How To Get To The Bottom Of Wentworth Falls In Blue Mountains

Wentworth falls in Blue Mountains is probably one of the most well known waterfalls in NSW. Although it’s incredibly popular, surprisingly when you reach a certain part of this Sydney waterfall, the crowds get smaller and smaller.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting to the bottom of Wentworth Falls in Blue Mountains.

Now, I’ve attempted getting to the bottom of a few waterfalls like Gerringong Falls and Belmore Falls and failed miserably so as we started out in the car, I frantically starting searching online in how to actually get to the bottom.

There wasn’t too much information out there apart from to start at Jamison Lookout and make sure I took the Slacks Stairwell route.

Because I had just bought myself a shiny new GoPro Hero 5 AND new Scarpa hiking boots thanks to my recent $1000 made selling my old clothes at Kirribilli Markets, I had the boots on and GoPro in hand to try it out and film the entire route. The boots FYI, are amazing!! It felt like walking on the moon and when we finished the hike, it literally felt like it was a warm up. Amazing after wearing my Nike running trainers for so long!

This was actually the easiest route I have ever been on to a waterfall and it only took 1 hour at a very slow pace. Because I have a Garmin 235 watch, I timed the route and it’s less than 2.5km one way from the top to the very bottom! There is a lot of stairs and at parts they are really steep so you’ll need some sort of fitness to get down to the bottom.

The masses were out and about and taking on the same path until stage 1 of the falls. I think they thought they had reached the bottom, but no, it carried on up a hill and onto the slacks staircase before eventually hitting the bottom.

Here’s how we got to the bottom of Wentworth Falls.

You can start from 2 locations  – either Jamison lookout which will take 1 hour to the falls or from the Conservation Hut Cafe which takes 2 hours one way.

  1. Start at Jamison lookout and head over to Wentworth Falls lookout.
  2. You’ll see the path on the left of the Wentworth Falls lookout.
  3. You’ll begin on a slight decline walking right over the top of the falls. keep walking until you reach Fletchers Lookout on the National Pass.
  4. Turn left at Fletchers lookout.
  5. You’ll come to a magnificent walk right on the edge of the cliff. It’s incredible!
  6. Then prepare for the stairs, the many steep stairs.
  7. You’ll then reach stage 1 of the falls. Lots of people stop here to take photo’s before turning back.
  8. Continue on walking straight over the falls and up the hill. You’ll wonder if you are going the right way but yes, you are.
  9. You’ll come to a sign saying Slacks Staircase which is heading downhill. Take this route.
  10. Then more stairs. This time it’s a metal staircase that’s very steep.
  11. More metal staircases. There’s 3 of them to be precise.
  12. The pain of staircases will stop and you’ll come to flat ground. Walk about 600 metres and you’ll come to the bottom of the falls!
  13. Remember it’s much easier walking up than walking down!

Amazingly, once we passed stage one of the falls, it was like we had entered a secret club. Not many people were around and when we got to the bottom, there was just 1 guy and a couple with a baby (no idea how they got their baby down the metal staircases!). It was beautiful.

There’s a great swimming spot at the bottom but given it’s Autumn, it wasn’t exactly the temp for it! Loved that there wasn’t any litter down there either. It’s good to protect the environment and not ruin it for everyone else.

Don’t forget to watch my video of my day out to the falls here.

Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains

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