10 Best Sandwiches In Sydney To Cure Your ‘Meal Deal’ Homesickness

Find the best sandwiches in Sydney, tried and tested by sandwich loving expert, Amii Freeman. If there’s one thing most Brits miss about home when they move to Sydney, it’s a good old meal deal. Swapping a Pret sandwich or Tesco meal deal for a food court lunch can take a while to get used to. Luckily, British expat Amii Freeman has found some of the best sandwiches in Sydney to help you get over your ‘meal deal’ homesickness.

Amii swapped London for Clovelly in 2019, and has been on a search to find the best sandwiches in Sydney ever since! Make sure you follow her brilliant Instagram account @greatinbread for more updates on finding the best sandwiches in Sydney!

Why Brits LOVE A Meal Deal


If there’s one thing the UK are great at, it’s a good, value-for-money meal deal! At around the equivalent of $5- $10 for a sandwich, a packet of crisps and a soft drink, it’s one of the UK’s most loved meals on the go. It’s the king of lunches that you can grab on the go and be full every single time. Most popular fillings seem to be ham and cheese, chicken and bacon, egg and cress, chicken and stuffing or tuna and sweetcorn.

The best time to try a meal deal would be on the run up to Christmas when every supermarket or deli releases their Christmas special sandwich and it goes as far as publishers rating them from best to worst. I was always excited for the Christmas releases and have not seen the same specials in Australia. However, the awesome news is, Sydney is not short of delicious sandwiches (or sangas if you want me to get all Aussie slang on ya) all year round!

Understanding Lunch Options In Sydney vs London


Getting your head around where to eat lunch in Sydney can take a while to work out. There are obviously less chains, but more variety. You won’t find places like Eat or Pret A Manger in Sydney (I don’t know why they aren’t here yet), but personally I think the food courts are genius in Sydney CBD!

If I wasn’t grabbing a meal deal in London, I found myself wandering the streets to find a place I fancied. Whereas in a food court in Sydney, it’s all in one place. I can easily access sushi, Greek gyros, dumplings, poke bowls, Vietnamese rolls or fish and chips, all in one place.

However, I have found my favourite place to eat lunch in Sydney CBD is at a tiny independent coffee shop and cafe found almost anywhere in Sydney, serving up incredible salads and sandwiches packed with so much flavour. Although I’ve not found the same value for money $6-$10 meal deal, it’s worth spending $15 on a fresh, made to order lunch.

If you are obsessed with the classic ‘schnitty’s’ on offer in Australia, then be sure to try it in bread because, let’s face it, what isn’t great in bread?

10 Best Sandwiches in Sydney

I’ve been to so many cafes in Sydney to narrow it down to the 10 best sandwiches in Sydney. If you’re wondering where to get the best lunch in Sydney CBD when you’re at work, then bookmark this post. I can guarantee all of the Sydney cafes mentioned below will not disappoint.

1. Mrs Palmer Sandwich In Darlinghurst


Now, you know a place is good when you are immediately sad the sandwich is over. At Mrs Palmer Sandwich in Darlinghurst, I ordered their classic crispy chicken, burnt butter ricotta, green sauce, pickles and chipotle mayo. It definitely makes the list of best sandwiches in Sydney but also the best sandwiches I’ve ever tried anywhere.

The chefs have perfected their bloomer loaf, soft and chewy, so, no matter what you order, you can guarantee it will be incredible! Check out their epic fortnightly specials, often in collaboration with local chefs!

Address: Mrs Palmer Sandwich, 81 Stanley St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

2. Small’s Deli In Potts Point

Small's Deli Potts Point

Small’s Deli in Potts Point definitely aren’t loafing around – they put so much care into their amazing deli wall and all sandwiches are created with so much flavour! I ordered the ‘Florence & The Aubergine’ – Finnochiona, eggplant, walnut paste and pecorino cheese – and it did not disappoint. They offer a great range of vegetarian options too. My friend ordered the ‘Hi Harrissa’ – a spicy take on a tuna nicoise.

Top tip: say yes to their house pickles on the side; you will not regret it.

Address: Small’s Deli, 166 Victoria St, Potts Point NSW 2011

3. Continental Deli In Sydney CBD & Newtown

Continental Deli CBD & Newtown

If you’re stuck for ideas to find the best lunch in Sydney CBD, head over to Continental Deli which is nothing short of sublime! Locally and internationally sourced charcuterie and cheese makes for an epic sandwich menu. I went for the meatball sub and it was so outstanding, I think Joey Tribbiani would have dove to save it from a car backfiring. My friend ordered the ham, cheese and pickle sandwich and the mustard mayo was exceptional.

