17 Best European Restaurants In Sydney

We’ve found the best European restaurants in Sydney to transport you right back home or simply back to your favourite country. If you can’t get over to Europe right and have serious FOMO while watching everyone holidaying in your favourite countries as you’re sat on the sofa scrolling through those Insta worthy places, let us bring Europe to you.

We’ve found 17 amazing European restaurants in Sydney to help you feel like you could be right back there, eating authentic European food at some of these excellent Sydney restaurants to discover.

17 Best European Restaurants In Sydney

1. Be welcomed like family at German Stuyvescent House, Crows Nest


When you eat at Stuyvescent House you will be greeted by owners Rudi and Max, who both grew up in small German villages and, have been serving the most authentic German cuisine in Sydney for 50 years.

Tuck into a medley of homemade German sausages or go for the tasting platter to try their most popular cuisines. The best thing? They have a huge wine cellar with a range from all over Europe so you can drink like you are on holiday at one of the best European restaurants in Sydney

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2. Warm-up on Goulash at Tommy’s Beer Cafe, Glebe


Inspired by Czech, Hungarian, Austrian and German cafes, Tommy’s Beer Cafe in Glebe is sure to evoke that European city break feel. Fill your belly with hearty European dishes like Hungarian Goulash or Czech roasted duck and dumplings, all washed down with a rare European beer you won’t find in many places in Sydney.

3. Dine in an old school Italian Beppi’s, Darlinghurst


Beppi’s in Darlinghurst has won over 40 awards and the founder, Beppi, was awarded a Government award for maintaining the Italian culture in Australia.

Now if that doesn’t scream authentic Italian then let me tell you, the food is incredible and will transport you back to Italy with their flavours. Think rich ragu linguine with creamy burrata and fresh seafood marinara pasta all washed down with amazing Italian wine. Get me straight to this beautifully romantic Sydney restaurant right now.

4. Gorge on ‘All you can eat’ Moules Frittes at Loluk Bistro, Surry Hills


These French brothers have been creating delicious recipes inspired by their mother for over 10 years and have brought their culture and delicious food to Sydney with Loluk Bistro based in Surry Hills.

Transport into a little French restaurant for the evening and enjoy all-you-can-eat Moules Frittes on a Thursday (I managed 3 bowls and was pretty proud), or delve into all-you-can-eat raclette and profiteroles on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. This traditional French restaurant has an a la carte menu any day of the week which will help you ease back into your normal routine post holiday with al-fresco dining.

5. Have an Austrian food adventure at Una’s Darlinghurst


The schnitty was founded in Austria and luckily we can experience the traditional dish at Una’s in Darlinghurst without having to fly a day to get it!

Transport yourself into an Austrian restaurant and feel like you are experiencing a food adventure after a day of site seeing on your ‘European city break’. I don’t know about you but a place with European beers to try always evokes positive emotions for me!

6. Transport to a Portuguese cafe at Costa Do Sol, Petersham


My Portuguese holiday involved sunbathing, sangria and eating incredible dishes like seafood stew and Portuguese grilled meat. If you too spend your days daydreaming of holidays past, then visit Costa Do Sol immediately. Trust me, an evening of food and Sangria is the only way to get that right emotional balance post holiday.

7. Experience Holland at The Dutch Shop, Smithfield


Holland House in Smithfield sells all things Dutch from groceries to new homeware gifts, you can feel like you have stepped into a Dutch oasis. Stop by The Dutch Shop and take a seat in their cafe to experience dishes such as frikandel and beef croquettes.

A great place to add to your list when you are trying to continue your usual life but want to alleviate those holiday blues at one of the best European restaurants in Sydney.

8. Taste an Italian family’s perfected meals at Cafe Nino, Woollahra


Cafe Nino was created to serve traditional Italian dishes past down and perfected through the family. You can be sure to transport yourself to Italy with their fresh delicious menu and cute bistro interior.

