We’re hard to please when it comes to beaches, but we can confidently say we’ve found the best Sri Lanka beaches and why you need to visit Hiriketiya in Dickwella!

To be honest, we didn’t think we would find a great beach in Sri Lanka because we had just come from Maldives BUT Hiriketiya literally pulled out all of the stops. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka!

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How to get from Tangalle to Dikwella

We paid for a tuk tuk to drive us from Rekawa to Dikwella (50 minute drive) and paid 1800R. You can get a bus from Tangalle that would take about an hour and probably wouldn’t cost more than 100R each.

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Dikwella accommodation

Crystal Resort & Spa, Dikwella

After spending time in hospital in Tangelle, we decided to splash out on some decent accommodation and booked ourselves into Crystal Resort & Spa for two nights (AU$80 a night). We didn’t realise when we booked it but it actually only opened two days before we arrived.It was a three course breakfast affair at Crystal Resort & Spa

Staff were super friendly and professional and our room was beautiful. With views out to the outdoor pool and onto the ocean, it was perfect for us.

What I loved about our room was being able to have a bath for the first time in a long time (we never had one in Australia whilst we lived there) and the bed was so comfy, it was a nice change to actually have a duvet to keep us cool from the aircon rather than a sheet.

Dikwella beach was huge, but there didn’t seem to be many people on it.

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Verse Collective a great co-working space and backpackers in Dikwella

The Verse Collective, Dikwella

We popped by next door, The Verse Collective, and the first actually hip and Western looking hostel and co-working space we’d seen in Sri Lanka.

It’s run by a young South African couple with cool art around the building and what looked like beautiful hotel and dorm rooms.

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Tacos at The Verse Collective, Dikwella

We tried to get into here for a couple of days after leaving Crystal Resort but they were booked out. Pretty impressive for a hostel to open just two monthly previously. Staff were friendly here and although the food was expensive, it was good.

Sri Lanka beaches: Hiriketiya Beach

We headed over to Hiriketiya, a beach I was told about from a Sri Lankan Instagrammer to be the place to go to.

We were utterly gobsmacked at how beautiful and completely perfect this beach was. It’s honestly a little oasis, away from any road and had such a great vibe and beach.

We had finally found somewhere in Sri Lanka that we just fell in love with immediately.Hiriketiya is a beach that’s known for beginner surfers and although I’m not a surfer myself (I tried it once and was rubbish, and I’m actually not that great in the water anyway) that it didn’t matter because the water was so lovely, we could spend hours swimming in it.Happy in Hiriketiya

Surfers lined the beach, and it was a younger, more of a travelling vibe than other places we had visited in Sri Lanka.

Gone were the package tourists, teenagers and families, and it felt like we had hit the jackpot.

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Hiriketiya Accommodation

Hasmal House, Hiriketiya

After we moved out of Crystal Resort, we spent the day looking around various guesthouses until we found a gorgeous little homestay called Hasmal House just 30 seconds up from the beach.

Although this place was different.

The family lived up the road rather than in the house too and it was like living in a two bedroom apartment complete with dining area and kitchen for us to use.

Best of all, it was only $23 a night and we loved it. Our only problem was we could only have it for 2 nights as it was booked up.Hasmal House, Hiriketiya

Where to eat in Hiriketiya

There’s another Western looking could be in Bali restaurant called The Grove, owned by Australians and they actually had an Aussie menu but only served it until 1pm. After then, it was just expensive tacos on the menu until their dinner menu started. I wouldn’t rave about this place but it was nice to see the brunch menu and have a questionable smoothie bowl.

We did however find a roti shop just off the beach next Jesmi guesthouse. This place was awesome, a great little restaurant outside a family home and we loved it not only for the pricing, but because the food was good and it felt right to support a local family.

Dikwella yoga walk in sessions

Our yoga class at Jasper House, Hiriketiya

There’s quite a few places in Hiriketiya offering up yoga classes twice a day at 8am and 4pm at Dots (a great hostel btw too), Salt and Jasper House.

Because our homestay was opposite Jasper House (it’s also a brilliant place to stay if you’re looking for Dikwella luxury accommodation. Check for rates here.) we went there on the two mornings we spent in Hirikitiya. It cost 1200R  (about AU$10) but we absolutely loved it. The class was led by another Westerner and from what I could see, the other classes were too around the island.

I felt so inspired seeing all the fit surfers that I also went running early in the mornings before yoga and it felt awesome. There’s loads of little lanes to run around and it was fascinating that running just 15 minutes down the road from our guest house was a surprise for all of the locals. Everyone came out to say hi to me and it was lovely.

After four days in Hiriketiya, I had a really emotional goodbye with a place I had truly loved so much I hadn’t felt like this since we left Fulidhoo in Maldives.

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Sri Lanka beaches: Why you need to visit Hiriketiya in Dikwella

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