My Honest Blue Lagoon Beach Resort Fiji Review

Thinking about booking the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort in Fiji and have questions about whether it’s worth visiting, how long you should stay, and whether you should you book the blue lagoon region or other Yasawa Islands? We wondered all of these questions and a lot more before we booked Blue Lagoon Beach Resort Fiji for our recent holiday.

The good news is, I’m going to break down all of the questions we had as well as many more I’m sure you probably have too. Hopefully, my honest Blue Lagoon Beach Resort review will help you plan your Fiji trip much more easily. Check out our Ultimate Fijian Islands Travel Guide for literally everything you need to know about how to choose the right island for you, or our How To Island Hop Around The Yasawa Islands which includes how to do it, which islands to choose and much more.

I’m writing this review from the perspective of a couple who needed a holiday to relax on the beach and do a couple of activities. We were interested in meeting other guests, but it wasn’t a priority for us. All we wanted was a beautiful beach, decent food, nice staff and some cool things to do.

We booked our stay at Blue Lagoon and got a 15% discount here because we are Genius Level 3 Members (ie the more times we book with them, the more discounts we get).

What makes Blue Lagoon Beach Resort Fiji special?


We actually didn’t know this until we jumped on the Yasawa Flyer ferry (which I’ll mention more in this guide) that Blue Lagoon Beach Resort is actually pretty popular with tourists for it’s amazing beach.

I read that it is home to the best beach in the Yasawa Islands, especially when you have a name like the magnificent blue lagoon – it’s going to have to live up to the expectation (and it does). It’s most amazing beach is also home some of the best food from all of the Fiji resorts in the Yasawa Islands as well.

Blue Lagoon Beach Resort is also home to a lot of activities, including the famous Sawa I Lau Caves which are only a 25 minute boat ride away and a dive shop complete with some of the best diving in Fiji.

While it all sounds like the perfect getaway with a beautiful white sandy beach to relax on, what is it actually like to stay at Blue Lagoon in Fiji? Let’s find out.

Where is Blue Lagoon Beach Resort Fiji?


Blue Lagoon Beach Resort is a stylish resort located in the popular Yasawa Islands. Most tourists either head to the Mamanuca Islands which are West of Nadi or to the Yasawa’s in the North. We realised the Mamanuca’s are home to more upmarket resorts like the Sheraton, while the Yasawa’s have a mixture of luxury resorts, more affordable accommodation, budget and backpacker accommodation as well.

We also heard that Yasawa Islands are more idyllic with better beaches and better snorkelling and diving. And we also heard from other travellers and holiday makers in Fiji from their personal experience that the further away from the main islands you go, the better the smaller islands are. This makes sense in terms of clear water, snorkelling and diving because you won’t see much run off from the main islands.

Blue Lagoon Resort is one of the furthest north accommodation you’ll find in the Yasawa Islands. Further north from Blue Lagoon Beach Resort is the famous Yasawa Island Resort & Spa which is one of the top resorts in Fiji. The price tag matches and you’ll only be able to reach this resort by helicopter.

Why we only booked Blue Lagoon Beach Resort and no other islands


I’ve been island hopping in Fiji a long time ago and I did mention to Steve whether we should do something similar this time. Although he could only get a week off work, we were super exhausted and really needed a holiday where all we had to worry about was what time breakfast, lunch and dinner would be served.

Usually when we go away, we’re always rushing around to explore as much as possible to get as much content to share with you on this site. This time around, I knew I would probably end up writing a review, but I wasn’t coming to Fiji to get content. We needed a proper holiday this time around and considering we only booked it two weeks before we went, choice wasn’t on our side to explore multiple islands because most were booked up.

After considering a few nights at another resort, I had a feeling I would regret it and would have preferred to stay put at Blue Lagoon. I now realise that I was probably right in this decision for us.

How to get to Blue Lagoon Beach Resort


One of the things we had to work out was how to get to Blue Lagoon Beach Resort. You can either jump on the ferry or book a helicopter to the resort. While the ferry is the cheaper option, we heard the helicopter fly in almost every single day we were at the resort.

We booked the ferry through Awesome Adventures which will take you to the page for Southern Seas Ferries. This is the ferry service which is also known as the Yasawa Flyer. It costs $200 FJD per person, to travel one way to Blue Lagoon Beach Resort. The good news is, when you book the ferry, it also includes a pick up service from your hotel or from the airport (and return as well).


