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There’s a lot of debate about shipping to Australia from UK, or even shipping from USA to Australia. Whilst many expats in Australia fly over with just a couple of suitcases, others can regret spending money on shipping their things over. If you are relocating to Australia, this post is... Read More
Looking for things to do in Heron Island in Queensland? If you’re lucky enough to visit this amazing Southern Great Barrier Reef island, look no further. Whilst Heron Island in Australia attracts visitors from all over the world for its abundance of marine life, you’ll find it’s a popular place... Read More
I saw a picture of Natural Bridge in Springbrook National Park ages ago and I couldn’t believe it’s actually located in the Gold Coast Hinterland. This remarkable natural hidden gem is so spectacular, I am so glad I finally went to visit it recently. If you’re looking for things to... Read More
We interviewed SAS Australia Ant Middleton at Everest Base Camp. Read about this exclusive and off guarded interview which you can also watch in this article. If you’ve been watching SAS Australia on Channel 7, or SAS: Who Dares Wins in England, you’ll know the main frontman of the show... Read More
Meet Ollie Ould, who moved to Sydney with her husband and three kids aged 3, 7 and 14 in October 2019, from South East London. In our latest expat interview, you’ll find out how Ollie’s family has settled in Sydney in just under a year, as well as her tips... Read More
There is so many things to do in Jervis Bay that you need to put it on your list as a day trip from Sydney, because it has some of the best beaches in Australia. Located just a three hour drive from Sydney, if you’re wondering what to do in... Read More