnut filled with jam or Nutella.

Döner Kebab in one of Germany’s favourite quick bites and was invented in 1972 by Turkish immigrates in Berlin.

3. Brot and Wurst (Bread and Sausage) Butchery / Bakery Northern Beaches


Dean is a German-trained butcher who runs Brot and Wurst, a combined butcher shop and bakery in Narrabeen. Try his house-made cold cuts like Bierschinken or Stuttgarter Leberkäse (German meatloaf) and indulge in the variety of sausages – bratwurst, kranski, chilli-cheese, nürnberger, swiss, …. Buy weisswurst and brezels to enjoy a Bavarian weisswurst brunch at home.

Don’t forget to buy a glass of German sweet mustard at the Deli section to go with the weisswurst. If you are adventurous try the Fleischsalat, fine stripes of sausage in a mayonnaise sauce or pork trimmings, both deliciously eaten on dark bread.

Did you know? Traditionally weisswurst has to be eaten before 11 AM.

4. Visit a Lüneburger Bakery branch


Find a Lüneburger store across the city – QVB, Townhall, Macquarie Shopping center, just take a look at a Sydney view map. They are selling a variety of German bread and bread rolls using dark rye flour with seeds and brezels.

Try one of their ready-made sandwiches with cold meat, cheese and salad or my favourite with tomato, mozzarella, and green pesto.

Quick Brezel fact

Brezel is a yeast dough formed into a knot, it’s then submerged in a lye (Lauge) or soda baking bath before baking. The bath gives the brezel its unique flavour and colour.

5. Schwartz Bakery Blue Mountains


Further west in Wentworth Falls (Blue Mountains) you can buy original Swabian brezels, bread, German-style sweets, and cakes produced by two generations of the Schwartz family.

Discover the German baking diploma from Mr. Schwarz senior on the wall. Try their handmade brezels, where the shape depends on the baker of the day. When it comes to cakes have some black forest cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) or Striezel in the café.

6. Maggie’s Casual Dining Potts Point


Maggie’s Casual Dining German Restaurant in Potts Point been serving schnitzels to their loyal customer base for decades in a rustic setting – paper-thin and huge or topped with different sauces. They are also serving a variety of Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes), authentic cabbage rolls, or deep-fried camembert with cranberry sauce.

Did you know this about German schnitzels?

Made from pork in Germany and from veal in Austria (Vienna). German’s eat their Schnitzel with a topping – try a Gypsy, Hunter or Hungarian style schnitzel

7. The Bavarian in Sydney


The Bavarian (formerly known as Bavarian Beer café) has the motto – great food, good beer, good times. Not just beer restaurants, they are serving hearty Bavarian food: crackling pork belly, pork knuckles, schnitzels and much more.

It’s a great way to introduce groups and families to German Gemütlichkeit, while indulging in one of their generous sharing platters paired with a range of imported German beers – Franziskaner, Löwenbräu, Hofbräu, Spartan and Paulaner are served in one-litre glass steins. Prost (Cheers)!

8. Kaiser Stub’n Austrian cuisine Terrey Hills


Kaiser Stub’n is a family owned and run by his founder and head chef Robert from Austria. Even though it is not a German Restaurant, they are serving traditional Australian and German dishes. Ever tried a Cordon blue – a schnitzel stuffed with ham and cheese? Order the liver dumpling soup as entrée followed by a Rinder Roulade (German style beef roll).

If you are not the driver taste one of their Schnaps – they have an astonishing selection on offer.

9. Matterhorn Swiss Cuisine Turramurra


Fine Dining in the North, Matterhorn can often found on lists of best restaurants in Sydney. Go here to experience how Raclette should really taste – molten cheese over potato served with cold meat and pickles. Otherwise, order some of their delicious homemade rösti and spätzle (egg noodles).

10. The Beast & Co Cuisine – Bohemian cuisine in Surry Hills


Situated in Surrey Hills, a popular area for Sydney restaurants; I love their take on modern Eastern European cuisine. Search The Beast & Co website and book in for their feast which is based on Czech food using many European ingredients such as kohlrabi, aspic, horse radish…

11. German Club Concordia Country Club Tempe


As covered at the start of this article, you must head to a German club for excellent German dishes and Gemütlichkeit. Serving a range of hearty Bavarian dishes – schnitzels, pork knuckles, meat loaf with sauerkraut, red cabbage, and spätzle together with a good selection of imported German beers.

12. Jägerstube Country Club Schofields


Jägerstube Country Club is one of the of the biggest beer halls in the Southern Hemisphere. Thinking about Oktoberfest, what could be better than beer restaurants? Go there with a group of friends or family to eat goulash soup, crumbed mushrooms, palat schinken and more dishes whilst you drink your way through their range of imported beer – bottled or on tap.

13. Sausage Factory Brewery and Snaggery Dulwich Hill

Image via concreateplaygroundcom

Something a bit different and not the traditional German restaurants in Sydney; but who can say no to self-made sausages and home brewed beer? Join Chrissy the Sausage queen in Dulwich Hill, Sydney, for one of her fun-packed sausage making workshops or book a banquet to taste her amazing creations such as Philippino’s or Swedish sausage.

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