The bar has a whole range of wines and cocktails (including their Mar-tinny and Can-hatten canned on site) to pair with your sandwich; you don’t get that in a British meal deal!

Address: Continental Deli, 167 Phillip Street, Sydney // 210 Australia Street, Newtown

4. South Dowling Sandwiches In Darlinghurst & Alexandria

South Dowling Darlinghurst & Alexandria

South Dowling Sandwiches often has a long queue down the street. But, it’s no wonder as their homemade huge bloomer bread piled high in the window definitely sparks interest.

I overheard the girl in front say, ‘always order extra caramelised carrots’. It’s a genius filling by the way, and reminded me of an epic leftover Christmas roast sandwich!

I went for the Jimmy special, spicy chicken, avo, caramelised carrots and red pesto. Hot stuff indeed. My only regret is that I did not listen to the girl in front and order extra carrots; I’ve learnt my lesson and I will next time!

Address: South Dowling Sandwiches, 377 South Dowling Street, Darlinghurst // Shop 42C, 110 Bourke Rd, Alexandria

5. Malibu In Surry Hills


I was warned that Malibu in Surry Hills are huge but I must admit I was still shocked that it was bigger than my head. It’s a cute hole in the wall, tucked into a small Surrey Hills back street and with 15 years under their belt; they really know how to make a phenomenal sandwich.

I went for the classic chicken schnitzel with potato salad and herb mayo and there was no compromise on flavour; the chicken was fresh out of the oven! Rest assured you will not miss a meal deal side of crisps/chips at this place but make sure you wear a stretchy waistband!

Address: Malibu, 62 Foster St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

6. Joes Sandwich Bar In Sydney CBD

Joe's Sandwich Bar CBD

Hands down, Joes Sandwich Bar in Sydney CBD is the best vegan sandwich in Sydney I have ever had. My friend and I ordered at 1pm on a busy weekday lunch then, 30 seconds later, our sandwiches sold out, so get in quick!

We shared two sandwiches at Joes Sandwich Bar; a Miso caramel eggplant with furikake, avo and Japanese slaw, and a chipotle roasted pumpkin with almond ricotta, kale and relish.

The flavours are so excellent, you do not miss the meat! All sandwiches are made on Iggy’s bread – if you haven’t tried this already, head to their Bakery in Bronte then kick your past self for not trying it before now.

Address: Joe’s Sandwich Bar, 292 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000

7. Saga In Enmore


Saga in Enmore is a sandwich shop and patisserie in one- what more could you want? The Rocco grilled sandwich was drizzled in honey which complemented the spicy soppressa, goats cheese and capsicum filling perfectly.

I couldn’t leave without trying one of their mouth-watering cakes either. I went for the bread & butter pudding which, for a bread lover, was an awesome dessert. Be sure to leave room for a cake or two when you visit!

Address: Saga, 178 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042

8. Lox in A Box In Bondi


I found a meal deal equivalent at Lox In A Box in Bondi and could not be happier! Nothing compliments a sandwich better than a side of crisps/chips… and maybe pickles. The classic lox bagel did not disappoint; salmon, capers and their outstanding schemer. All items are available to takeaway from their deli so you can stock up and enjoy bagels all week and be as happy as I was!

Make sure you check out Lox In A Box which features in our where to eat in Bondi guide.

Address: Lox In A Box, Shop 2/96 Glenayr Ave, North Bondi NSW 2026

9. Man and his Monkey In Clovelly

A Man and His Monkey Clovelly

Although Man and his Monkey is not a sandwich shop, delicious sandwiches can be found in most cafes and this place is without a doubt worth a mention. All sandwiches are made with Bread & Butter Project sourdough – a firm favourite of mine, and yours too, when you try it I’m sure.

Their Reuben is impressively filled with their own melt-in-your-mouth house smoked pastrami, Swiss cheese, Dijon, sauerkraut and aioli. I love coming here mainly for the food but also for the friendly and impeccable customer service every time!

Address: Man and his Monkey, 149 Clovelly Rd, Randwick NSW 2031

10. Little Vienna Sandwiches In Sydney CBD & North Sydney

Little Vienna CBD & North Sydney

If you want to try a classic Australian sandwich, make sure you try the best chicken schnitzel sandwich in Sydney! Little Vienna Sandwiches are huge; I definitely wanted to sneak an afternoon nap at my desk after lunch… I managed to power through!

The chicken schnitzel was seasoned perfectly and the lemon herb mayo was so moorish, they should bottle it and sell it. You can enjoy many Austrian fillings from Vienna sausages to rissoles – I will certainly be back to try more!

Address: Little Vienna Sandwiches, 9 Barrack St, Sydney // Mount St, North Sydney

10 Best Sandwiches In Sydney



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