30 Best Vegan Restaurants In Sydney (2021 Guide)

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Once you know where all of the best vegan restaurants in Sydney are located, you’ll soon realise we are indeed spoilt for choice!

From awesome Sydney vegan restaurants to some of the best vegan cafes in Sydney, we’re here to show you how to find some of the best places to eat regardless of whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater!

In this post you’ll find the best vegan pizza in Sydney, vegan ice cream, vegan doughnuts, vegan yum cha in Sydney and so much more to discover right here in the city.

We’re sharing some of our personal favourite vegan restaurants in Sydney as well as some of our readers’ favourites too!

If you’re looking to eat more plant based food in Sydney or just looking to adapt a more healthier lifestyle for 2020, then bookmark this post as you should try out all of the vegan cafes in Sydney mentioned in this post.

1. Lentil As Anything in Newtown 


Sri Lankan Curry at Lentil As Anything in Newtown, Sydney

Lentil As Anything has been one of my favourite vegan restaurants in Sydney for a long time now. If you’re looking for a cheap restaurant in Sydney then this could be the option for you as it’s donation based.

What was originally set up for the homeless, Lentil As Anything has become a staple Newtown restaurant for a good few years now. There’s no booking so be prepared to line up outside. But don’t worry, you won’t be waiting for long.

The Sydney Lentil As Anything is ran by volunteers serving up some of the best vegan food in Sydney. You’ll get copious amounts of chai and a two course meal as well.

They do run off donations so on your way out, just pop some cash in the donation box. If you only have a credit card, make sure you go up to the counter and let them know how much you want to donate and they’ll take a card payment.

It’s a brilliant restaurant and one I can’t recommend enough. Most of all, you’ll be sat next to loads of strangers and it’s always the most interesting people we’ve ever come across in Sydney end up at Lentil As Anything!

2. Speedo’s Cafe in Bondi


Vegan pancakes at Speedo’s Cafe in Sydney are legendary (but share with someone else as they are huge!).

Speedo’s Cafe in Bondi is also one of our favourite vegan cafes in Sydney. Although the menu isn’t strictly 100% vegan, it’s got some great options you need to try.

Speedo’s Cafe regularly wins the most Instagrammable cafe in Sydney award because not only does the food look good, it tastes good and you get a great view looking out to Bondi Beach.

Another great point about Speedo’s Cafe is it’s one of the only cafes in Sydney to stay open until 5pm on weekend. Sounds bizarre right? But weirdly a lot of cafes in Sydney close at 3pm regardless of what day it is.

3. Bodhi Vegan Yum Cha in Sydney CBD


Bodhi Restaurant in Sydney is a beautiful hidden gem of a restaurant tucked underneath St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney CBD. With outdoor seating in a calm and relaxed environment, Bodhi Restaurant serves up some of the best vegan dim sum in Sydney!

The prawn dish literally tasted like the real thing, we couldn’t believe the resemblance!

Bodhi Restaurant is a great vegan place to eat in Sydney CBD so you don’t need to worry about trying to find somewhere when you’re out shopping!

4. Yulli’s in Surry Hills


Silken Caramelised Tofu at Yulli’s

Yulli’s in Surry Hills is another great restaurant and has been around for a while now (which means it’s the goods!). I ordered the caramelised silken tofu and it was to die for!! A-mazing!

Book yourself a table downstairs though. We didn’t book and ended up moving three times before we found the best seat outside.

Upstairs is more of a laid back affair and a bit more like a pub than a restaurant with low lighting, low seating and tables rather than a restaurant.

5. Cafe Sydney in Circular Quay 

Did you know Cafe Sydney is a vegan friendly restaurant in Sydney?

Cafe Sydney is not only a fantastic fine dining restaurant in Sydney with an amazing view of Sydney Harbour, it’s a great restaurant to spend the evening with people who have various dietary requirements.

This is an excellent restaurant for a special date or to impress anyone with the fantastic views of the harbour and great service.

You can find the Cafe Sydney vegan menu right here.

6. Shift Eatery in Surry Hills


Shift Eatery in Surry Hills is a favourite with our reader Lucy Asher @Lucyra28. This vegan deli is located right near to Central Station and is her go to for lunch during the week.

With salads and plant based sandwiches to choose from (including a classic vegan schnitzel), her go to favourite is a toasted sandwich and their Gimme That Protein smoothie which is a blend consisting of peanut butter, cacao, banana, chocolate protein and coconut milk. Sounds delish!!

7. Gigi’s Vegan Pizza in Sydney  

Gigi’s Pizzeria honestly produces THE best pizza in Sydney by a mile and the entire restaurant is 100% vegan.

The Italian family owned restaurant decided to make the switch to an all vegan menu a while back. Although that’s a big call to make with a pizzeria, they told me their restaurant is even busier now!

Gigi’s Pizza is an exceptional pizzeria and a great date night place.

