How To Get To Wedding Cake Rock In Royal National Park Sydney

Wondering how to get to Wedding Cake Rock in The Royal National Park in Sydney? This insta famous spot is popular with day walkers. If you continue along the path, you’ll come to one of the best beaches in Sydney at Big Marley Beach and sand dunes. Find out how to get to Wedding Cake Rock below.

Did you know the second oldest national park in the world sits just an hour’s drive out of Sydney? It completely blows my mind every time I visit The Royal National Park knowing this fact.

So I’ve done a few hikes in this park now, but recently I decided to walk from Bundeena to Big Marley beach which stops off at the popular Wedding Cake Rock which I hadn’t seen before. The best thing is, this hike is easy to get to even if you don’t have a car.

Where To Start The Wedding Cake Rock Walk

Finding a car park was slightly difficult here at the starting point!

By Public Transport

A hike that’s finally not too hard to get to by public transport! Just take the train to Cronulla (it’s approx 1 hour from Town Hall), then the ferry over to Bundeena, where it’s then a short walk over to the starting point of the hike at the end of Beachcomber Avenue. Then follow the signs to Wedding Cake Rock and continue on from there to Big Marley Beach.

By Car

If you’re driving there’s a $12 fee to get into The Royal National Park (you’ll drive past the ticket booths, although sometimes there’s no-one in them) or if you’re going to be going to  few of the national parks in NSW best to buy a season pass it’s $65 for a year from here.

The track was about 5KM each way, so I anticipated about an hour’s hike to get to Big Marley which it was as I always time my hikes on my Garmin watch.

I drove down to the starting point and was pretty surprised to see the amount of cars all parked up alongside the residential street on Beachcomber Avenue. I instantly realised this was going to be a busy hike but I decided to go for it seeing as I was already there. So, just follow the signs to Wedding Cake Rock and continue along the track to Big Marley Beach.

It was an easy to follow path, and I passed a lot of people along the way.Lots of people on this hike

After a 40 minute walk, I got to Wedding Cake Rock which is where most people stop on this hike.The fence at Wedding Cake Rock 

There’s a big fence next to Wedding Cake Rock to deter people away from it, but everyone climbed it and there were lines of people waiting to get their instagram shot. I didn’t stick around for long and continued along the path.

Please make sure you are VERY careful if you do climb the fence. You’re at your own risk if you do so.

People lining up to get ‘that shot’ at Wedding Cake Rock

Almost straight away, the crowds disappeared as soon as I continued along the track. Finally, I had the track to myself and just one more 1KM down the path came the highlight of the walk – Big Marley Beach. The path opened up onto a beautiful view of Big Marley beach, it was amazing.

Bundeena-big-marley-beachThe highlight of the walk, when it opens up to Big Marley beach

I thought to myself, typical how everyone goes to a not so exciting site, only to miss the actual jaw-dropping section down the path! Luckily for me, I had it all to myself.

As I wandered down the path, I thought this must been one of the best hiking paths around; a path that sits right next to the cliffs on the second oldest national park in the world. I walked down to the beach and had it to myself. Pure bliss.

One of my favourite beaches in Sydney, Big Marley Beach

If you want to know why it’s known as Big Marley Beach it’s because there’s Little Marley Beach right next to it. You can also walk onto Little Marley which will take you to Wattamolla which is another 1 hour walk.

The walk continues on to Little Marley and onto Wattamolla if you fancy a longer walk.

I was then in a race against time as the sun was starting to set. It was a good hour back to the car, and although I had to keep stopping to take some photo’s I managed to get back in time. Capturing the beautiful sunset on the way back to the car

On the way back, there were quite a few people heading in the opposite direction out to Wedding Cake Rock. It’s worth mentioning that these hikes can take time, because it was a 40 minute walk out to the rock, so they’d be walking back in the dark, without a torch I doubt and in thongs.Crowds at Wedding Cake Rock at Sunset

But if you’re looking to do this hike, then I’d probably go either very early in the morning or later in the afternoon because it’s a popular path.

I’ve realised I’ve nearly done all of the Bundeena to Otford hike now (25KM!), but in stages! What’s your favourite section of the big beast hike?

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How To Get To Wedding Cake Rock in Royal National Park