13 Best Avalon Restaurants & Cafes You Need To Visit

After spending a couple of months living in the Northern Beaches in Sydney, we’ve been lucky to try out some of the best Avalon restaurants!

We loved the street art and of course the beach at Avalon!

Avalon Beach is the suburb which really surprised us. We loved the amazing Avalon restaurants, cafes and shops, so much that it’s the kind of place we would live in a heartbeat.

Usually when visiting the Northern Beaches, we always just made a beeline for Palm Beach. Well, well, well… Avalon Beach totally won us over.

It’s also worth to mention that we found there’s more cafe options in Avalon than in Palm Beach (and more wallet friendly too!). If you’re heading up to Palm Beach in Sydney for the day, it’s worth stopping at Avalon on the way up.

With a great vibe and not forgetting an awesome beach to go with it, here’s our top Avalon restaurants and cafes you need to know about!

1. Koto


Koto in Avalon totally blew us away for serving up one of THE best acai bowls we’ve ever had. This plant based cafe is located on the corner of Avalon Parade and makes a great people watching spot.

There’s two types of acai bowls to choose from, so I opted for the kahuna bowl (a personal recommendation from the server). It’s an acai blend with cacao, peanut butter, chocolate sauce and granola with cocowhip on the top.

I don’t usually go for cacao based acai as it usually ruins it for me but this one is amazing! The cocowhip is hands down the best I’ve ever had as well.

They also serve up plant based poke bowls which look delicious. If you’re looking for a cheap lunch, or vegan cafes in Northern Beaches, this is the place to go to.

Address: 3/49 Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach NSW 2107

2. The Sneaky Grind

We went over to The Sneaky Grind when we were looking for the best breakfast in Avalon Beach and we loved how simple the menu is.

Although it’s not a huge menu, you can basically build your own eggs dish. We opted for their famous smashed avo dish and added feta, smoked salmon and boiled eggs. We also had a green smoothie and both were excellent.

Most of all we loved the relaxed seating area which spills out onto the laneway.

Address: 3/48 Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach NSW 2107

3. Sunset Diner

Sunset Diner in Avalon must be one of the coolest burger bars in Sydney! The Miami inspired diner is decked out in bright pink with a gorgeous courtyard out the back. When we visited there was a band playing, something to consider for your weekend in the Northern Beaches.

You’ll want to take loads of pictures when you visit this awesome burger cafe in Avalon! If you’re looking for one of the cheaper Avalon restaurants to visit, make sure you check out Sunset Diner!

Address: Sunset Diner, 41 Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach

4. Pizzico Italiano

We found Pizzico Italiano down the side street off Barrenjoey Road on Simmonds Lane and couldn’t help but think we had found a gem.

This local Italian restaurant brings in dishes from the coast of the Amalfi and although the menu changes accordingly to the season, it’s a firm favourite with the locals.

Address: Pizzico Italiano, 2 Simmonds Lane, Avalon Beach

5. Alma

Alma is the type of restaurant which has Byron Bay vibes written all over it. We love the outdoor seating so you can take in the village vibes and do some good people watching. It’s also lovely to be able to eat outside in the Summer months, perfect for a date idea in Sydney!

Expect a Mexico inspired menu consisting of tacos, ceviche as well as salads and bigger meals to share.

Address: Alma, 47 Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach

6. Chill Bar

Images via timeout.com

Located next door to Woolworths, Chill Bar is a really popular cafe which also serves up some of the best ice cream in Avalon!

Chill Bar is an awesome cheap cafe in Avalon if you’re looking to buy a wrap or sandwich or of course an ice cream to wonder around the amazing shops!

Address: Chill Bar, 74 Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach

7. Bistro Boulevard

Bistro Boulevard in Avalon is a bit of an institution. This family run French Avalon restaurant is the suburb’s longest running restaurant, having opened its doors in 1973.

It’s a fantastic restaurant to consider for dinner with mains averaging around $36. Expect classics like Steak Tartare but also specials for each night of the week.

Did we mention the food has had amazing reviews, so make sure you book ahead!

Address: Bistro Boulevard, 40 Avalon Parade, Avalon Beach NSW 2107

8. Bookoccino


Who doesn’t love a bookshop? We were really surprised when we walked past Bookoccino in Avalon to see they had a musician playing whilst everyone spilled out onto the street drinking coffee. The vibe was amazing and it made us feel like we had found an awesome suburb with a great community feel.

The great thing about Bookoccino is they hold loads of events from speakers to book signings and of course live music. Make sure you check it out when you’re in Avalon!

Address: Bookoccino, 66 Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach

9. Beco @ Chelsea

Beco @ Chelsea is an awesome Avalon cafe to visit. We again felt the Byron Bay vibes with this place which has all outdoor seating (most of it is undercover though).

Expect brekkie favourites like eggs benny, acai bowls as well as burgers and salads.

Beco @ Chelsea are also located in Newport and Mona Vale as well!

Address: Beco @ Chelsea, 2/48 Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach

10. Nourished Wholefood Cafe

It’s no wonder Nourished Wholefood Cafe is a popular choice for anyone visiting Avalon. Located just over the road from the Avalon Beach, most of the menu is takeaway friendly but also delicious too.

Expect options like Wholemeal Spelt Pancakes, Paleo Power Bread and the Nourished Big Boy to cast your eyes on.

Address: Nourished Wholefood Cafe, 17 Avalon Parade, Avalon Beach NSW 2107

11. Beach House Avalon

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat with ocean views in Sydney, look no further. Beach House Avalon is an absolutely beautiful spot which is home to a gorgeous restaurant upstairs and a kiosk on the ground floor so you can quickly grab something in between swims.

Beach House Avalon restaurant has floor to ceiling windows so you’ll have uninterrupted views of the beach whilst you sit down to a menu consisting of some of the following: poke bowls, fish & chips, steaks, burgers and of course a seafood platter.

The menu is an average priced restaurant with meals under the $30 mark (with the exception of the platter). This is a great option for an Avalon restaurant for dinner.

The Kiosk downstairs is a cheaper option with seating outside. You’ll be able to pick up dishes like acai bowls, calamari & chips, burgers and more.

Address: Beach House Avalon, 558A Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach

12. La Benette Patisserie

Sometimes all we want is to pick up a quick croissant and a cup of coffee for breakfast. Welcome to La Benette Patisserie, another French inspired bakery. Make sure you stock up on the eclairs and the legendary sourdough!

Address: La Benette Patisserie, 28 Avalon Parade, Avalon Beach

13. Classic Coffee


Image via coveredhub.com.au

If you’re looking for something a bit different then head over to Classic Coffee, which is run out of a sweet looking kombi van on the hill on the South side of Avalon Beach.

In the last couple of years, Classic Coffee has built up a big following and is now offering up a small selection of food as well. If you’re an early riser, grab a coffee and sit on the beach to watch the sunrise. Sounds perfect!

Please note, Classic Coffee is only open Monday – Saturday from 6am-10am.

Address: Classic Coffee, South Avalon Headland

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