Let’s be honest, Italy is so beautiful; it’s only natural you will feel the post holiday depression and struggle to get back into the ordinary routine. Add this place to your list for your mental well being!

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9. Step into a true Hungarian Restaurant at Corner 75, Randwick


With a charming European interior and awesome Hungarian cuisine like goulash and paprikash, you will get your Eurpoean fix in just one night at Corner 75. We can work past our mind’s attempt to keep us in the post holiday depression, and get inspiration for the next vacation whilst devouring awesome food.

10. Have an evening in Greece at Ikaria, Bondi


After a day in the Bondi Beach sun, dine on Mediterranean Meze at Ikari and feel transported to a Greek Island. My family travel to Greece every year, so if you, like me, are missing that European sun and family vacation then gorge on a banquet meal here and beat those holiday blues!

11. Pop into the best Portuguese bakery at Tuga Pastries, Clovelly


For me, post holiday blues involves comfort food and reminiscing on fond memories. What better way to do that than to taste one of the best Portuguese tarts you can get out of Portugal (fight me on that!). Head to family ran Tuga Pastries in Clovelly who still bake the recipe the same way the owner did when he moved to Australia in 1984!

12. Take comfort in the quintessential French Bistro St Jacques in Redfern


A French bistro is the epitome of a comfort blanket evening, not over formal, with a fresh and delicious hearty menu and incredible wines. The owners of Bistro St Jacques designed this Redfern restaurant after a trip to France and falling in love with the bistro culture there.

The menu is simple and flavoursome, just the evening you need to look after your post holiday well being making it a French restaurant in Sydney you need to try.

13. Taste award winning Polish dishes at Na Zdrowie, Glebe


Na Zdrowie means cheers in English! I can’t think of a better way to treat post holiday depression than to cheers with a Polish beer or vodka in a cosy and authentic setting at this Sydney restaurant.

Taste their incredible Pierogi (Polish dumplings) and placki (potato pancakes) and feel like you are on a European city break, just for one evening.

14. Have a Nordish Viking evening at Mjolner, Redfern


Mjolner is a decadent Viking inspired restaurant with the aim to offer escapism to dining guests. Post vacation, our brain fools us into thinking we can’t get back into our normal lifestyle routine, so one evening of escapism can’t hurt, right?

Dine on decadent bone marrow, venison and whisky short rib beef in a Nordic style restaurant and sip on inventive and opulent cocktails at one of the best European restaurants in Sydney.

15. Feel like you are in Turkey at Erciyes Restaurant, Surry Hills


Post holiday normalisation should be filled with great food and looking after your well being. Well, if you are just back from an awesome holiday in Turkey then don’t fret, you can relive your vacation one last time at the authentic and family ran Erciyes Restaurant in Surry Hills! Is there anything more delicious than a Turkish Kebab?

16. Journey to Spain at Casa Asturiana, Sydney CBD


When looking for the best Sydney restaurants, you can’t go wrong with seeking out an authentic Spanish menu. It turns out, the whole menu at Casa Austuriana in Sydney CBD includes authentic Spanish dishes that have been passed down through generations, just like any restaurant in Spain. With a cosy and rustic Spanish interior, you will feel like you are on holiday once again as you tuck into their mouth-watering paella or tapas.

17. Indulge on Swiss Cheese Fondu at The Matterhorn, Turramurra


The best thing about the holiday season is indulging in phenomenal food outside of your healthy day to day life. Well, don’t get back to your normal life food routine just yet; make a trip to The Matterhorn in Turramurra just 40 minutes outside of Sydney and you will feel like you have teleported to Switzerland. Not everybody likes cheese fondu but I say, those people are wrong.

We hope these mouth-watering European restaurants in Sydney will help you feel like you could be back in Europe, even if it is just for an evening. Bring your friends or family, sit back and enjoy a night filled with laughter and fun as you enjoy an authentic European cuisine full of delicious food and drinks.

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