Best Escape Rooms In Sydney

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Looking to find the best escape rooms in Sydney? Check out our review of Break The Code by fellow Sydney expat, Rebecca Shinn. You can check out her Insta for more of her expat adventures in Sydney.

The Best Escape Rooms in Sydney

Escape rooms are constantly popping up everywhere in Sydney with a million different themes to choose from which means there is way too much fun to be had! And, it’s the perfect opportunity to find something to do during winter time, because let’s face it…who wants to swim in Bondi when it’s freezing?Break The Code escape rooms welcomed me and my three mates into an Avatar themed room – a different planet with an alien species trying to find all of the relics hidden in various places. I have to add here – this is the easiest one, it mentions its suitable for children (remember that!) on the website, but… read on to see if we actually made it through and escaped the room!!There’s a mixture of escape rooms at Break The Code. Which room would you go into? 

After a quick debriefing and the offer to use clues via a walkie talkie, we were left to solve clues to work our way through five little sections which opened door by door to eventually, escape. If you escape with three or less clues, you’ll get on the hall of fame, and who wouldn’t want that? The competitive side of me was truly coming out, knowing we HAD to get on that wall!!Break The Code Wall of Fame. Did we do ourselves proud and make it?

Now – there’s five university degrees between four of us and we’ve done one previous escape room before as a team with success so I was pretty hopeful. The actual puzzles themselves were pretty good, one in particular wowed me which required connectivity from ourselves to open a lock. I did an audible ooooh! after seeing that one! It was fun to realise the answers to the clues! My team trying to figure out a number combination had me in hysterics at how ridiculous we were being – it’s the simplest thing sometimes…! So yeah, maybe we have a degree and all, but some of these clues were difficult!Inside the Avatar themed escape room at Break The Code.

You have to communicate with your team mates and it’s nice that there is only one clue at a time whereas in other rooms, there will be two or three clues needing to be solved simultaneously which may work for a group of up to eight.We had loads of fun at Break The Code!

Overall, it’s a crazy fun thing to do. Don’t take it seriously – be silly and let your imagination run wild trying to solve clues. Go in with an open mind and you will come out…..and no we didn’t get out, I was too busy on the floor laughing at my team trying to get the last clue to concentrate….!

Make the most of Sydney winter and head over to Break The Code for a laugh with your friends or family now. You can find out more information about it here.

Location: Level 1, 741 George Street, Haymarket, Sydney

Have you been to any escape rooms in Sydney? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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