Check Out Hidden Foys Restaurant In Kirribilli

Wondering where to eat in Kirribilli? We have just the place for you! Foys in Kirribilli is a hidden gem at the oldest open boat club in Australia called Sydney Flying Squadron. Tucked away behind the village in Kirribilli, you’ll find Foys which is a fab place to go to for breakfast, lunch or dinner in Sydney.

I had heard the Flying Squadron was Kirribilli’s gem of a drinking hole when I first moved to the area 18 months ago so when I went for a glass of wine back then, I remember thinking how great the place could be. Fast forward 18 months later, I couldn’t believe how it had done a 360!

Walking into Foys, it was packed. With a modern boathouse themed interior, Sydney’s Flying Squadron had a touch of the Merrivale feel but with authenticity. They had done an amazing job!

Foys kirribilli review

I wasn’t only impressed with the makeover, the menu looked awesome and affordable which is rare for a Kirribilli restaurant. Nothing is over $30 unless you go for the share plate options ($33+)

Foys Kirribilli Review

My partner and I are both vegan so we ordered the baked eggplant dish ($23) with veggies on the side.


It was amazing and has to be one of the best vegan dishes I’ve had to date.

Foys Kirribilli Review

My partner’s mum ordered the classic fish & chips. We tried the chips and they were amazing, seriously competes with the best chips we’ve had to date!

foys kirribilli review

We popped downstairs to check out the cafe and even though the options weren’t massively vegan friendly (lots of sandwiches options), it would be the best place for an after work drink.

foys kirribilli review

Now I can proudly say THIS is Kirribilli’s gem, an absolute must visit if you’re in the area! You can catch a boat to Kirribilli Wharf and it’s a 5 minute walk down the road.

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Hidden Restaurant In Sydney – Foys Restaurant In Kirribilli