Our flight got in at 5:30am and we didn’t have to wait around very long before we jumped on the bus transfer service outside of the airport at 7am. We actually purposely did this because we didn’t want to waste a day having to stay in Nadi because the accommodation in Nadi isn’t great from the reviews I had read. (We stayed in a resort in Nadi on the final night and it was terrible).

Finding the bus transfer was super easy as we just went to the information office right at arrivals who showed us to the bus. We then got to Port Denaru and jumped on the ferry in time for the only departure of the day at 8:45am. The only problem is, we didn’t have any free time to get food before the ferry and the only food they sell on the ferry is ice cream, Pringles, crisps, fizzy drinks, beer and wine.


It was on the ferry that we realised Fiji wasn’t going to be cheap. It cost us $13.5 FJD for a packet of Pringles and a KitKat. That’s about $10 AUD.

The ferry takes 4.5 hours to get to Blue Lagoon Beach Resort. We left Port Denarau at 8:45am and landed at Blue Lagoon at 1:15pm. But the ferry ride flies by and it’s so much fun seeing all of the resorts along the way as they drop everyone off. We met a lot of people who were all excited too and it was fun hearing about where everyone was off to.

Initial thoughts of Blue Lagoon


When we finally landed at Blue Lagoon, I actually panicked slightly because most of the people getting off at our stop were backpackers. I instantly questioned whether I had made a mistake booking this resort because we were after a super relaxing beach holiday, not a party island.

As we jumped on a smaller boat to take us to the resort, I realised it actually didn’t matter in the slightest because the water was the clearest and bluest water I had seen in the 4.5 hours we had been on the ferry!


As we pulled up the resort, we were greeted by a very typical and warm welcoming song, sang by the staff at the resort. We knew we had made the right decision in booking Blue Lagoon as the lagoon really is spectacular especially with the lush tropical surroundings which create a paradise feel you could only dream of.

We were welcomed with a mocktail before being taken to our rooms, and before you ask, it’s not a party island we initially thought it might be.

Which room to book at Blue Lagoon


It took us a while to choose which room to book at Blue Lagoon Beach Resort because the prices do vary. One of our followers had stayed here before and told us to book the beach front villas. The cost jumps significantly from a standard garden villa to beach front villa, and in the end we decided to go for the latter.

<em>The garden villas are located directly behind the beachfront villas <em>

Wondering what the difference is between a garden villa and a beach front villa? Not only do you get breathtaking beachfront views from your king size bed in the beachfront villa, you also get your own sun loungers on the beach which are reserved for your entire stay (a god send especially when it’s busy!).

The staff informed the guests that these sun loungers are for the beachfront villas so everyone else stays by the restaurant and bar area where the rest of them are located. This means you’ll feel like you’ll get your own secluded part of the beach to yourself.


You also get a full mini bar on arrival with a couple of beers, water and soft drinks which are complimentary. Once you’ve drank them all, it can be restocked but added to your bill. This could be super handy if you bring in a sneaky bottle of alcohol with you.

And you’ll get air conditioning as well which the other rooms don’t have. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to book the beachfront villa room because I thought it would be super hot. I think we would have been ok without it as it was quite windy during our visit. We asked other guests and they said they slept fine in the other garden villas and dorm rooms without it.


I also absolutely loved our day bed on our porch. Every morning I would wake up and instead of spending an hour mindlessly scrolling on my phone, I spent it sat on the day bed reading a book. Watching the waves lap up on the shore without another person in sight with the serene and idyllic escape feeling is a memory that will stay with me. If we had stayed in a garden villa, it still includes a day bed, but it’s not the same looking out to the back of the beachfront villa in front of you.

You also get a private hammock in both the garden villa accommodation and in the deluxe beachfront villa. There are no hammocks for dorm guests.

And lastly, you get a TV in your room that actually works with loads of movies to choose from in the beachfront villas! We watched two movies during our holiday at night time and that was more than enough for us.

The non-optional food package you need to know about


Because I had been to Fiji years ago, I remembered each island has a non-optional food package which you have to pay for. Blue Lagoon Beach Resort is no different.

We booked our accommodation on as we always do (the more times you book, the more discounts you get) and thought the price included the meal package – it doesn’t. We had to pay an extra $159 FJD per person for each day we were we visiting. So the meal package came to an extra $1500AUD for two of us for 6 nights for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We heard this is one of the more expensive packages but it’s because the food is better than other resorts and you get more variety (some resorts don’t give you an option or a menu).

We spoke to a lot of guests who didn’t know this and were surprised, especially those staying in the dorms. But, the food is really good, like probably better than most cafes and restaurants we’ve visited in Sunshine Coast.