Look out for the pumpkin pizza, it’s amazing and order a fresh green salad to go with it! The only let down is they don’t do gluten free pizzas (they’ve only got one pizza oven) which is why I’ve only been there a few times as my stomach is on the sensitive side!

8. Kindness Cafe in Darlinghurst

With their being so many vegan options around these days, Sydney is also home to a vegan Thai restaurant called Kindness Cafe in Darlinghurt. We were told about this awesome find from our reader LucyAsher @lucyra28. Her go to dish is a simple roti and massaman curry! We can’t wait to try this place out as well!

9. Yellow Restaurant in Potts Point

Yellow Restaurant became the first 5 Star Sydney vegan fine dining restaurant a few years back and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

We had the 7 course degustation menu and I have to say the service was impeccable and the food was out of this world. You’ll be wondering what on earth you’re eating  because it’s so different to anything you’ve had before – but in a good way!

If you’re looking for a vegan restaurant in Sydney for date night, go to Yellow Restaurant!

10. Iku Wholefoods in Sydney


Iku Wholefoods in Sydney is a great work lunch option in Sydney. It’s 100% vegan and is more of a takeaway option (although their cafes tend to have a small section for sitting down).

Our go to is always the lasagna with a side salad but the dhal is also good too. They’ve got nine stores located all around Sydney but our go to tends to be in Westfield Mall in Pitt Street on Level 5.

11. Heart & Soul vegan cafe in Cronulla 


Heart & Soul has recently turned 100% vegan and it’s one of the best vegan cafes in Cronulla.

Their acai is exceptional – you can read more about it and our other favourites in our best acai in Sydney post here).

I’ve also had their vegan pancakes which were so good! I’m also a big fan of their smoothies and best of all this place is very well reasonably priced.

I could put this one down as my favourite vegan cafe in Sydney at the moment!

12. Pure Wholefoods in Manly


Pure Wholefoods vegan burger and vegan nachos

Pure Wholefoods in Manly is a great little gem!

Based just off the main street this Sydney wholefoods is incredible with loads of vegan options. We went for the vegan nachos and vegan burger and both were outstanding.

This is a place I will be visiting time and time again. Honestly just go here now!

13. Egg of the Universe in Rozelle


Image via:

Egg of the Universe is an awesome wholefoods cafe and yoga studio in Rozelle.

They serve up some of the best home made vegan food in Sydney as well as lots of other options for meat eaters too. This means it makes it much easier when choosing where to eat with people who have various dietary requirements in Sydney.

Make sure you eat outside in their lovely garden when you visit!

14. Mister Toastie at Marrickville Markets (Sundays)


I saw Mister Toastie at the vegan festival but the queue was so huge I didn’t bother to see what the fuss was all about.

Luckily they are also based at Marrickville Markets so it wasn’t a problem in getting my hands on their vegan toasties. It was worth the visit as I loved it after missing a good cheese toastie!

15. Gelato Blue, Newtown


Gelato Blue is one of our favourite ice cream stores in Sydney and it’s 100% plant based!

Not only is it the best vegan ice cream in Sydney, it’s our go to on most weekends if we’re in Newtown (especially after visiting Lentil As Anything for dinner!)

My go to is always chocolate and mint choc chip. What’s yours?

16. Lord of the Fries


Many people walk into their small fastfood takeaway on George Street and have no idea but Lord of the Fries is actually 100% plant based fast food in Sydney.

You’d be forgiven to think it’s just another similar to Macdonald’s style of place but everything on the menu is vegan!

17. Soul Burger


On the topic of fast food, Soul Burger in Glebe is an awesome 100% vegan burger restaurant in Sydney you need to try!

There are three Soul Burger’s in Sydney to choose from; Randwick, Glebe and Newtown so you’re in luck if you need to get a quick cheap bite to eat in Sydney!

18. Funky Pies in Bondi


Funky Pies is an awesome little Sydney vegan cafe serving up a classic Aussie pie but everything here is 100% plant based!

Based in Bondi, you’ll be able to also choose from a mixture of salads and smoothies as well.

19. Eden in Bondi


Eden in Bondi is a new Sydney vegan cafe located just off Bondi Beach! Rated by our reader Stephanie King, Eden offers up various dishes from pizzas to burgers and even their take on fysh tacos. Blink and you probably wouldn’t even know it’s vegan by this menu!

Make sure you check out the Eden Famous Green Sliders – mini plant based burgers which are so good, you’ll be coming back time and time again!

21. Green Lion Vegan Pub in Glebe


The Green Lion officially opened its doors to the first vegan pub in Sydney located in Glebe. Whilst the menu might look like it’s the usual Aussie pub food affair, the entire menu is 100% vegan! Expect to find vegan burgers, vegan chicken schnitzel and much much more!

