4 Amazing Places To Visit In Kerala South India

Wondering what are the best tourist places in Kerala to visit? After spending a couple of months travelling around Kerala, we’re here to bring you the best tourist places to visit plus one hidden gem, even the locals don’t know about!

Kerala is an amazing part of South India. Expect beautiful beaches, lots of palm trees everywhere, and a tropical vibe that if so unique, you won’t find anywhere else like it in the world.

If you’re wondering about what to do in Kerala or wondering about the best things to do in Kerala, here are our four best places to visit in Kerala. All four places are completely different from one another but all are equally amazing that I wouldn’t hesitate to visit all again in the future.

Kerala really captured our hearts and it’s an excellent first place to visit in India if you’ve not been before. It’s way more chilled out than in the North and there’s not as many people around, or noise for that matter too.

People are super friendly in Kerala, and there’s more of a healthier vibe going on. You’ll find loads of places to buy fresh juice, organic vegan food (especially in Varkala Beach) and pristine beaches you won’t believe are beaches in India! Need I say more?

1. Kannur In Kerala


Starting off with our hidden gem in Kerala is the beautiful town of Kannur.

Although it’s not so easy to get to (an airport was being built when we visited in Feb 2018), there are so many things to do in Kannur you’ll have an amazing time like we did!

The beaches in Kannur are pristine and you’ll get to experience a Theyyam dance festival you won’t see anything else like it in the world! Kannur is also home to Asia’s longest driving beach as well as an amazing fort to explore and so much more.

Kannur is the best place to visit in Kerala and I doubt you’ll find anywhere better than this total gem. We absolutely loved it there!

2. Varkala Beach In Kerala


After coming from Sri Lanka to Varkala Beach in Kerala, we felt like this was what we hoped Sri Lanka would be like. A beautiful huge beach, not packed with thousands of tourists and a a beautiful cliff top with great veggie and vegan food in India, amazing shopping and best of all, morning yoga over looking the beach. It is honestly a brilliant place to visit.

3. Fort Kochi In Kerala


We loved the cobbled streets of Fort Kochi in Kerala and had a brilliant time visiting the unique Chinese fishing nets, went on a boat tour, visited the spice markets, Jew town and a play. There’s so many things to do in Kochi and it’s so beautiful and I can easily see why it’s the tourist hub of Kerala.

4. Alleppey Kerala Backwaters


To me, Alleppey is like India’s version to Amsterdam with the canal running through the city. But, Alleppey is the home to the Kerala backwaters house boats, something you have to put on your India bucket list! We loved the house boats in Kerala where you’ll get snippets of the locals’ everyday life living in the backwaters.

Have you been to Kerala in India? If I’ve missed anyway special, please let me know in the comments below.

Tourist Places To Visit In Kerala India



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