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Wondering what are the best places to visit in Kannur Kerala? Kannur is an absolute hidden gem in Kerala, a place which has incredible beaches, fantastic food and absolutely amazing culture. For Kannur was a huge highlight on our trip to Southern India, we hope it will be for you too!

After two packed full but awesome days in Fort Kochi, Steve had found us a new place to visit, Kannur in Northern Kerala. We read Kannur is home to beautiful beaches and as Lonely Planet put it: ‘a hidden gem that wasn’t frequented much by tourists’.

We spent five days in Kannur in Kerala in what I found to be one of my favourite places in the whole of India.

How to get to Kannur from Kochi

Our awesome homestay host in Kochi had found us a way to get to Kannur by train; a 7 hour journey was a head of us so we decided to leave early in the morning. When we arrived at the station at 7am, a good hour before the train was to depart, the train was delayed by 1.5h. So, we waited it out until the train kept getting more delayed.

After two hours of waiting, we decided to head over to the bus depot and before we knew it we were off on a 5 hour bus journey before having to change buses at Calicut for another 3 hour ride.

It was going to be a long day but when we eventually arrived in Kannur in Kerala, 12 hours later, we were relieved to get there. We then had another 20 minute tuk tuk ride back down South to Kizzhuna Beach where we were staying.

Best Kannur Hotel In Kerala

We stayed at Ivory Coast’e in Kannur, a gorgeous guest house right next to THE most beautiful beach either of us had ever seen in India (and this was Steve’s fifth time to India too!).


Our host Bipin was a truly lovely and helpful man who would go out of his way for us in a second. We were finally in peace and quiet again, and as the only people staying in the guesthouse, it was absolutely perfect for what we were looking for.

The room was big, clean and modern and I loved how we had our own picnic table and chairs outside our room for meals.

Steve and our host Bipin, owner of Ivory Coast’e guest house.

When we arrived, we were surrounded by a very untouched part of India. A place that you could just imagine what other well known beach destinations must have looked like before they became popular.

<em>The area was so untouched this was the road next to Thottada Beach<em>

It was a real experience I don’t think I’d seen anywhere as rustic as here before, next to a pristine beach with zero rubbish to be seen.

<em>A traditional South Indian lunch at our guest house Ivory Coaste<em>

It also reminded me of the Maldives in the sense that everything was easy. We could just get up, have breakfast, go down to our own huge private beach, come back to the guest house for lunch and repeat the rest of the day like this until bedtime.

But it wasn’t all about the beach in Kannur, there were loads of things to do there.

8 Places To Visit In Kannur Kerala

1. Kizzhuna Beach In Kannur

<em>Our own pristine private beach at Kizzhuna Beach Kannur<em>

As I’ve just mentioned we couldn’t believe how beautiful Kizzhuna Beach in Kannur is. We honestly couldn’t believe there was no one else on it, and wondered whether it was safe to swim in. It certainly was and after we walked to the very end of the beach, we saw one other couple who were staying in another guesthouse on the beach.

<em>A drone shot of Kizzhuna Beach Kannur<em>

The reason why this beach is so amazing is that the sand is swept away during certain times of the year, so it’s like a brand new beach appears every year which is why it’s incredibly clean. The sunsets were incredibly beautiful to watch on this beach.

We went to look at the neighbouring beach, Thottada Beach but it was quite dirty and not nearly as nice as Kizzhuna.

Note, when we went to Kannur in Feb 2018, an airport was being built so I’m sure it will drastically change over the next few years.

2. Theyyam Dance Festival In Kannur

One of the biggest Kannur tourist places (although it wasn’t booming with tourists when we went there) is the incredibly unique and traditional Theyyam Dance Festival which only takes place in Malabar in Kannur.

What is a Theyyam Festival? Essentially it’s a folk festival which is thousands of years old. A product of ritual, music, dancing, painting, sculpture and literature all rolled into one is presented around a shrine in each village every day between October to May every year.

It’s also a way to bring all people, no matter what their religion, together to pay their respects to the colourful ritual dance which holds great importance to the worship of heroes and ancestral spirits.

When my host at Ivory Coast’e, Bipin organised for me to attend the festival, I was driven out to a small village that morning to witness it. Being the only tourist there, it certainly felt amazing and was incredible to watch how the whole village came together to watch this ancient ritual.


I spent three hours watching the performers faces being painted to them performing the rituals around the shine with drumming and dance. It certainly felt like one of those I’m actually travelling moments and will easily be a highlight of my entire trip.

3. Take A Tuk Tuk Tour Around Kannur

Bipin then organised another tour for us to include loads of things to do in Kannur with a tuk tuk driver. We spent the whole day visiting many sights including the following:

4. The Lighthouse In Kannur

We went to visit the lighthouse in Kannur which is stunning.

5. The Fort At Fort Kochi

The fort was actually really interesting and there were some school kids on a trip there who all seemed to be more interested in Steve and I, as well as the adults too. It was quite funny as everyone wanted selfies with us.

6. Payyambalam Beach In Kannur

We also went to check out Payyambalam Beach which actually reminded me of Surfers Paradise in a way, as we looked back to the city behind us. We got the drone out here and it was pretty spectacular. The locals were keen to see it in action too!

7. The Cotton Factory In Kannur

Now this was an absolutely fascinating experience. We were taken to a factory where they were making cotton bed sheets. An old traditional way to make clothing and as Steve and I were the only people to walk through this factory, we were in complete amazement.

8. The Driving Beach In Kannur

The driving beach in Kannur is Asia’s longest beach you can drive your car onto. We stood there watching tuk tuks and cars drive along the beach during sunset and it was just magical.

If you’re looking to visit somewhere absolutely beautiful that’s unspoilt, quiet and with loads to do without mass tourism then Kannur in Kerala is the place for you.

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