22. The Hold in Manly


Not only did our friend Azar mention The Hold in Manly to us recently, one of our readers, Joe Faith also mentioned how good it is to be able to go to a place and eat with vegan and non vegan friends in Manly.

This vegan friendly restaurant in Sydney is more like a pub. With a full bar and burgers to get you by, they also have a seperate awesome vegan menu as well.

23. Bad Hombres


Image via

Bad Hombres is a popular vegan Mexican restaurant in Sydney right now and it’s located right next to Central Station in Surry Hills. Our friend Labrina absolutely loves the “Crocante” Eggplant w/ Sweet “Salsa Macha”, Pepitas, Cashew Crema & House Cheddar. She also mentioned the vibe is awesome there which is always a bonus!

Now let me tell you, we’ve been to vegan Mexican restaurants before in Sydney and this is not like the others (ie the same dish just served up in slightly different variations!). Expect to be completely wowed by Bad Hombres!

24. Acai Cafes in Sydney


Acai is a great breakfast or treat option and it’s usually vegan too (just check the granola doesn’t have honey on before ordering).

There are so many acai cafes you need to know about in Sydney, so you can read our popular post dedicated to our favourite acai in Sydney here.

Some standouts includes Bare Naked Bowls in Manly and Bronte and Fresh Blend Smoothies located in Mosman and Manly which we regularly visit.

25. Govindas in Sydney


Govindas in Sydney is a legendary vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Sydney. This family run restaurant has been running for over 40 years which that in itself is an achievement in the Sydney dining scene!

You’ll find traditional Indian buffet options which even made us feel like we were back in India as the food is so good.

The best thing about Govindas is you can pay for both the buffet and a movie afterwards. That’s right, Govindas has their own cinema playing up to date movies you’ll find at the bigger cinemas in Sydney. It costs under $40 for both cinema and a buffet dinner – honestly it doesn’t get much better!

26. Golden Lotus in Newtown


Golden Lotus in Newtown is an 100% vegan Vietnamese restaurant in Sydney and has been around for a while now – which means they must be doing something good!

We have been a couple of times and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re looking to eat a bit cleaner.

We love the Veganism Is Magic neon sign in the entrance, something to remind you of why eating less or zero meat is not only good for you but for the planet 🙂

27. Alibi Bar at Ovolo Woolloomooloo Hotel


The beautiful Ovolo Woolloomooloo Hotel is now home to Alibi Bar, a 100% plant based restaurant. It’s also home to world renowned plant based chef, Matthew Kenney.

Our reader Hayley Cartledge says it’s her go to vegan restaurant in Sydney. Her favourite dishes include mac & cheese balls and the peeking duck, so make sure you check them out.

Make sure you go for the seven course vegan degustation menu at Alibi Bar to get a real taste of the food.

I haven’t tried it out yet but a few year back I went to Ovolo Woolloomooloo for a dinner and they produced a vegan menu for me which was absolutely exceptional. I doubt you’ll try food this creative anywhere else in Sydney! I cannot wait to try out Alibi Bar soon!

28. Bondi Wholefoods


Although it’s not 100% vegan, Bondi Wholefoods is an excellent healthy cafe in Sydney with vegan-friendly dishes. Their smoothies and acai bowls are worth paying a visit for alone.

There’s also a small shop in the cafe you should check out, not forgetting to buy a raw cake on your way out 😉

29. Paperbark Restaurant in Waterloo


Paperbark Restaurant in Waterloo is one of the new vegan restaurants in Sydney to make it onto our list.

This 100% plant based Sydney restaurant offers up 4 or 8 course lunches but you can opt for the bar snacks if you’re literally popping in from work.

A cool thing about this restaurant is they also maintain an ethical food approach and only buy produce from small local companies. It’s no wonder Paperbark is regarded as one of the best fine dining vegan restaurants in Sydney!

30. Peppe’s in Bondi


Another newcomer on the block is Peppe’s in Bondi is Sydney’s vegan gnocchi bar which is actually run by the above, Paperbark Restaurant! The ever changing menu consists of 12 vegan only pasta dishes with natural wine served by the glass.

We can’t wait to try this one out soon!

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  1. LOVE this post! We are all over trying all of these, love Lentil As Anything too and Sadhana Kitchen is a firm fave of ours too…and Soul Burger! So many choices!! YUM!

  2. If you haven’t gone to OTTOs yet, I enthusiastically implore you to! Their food is always on point! The real gem is their house Olive Oil that’s around $20 a bottle. It’s citrus-y and light (though you will have to ask about it because it’s not *advertised* on the menu)

    Also the Vegan Canadiens Fries (aka Poutine) from lord of the fries is sinfully decadent (though, you will have to specifically ask for vegan sources which their billboard menu states in little letters haha)

  3. Awesome list! I absolutely love Yulli’s, for their yummy food & craft beer. Also a huge fan of Heart & Soul in Cronulla – I grew up in the area, so it’s always nice to go back & have a healthy feed.

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