Here’s what the food menu looks like

  • Breakfast is from 7:00-10:00am: You get a buffet style breakfast with fresh papaya (it’s so good!), muffins and pastries, cornflakes, yoghurt, toast. Plus there is a full hot breakfast menu to choose from including; pancakes, eggs, full breakfast etc.
  • Lunch is from 12:00-2:00pm: You can choose one item from either the light menu (such as salads etc) or the main lunch menu which includes chicken sniztel, fish and chips, and buddha bowls.
  • You can choose between three dinner bookings: 6:30pm, 7:00pm or 7:30pm. We realised quickly to go for the first booking as you get to choose your own table. You may end up sitting with other people if you go for later bookings. It’s a five course dinner, and by the end of day one, you’ll be so full, you’ll realise that you won’t need to eat as much as possible for every meal.

We did feel pretty guilty when we realised it looked like non of the staff had ever eaten the meals they were serving. Steve asked them which was a better option between a couple of dishes, they looked awkward and said “I don’t know”.

Water at Blue Lagoon Beach Resort


Bring a water bottle with you, because you can refill your water from the filtered water stations by the bar. Yes, I am very sceptical about local water but Fijian water is some of the best in the world. If you don’t have a water bottle yet, check out this water bottle on Amazon to keep it cold all day long.

Even after we took showers in our gorgeous and fabulous outdoor shower and bathrooms (the secluded stunning outdoor shower is amazing by the way!) our hair and skin felt incredible. Just brush your teeth with the drinking water, not tap water as you might get sick.

Buying alcohol at the resort


Just a heads up but understandably, alcohol is expensive at Blue Lagoon. For example, a bottle of wine on the ferry cost $40FJD, but at Blue Lagoon, you’re looking at $80FJD. Even a bottle of Oyster Bay which in Australia costs around $18AUD cost $90FJD (approximately $60).

Here’s the drinks menu below, but you’ll get free tea and coffee all day by the bar (unless it’s speciality coffee).


Beer of choice is Fiji Gold from Steve’s standard. A small can of beer is $9FJD or $45FJD for 6 cans. And cocktails are $23FJD ($16AUD). Don’t expect the cocktails to be like they are back home, you are on a tropical island here. A pina colada is definitely welcomed when in paradise of course!

Plenty of activities to keep you entertained


Blue Lagoon Beach Resort is not a cheesy resort. Mike, the activities manager has this super kind and authenticity about him. You can see that he really goes above and beyond for his guests to make sure they really get the most out of their stay.

With a full list of activities to choose from each day, such as snorkel trips, beach volleyball, coconut demonstrations, cave trips, diving and so much more, we had to really pick and choose how much we wanted to do vs relaxing on our day bed or sun lounger.

Here’s what we did:

Mountain Hike (free)


You are taken up to the top of the mountain which is the highest point on Nacula Island. The staff said it takes 40 minutes return but it actually took us 2 hours return because we wanted to take in the views, take photos and videos etc.

We wore trainers but it does get a bit steep and we had to slide down on our butts from the top for a few metres as it was windy which was fun. The hike is 100% worth doing and we loved it.

Village visit ($45 FJD pp)


Steve thought the village visit would be super touristy but we loved it, not only because it was so good, but because many of the staff who work at the resort, come from this village.

It’s a 20 minute boat ride to get there. When you arrive, local children have fresh coconuts to sell you. Then as you walk through the village, you come to the church where the local choir will sing to you. This is a beautiful experience, Steve said it was his favourite experience of the entire trip.

After the choir have finished, you are taken to the community hall to watch the locals sing and dance, of which you’ll join in at the end. Meanwhile, the local ladies are setting up their market outside so you can buy local jewellery from them afterwards. We didn’t bring any money with us and regretted not being able to support them as we would have like to.

Blue Lagoon Cave trip ($89 FJD pp)


The cave trip to Sawa I Lau Caves is something I was really looking forward to, and one of the reasons I booked Blue Lagoon Beach Resort. If you stay in Nadi, we heard a day trip to these caves cost $349 FJD pp.

From Blue Lagoon, it’s just a 25 minute boat ride to these Blue Lagoon caves. When we arrived, we left our bags outside the cave (they will be safe there), and then walked down the steps into the water. The water isn’t cold and the swimming hole is spectacular. There’s another cave you can swim into from this one which is quite scary, but worth doing!

