Find M&S Percy Pigs At Amazing Redfern Convenience Store In Sydney

You know we love to share some of the best hidden gems in Sydney, but I couldn’t believe it when we randomly found the Redfern Convenience Store! Find M&S Percy Pigs, and all of the most random yet amazing British food in Sydney you won’t find anywhere else in Australia.

Plus, you’ll find rare foods, you won’t have even seen back home, like Galaxy Cookie Crumble for example in what we reckon is the best British shop in Sydney! I loved re-discovering some of my favourite sweets as a child at Redfern Convenience Store. It felt like I had walked into a nostalgic childhood dream!


And if you’re into American food too, look no further, as well as impressive treats from 15 countries.

Where Is Redfern Convenience Store?


The Redfern Convenience Store is located on Redfern Street, in you guessed it… Redfern! It’s a few minutes walk from Redfern Station and really easy to get to!

When I was on a research trip in Redfern recently, I stumbled across the corner shop and heard it was a bit of an institution. Named at ‘The best convenience store in the world’, and with a large Instagram following (@redfernconveniencestore has approximately 26,000 followers at the time of writing), I decided to find out what the fuss was all about.


Now I’ve been to Redfern plenty of times and I love the suburb, which reminds me a little of London, with loads of cool hidden bars and fab street art. But, I hadn’t ever noticed this famous corner shop located on the middle of the main street on Redfern Street.

This time round, I went to check out why this shop is so special.

I Didn’t Get It At First…


When I walked into Redfern Convenience Store, it looks no different to any other corner shop I’ve ever been to. But, as I started to walk towards the back of the shop, I’m instantly transported back to my childhood as I see thousands of boxes of cereals and so much more.


Although it’s exciting to see items like Jammie Dodgers, I didn’t quite understand what the fuss was all about until I met the owner, Hazam Sedda standing behind the counter.

I asked him, “why is this shop so popular?”. He then proudly started showing me around. And, with excitement, I realised I had just found a proper hidden gem in Sydney.

Why Is It Popular?

<em>Redfern Convenience Store owner Hazam Sedda<em>

Hazam started running Redfern Convenience Store when he was just 17 years old. Over the years, he’s become a bit of a legend and is known throughout the community. It was obvious, it seemed like he was friends with all of the customers knowing their first names.

Hazam has actually grown his business to levels that other companies in his industry have tried to copy but failed. With 26,000 Instagram followers and counting, how has he built a following all about a convenience shop in Sydney? Specifically concentrating on the customer, Hazam has bumped into people from all of the world visiting his shop (pre Covid days).

Whilst sharing photos of his customers, he’s a genuinely nice guy who goes above and beyond for his customers. I couldn’t believe how he took time out of a busy shop to show me around, just because I asked him why the shop was so popular.

<em>Becoming Customer Of The Day on the Redfern Convenience Store Instagram page is a big deal for many followers<em>

Whilst many of his followers are keen to become the ‘Customer Of The Day’ on his Instagram account, many people flock to his store because of the rare treats and sweets he’s imported from 15 countries around the world.

Taking You Back To Your British Childhood

As a shop which is open almost all day, everyday, Hazam wanted it to be unique so he started importing rare sweets and treats from all over the world. I couldn’t believe the amount of variety on offer when he started showing me around. Think of classic kids sweets from back in the 1980s like chocolate cigarettes, plus party rings, and rare sweets like popcorn M&Ms, white chocolate Terry’s chocolate orange and so much more.


And, did we mention how many different types of cans of pop you can buy instore? Expect everything from British classics like, Vimto, Lilt and Iron Bru to mention just a few!

When I asked Hazam which British sweets are the most popular, it turns out After Eights and of course Marks & Spencer Percy Pigs are super popular! So, if you’re missing British sweets and treats, check out this British shop in Sydney, right in the heart of Redfern!

It turns out when Hazam posts a new delivery, he’ll see lines outside for people wanting to get their hands on the rare finds. Recently I saw he posted about a special edition of Lady GaGa Oreos in store, and even had a band playing to launch it. There was a big line of eager fans waiting outside to get their hands on this special edition. How amazing is that for a corner shop?

You Can Even Buy Merchandise

Whilst I enjoyed walking around this awesome little shop, I loved hearing the voiceover cut into the songs being played in the shop to remind everyone they were visiting ‘The Greatest Convenience Shop On Earth!’.

I loved the novelty so much, and if you do too, you can even buy merchandise like a hat or t-shirt. I heard Hazam say he had a customer send his sister a hoody even though she hadn’t ever visited, it was just because he loved it so much.

Online Shop


And, if you’re not based in Sydney or near to Redfern, fear not… You can order your favourite treats and sweets via their online shop! Just be prepared, you could end up spending a while on their site, ordering a lot of treats!

Find out more about Redfern Convenience Store here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this awesome little shop in Redfern. Go check it out now!

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British Shop In Sydney: Redfern Convenience Store