10 BEST Blue Mountains Lookouts You Can Drive Right Up To

Are you going on a Blue Mountains day trip and wondering if there are any Blue Mountains lookouts which don’t require any hiking?

Not everyone wants to hike at least an hour to see a one of the lookouts in Blue Mountains. If you’re short on time or you just want to go and check out some amazing lookouts without having to go to much effort, here’s some of the best views in Blue Mountains in NSW you can drive right up to.

Best of all, you don’t need a 4×4 to get to any of the 10 Blue Mountains lookouts we mention in this post! If you are looking for a couple of Blue Mountains walking tracks, check out our 30 Best Blue Mountains Walks Guide.

Please check NSW National Parks before visiting any of these lookouts to see if they are open. Many Blue Mountains lookouts and walking tracks close due to maintenance work or bushfires.

1. Blackheath Lookout

Blackheath Lookout is one of our favourite Blue Mountains lookouts and the best part is you don’t need to do any hiking at all.

If you’re looking for a good sunset Blue Mountains lookout, then make sure you come to Blackheath Lookout because it’s absolutely beautiful – plus there’s rarely any one else here when we’ve visited.

Drive up to the end of the road and park up at the car park. On the left hand side you’ll see a green patch which has been laid down for the para-gliders. If you’re lucky you might see them at sunset which is honestly pretty amazing to watch.

If you go to the right of the car park, you’ll be able to find the Instagram lookout which is popular with local adventurers.

This is one of those places you wonder whether to tell people about about because it’s so special.

2. Hargraves Lookout

Just down the road from Blackheath Lookout is Hargraves Lookout, another one of our favourite Blue Mountains lookouts! I remember Steve bringing me here on my first visit to the mountains and it’s been a tradition to make sure we visit every single time we come here.

We’ve rarely seen anyone else at this magnificent lookout before. It’s the type of place which opens out onto a valley. On the left you’ll see the Hydro Majestic Hotel in the distance.

The beautiful thing about this lookout in Blue Mountains is the fact that you’ll feel like you’re right there in the middle of the valley. The silence is beyond noticeable and it makes you feel like you’ve found the ultimate hidden gem in the Blue Mountains.

3. Govetts Leap Lookout


Govetts Leap is actually one of the most popular Blue Mountains Lookouts. There’s a tourist centre here and loads of walking trails off it. You can drive right up to the lookout and take it all in. Govetts Leap is particularly an excellent place to watch the sunrise in Blue Mountains which we talk more about in our hiking weekend itinerary to Blue Mountains.

4. The Three Sisters at Echo Point

The most famous Blue Mountains lookouts is The Three Sisters at Echo Point. Obviously the way the mountain is shaped like three points is completely unique which makes it so popular to visit.

There’s a fantastic tourist centre at The Three Sisters so if you’re looking for some advice about things to do in Blue Mountains you can check with them there.

5. Anvil Lookout

Going completely off the map now with Anvil Lookout in Blue Mountains. We only found this one purely because we just happened to see a sign to it so we thought we would check it out.

The road isn’t the best to drive on to get to the Anvil Lookout but it’s totally doable in a normal car like we did. Once you reach the car park, it’s a five minute walk to the lookout which has a couple of steps up to the viewing platform.

To be honest, we were blown away by this Blue Mountains lookout. The silence is amazing here, and you feel like you’re completely away from it all. We were the only people at Anvil Lookout and it made us feel like we had found an amazing gem.

Plus, on a clear day like we had, we could actually see the Sydney skyline. How amazing is that? I couldn’t believe it!

6. Perry’s Lookdown


Although Perry’s Lookdown is a FREE campsite in Blue Mountains, it also offers up some incredible views and the Perry’s Lookdown lookout is pretty special. We found this one after going to check out Anvil Lookout.

7. Lincoln’s Rock

Lincoln’s Rock is popular Blue Mountains lookout for tour buses, wedding photos and adventurers. When you drive down to the lookout, you’ll wonder whether you’ve gone the right way because it looks like a residential area. If you’re lucky, you might spot a few kangaroos in the area too! At the end of the road you’ll find the car park and the viewing platform.

Lincoln’s Rock is a popular Instagram spot for people taking photos of themselves on the edge of the cliff. It’s not as scary as it looks but if you want a photo, just be very careful.

8. Evans Lookout

Evans Lookout is the reward for climbing back up the mountain on the Grand Canyon Walk. Good news is you can park up right next to the viewing platform so you don’t need to do the walk.

Although we do strongly recommend taking on the Grand Canyon Walk. It takes around 2.5 hours but it’s totally worth it as the scenery is incredible (you can read our post about it here). As the track takes you right down to the Gondwana Rainforest which is 40 million years old, you’ll spend the entire time in awe of the incredible beauty of one of THE best Blue Mountains walks!

9. Jamison Lookout Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls is an amazing Blue Mountains walk, even if an hour of walking down to the bottom doesn’t float your boat, there are plenty of lookout points near the car park and even a quarter of the way down.

It’s a very popular lookout point and walk in Blue Mountains so if you want to stay up by the car park, go to Jamison Lookout where you should be able to see part of Wentworth Falls from there.

10. Pulpit Rock Lookout

Pulpit Rock is the only Blue Mountains lookout mentioned in this post which requires a 5-10 minute walk to get to. It’s not a difficult walk but there are some steps along the way. But it’s totally worth venturing to because it’s one of the most incredible lookouts in Blue Mountains.

There’s a couple of levels and platforms to capture the lookout, if you’re brave enough venture down to the final staircase to the lower platform. I must admit, it took me a while to pluck up the courage to walk down it.

Don’t forget to watch our Blue Mountains lookouts video below!

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