Snorkelling off the beach (free)


The coral reef is amazing with outstanding snorkeling straight off the beach, which we just loved! There’s so many fish to see, giant clams and we heard there’s a resident octopus in the bay, although we never saw it. There’s a conservation project towards the end of the orange buoys in the great coral reef which is cool to see underwater.

Stand up paddle boarding (free)


We finally did our first ever SUP experience just before we left the resort. The day was calm so we jumped on the stand up paddle boards and paddled out on the stunning beach. Firstly, SUPs are easier to balance on than I expected. But the wind suddenly picked up and before I knew it, I had drifted far out. Just be super careful if you choose to go on them!

Other activities we considered doing


Scuba diving (price varies)

we would have gone scuba diving but we decided not to in the end because another guest had booked the unlimited diving package and was diving each day for three weeks. He never seemed that excited about his dives and because we’ve been so spoilt with diving in the past to places like Lady Elliot Island, we decided to save the money.

It would be a great opportunity for those to do a Padi discover scuba diving class if you’ve never scuba dived before. Alternatively, you can also do more diving courses here too to up skill.

Snorkelling day trip ($45 FJD pp)

we didn’t do the boat snorkeling excursions because snorkelling from the beach was really good anyway. We did hear from other guests that the snorkelling day trip was really good and we did regret not doing it in the end.

Wifi at Blue Lagoon Beach Resort


You can buy a SIM card at the airport but it costs $55FJD for 175gb of data. We decided not to go with it because we wanted to have a digital detox on this trip, which we super valued. This gave me time to read books that have literally been sat by my bedside table for three years. I was able to reflect properly and stay clear of my phone which did more good than I ever knew possible. Plus, we played cards and it was a brilliant reminder of our travelling days pre iPhones.

We thought if we needed internet, there would be wifi at the resort, but the wifi is pretty much non existent at Blue Lagoon. You might get some notifications come through, but you won’t be able to refresh your Instagram for example.

We brought our drone with us but for some reason we had deleted the drone app to be able to fly it. So, I had to wake up at 6am and try and download it before anyone else was up. It took an hour to download it in the end.

The kids club


Coming to Blue Lagoon for the kids club? We met a family who were hoping to leave their kids for a couple of hours so they could get some time back or go on the tours. It turns out they were returned to them within an hour each time, so they didn’t get a lot of holiday time to themselves in the end. The could have been because they were the only family staying at the resort who tried to use the kids club.

If you’re wondering, there’s a mixture of people staying here, from backpackers, to couples, families etc.

You won’t get the entire beach to yourselves


We didn’t realise this but Blue Lagoon Beach Resort isn’t the only resort on the beach – you’ll be sharing it with Oarsman’s Bay Lodge next door. We actually popped over there on our final night for a drink at sunset and really liked it there. The sunset from the resort is really beautiful and we really liked how it was much more chilled out than Blue Lagoon.

How much our holiday to Blue Lagoon Beach Resort cost us


If you’re wondering how much our trip to Fiji cost us, here’s the breakdown for what to expect. Bare in mind, we picked the most expensive room for our stay. Our costs could have been much lower but we were burnt out and needed a proper rest on this holiday.

I don’t regret paying $1500AUD extra for the room as the room really did make the holiday having that space on the beach with our own sun loungers to ourselves, as well as a hammock and day bed to roll into as well.

7 night holiday to Fiji cost for two people in AUD:

$550 – return ferry for two (including pick up and drop off transfers from previous and forwarding accommodation.

$3500 – we booked the luxurious rooms in the beachfront villa here for 6 nights at Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

$1500 – meal plan for 6 nights for two people (this is a set price for everyone no matter what room you’re staying in)

$990 – drinks and paid activities (Steve drank a lot of beer!)

$277 – Nadi accom at Club Fiji resort

$70 – Club Fiji resort food

Total cost: $6887

Would we stay at Blue Lagoon Resort again?


We had a great time and I wholeheartedly recommend Blue Lagoon Beach Resort! We considered staying there for 4 nights and 3 nights at another resort, but we felt like we probably wouldn’t have been able to relax. I’m glad we stayed there for our entire holiday even if we wondered what the other resorts would have been like.

The staff are super nice, the food is really good, we loved our beachfront villa and the beach itself is pure paradise! I also really liked that the resort is small enough to meet other like-minded travellers, but also big enough to have your own space when you need to. Most of the other tourists we encountered were either Australian, New Zealanders, British, American or German.

If we come back again, we’ll definitely add on Barefoot Manta Island Resort which is the main resort everyone raved about to us. Apparently the snorkelling and vibe are excellent there.

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