Sparadise Japanese Bath House In Blue Mountains Review

Whether you’re looking for a Blue Mountains retreat, or a Blue Mountains spa to visit, make sure you visit the incredible Sparadise Japanese Bath House in Blue Mountains. When we visited a few years ago, we had no idea how amazing this romantic Sydney getaway really is.

I wondered how had I not heard about this Japanese Osen in Blue Mountains before? There didn’t seem to be too much written about it so I wanted to find out more which is why I was so shocked to find out how awesome it really is.

The entrance to Sparadise, Japanese Bath House

After postponing many times due to other commitments, I finally went to Sparadise retreat recently on a cold, beautiful Winters day. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting big things purely because I just couldn’t find many reviews on it. In the back of my mind I had a feeling it was going to be a Blue Mountains hidden gem, I just had no idea how much!

How Much?

You will be shocked to read on that this Japanese Bath House in Blue Mountains is just $80pp for use of the pools (not incl. tea rooms or massage).

The beautiful entrance to Sparadise Japanese Bath House

Sparadise is located near Lithgow in the Blue Mountains, right in the middle of the countryside and over looks Lake Lyell. It’s a 2 hour car trip out of Sydney and we drove up there on a Sunday and boy what a way to spend a Sunday afternoon it was.

They came to Lithgow over 15 years ago and used to be a private retreat consisting over just 2 pools. Fast forward and a huge makeover has been made with a total of 5 pools, a brand new tearooms, a massage room, a rest room, a Japanese zen garden and accommodation so you can make the most of a weekend.

And this isn’t the end of the makeover – I was told that over the next few months, more developments are yet to be made with private beauty treatment rooms, and private cave baths!


So where do they get the water from?

They use the mineral water which sits 300 metres underneath the property and they control the temperature so the water stays consistent. Because the mineral water contains calcium and iron, it’s really good for arthritis, gout and obviously a good old detox for the body.

When we arrived, we had to take our shoes off and leave them in the porch to walk through a beautiful pool of water. You’ll just have to roll up your pants a little but there’s a changing room if you need to take off tights. The water is only a couple of inches in height.


Picture from Sparadise’s Facebook to show you the foot bath on the way into the complex

We were then greeted by a lovely member of staff who gave us our own thongs (flip-flops!) to wear during our time there.  Just to note, all of the staff were incredibly professional and absolutely lovely to us.

We were then escorted through the absolutely stunning Japanese tea-rooms with tables made out of the most beautiful wood, before we were shown around the complex. If sitting in a Japanese Onsen isn’t your thing, then go to Sparadise purely for the tea-rooms.

My jaw was literally on the floor. Why hadn’t I heard about Sparadise before?

Don’t forget to watch our video at Sparadise Japanese Bath House!

When we walked through the tea rooms and onto the outside area, the view was incredible. 5 hot pools were dotted around the grounds with a beautiful zen garden in the middle and a view over looking the Lake Lyell was absolutely breathtaking!The amazing view out to Lake Lyell at Sparadise.

We couldn’t wait to explore this place, it honestly was amazing!

I went off to the ladies, changed into my swimmers and put my things into a locker and met The Aussie out in pool 1, a 38C hot pool. It felt so calming and we quickly realised this was by far the best Sunday activity we have ever done.The first pool near the changing rooms.

We then made a bee line over to the next pool, the hottest pool at 41C! Obviously it was hot and we spent about five minutes in there before we were escorted to the massage room.

The hottest pool at 41C

When walking into the massage room, it had a very beautiful, calming energy filled with stunning day beds. As we walked into the room, a couple were on their way out looking seriously relaxed, that we could see we were in for a treat, and boy it didn’t disappoint.

We were officially 100% relaxed and rejuvenated almost immediately after stepping foot into Sparadise!

Inside the massage building

We were given robes to wear afterwards which we lived in for the rest of the day. After the massage we were given probably the best tea I have ever tried, and I’m a tea person, being British and all!

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Unfortunately we didn’t have time to try out the tea rooms as we got there quite late and we were so immersed with the pools, we just couldn’t get out of them!Enjoying my tea in the day bed!

We still had a couple of pools to investigate so we headed over to the steam herbal bath which was the only indoor pool. When walking in, the room was filled with steam and it was so soothing being in there. There was also a cold pool indoors but we actually missed this one. The indoor herbal steam bath!

After a little while we headed over to another 38C pool outside and enjoyed the beauty of the complex. This one was a bit more open so you could see over to the garden and the view of the Lake. Another 38C pool!

And the final pools were my favourite, the cave baths!

Cave Baths at Sparadise

When we walked over to it, I couldn’t believe it as there were about 6 cone shaped baths with their own steps to get into them, fit for a King! These were my favourite as you could just sit and relax whilst looking out at the view of the lake. They were big enough to fit 1-2 people in them, it was perfect!

Is it busy at Sparadise Japanese Bath House?


What I really loved about the Japanese Bath House in Blue Mountains was the fact that they had  thought about the layout of the complex and how many people they accommodate at once.

They have two times to book, either the morning or afternoon session and will allow up to 49 people per session. I couldn’t believe this when they told me because it felt like there were about 10 people there whilst we were there (and it was full that day!).

The point is, it felt like we had the place to ourselves, it wasn’t over crowded and as someone who’s not 100% confident in a pair of swimmers, I felt much happier knowing there weren’t a lot of people around.

A heads up, make sure you book ahead because the likely hood of you just rocking up and paying on the door will mean you’re more than likely be turned away.

So book online or over the phone! Also, you can’t wear t-shirts in the pools, only swimmers, girls can also wear board shorts like men, but just keep this in mind, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy the pool.

How much does it cost to visit Sparadise?


To attend the spa, it’s just $80 per person for either the morning (11-2pm) or afternoon (2pm-5pm) session. That’s a total bargain for this place! Massages start from $100 per person but totally worth it!

To Stay the night at Sparadise, packages start from $720 a night for 2 people which includes multiple entries into the complex, twin share accommodation and 1 hour massage for 2.

When we arrived at the Japanese Bath House in Blue Mountains, I over heard every single person who were leaving the complex from the previous session, saying how it was amazing and a total bargain.

This place would be perfect for couples activities in Sydney, hen parties in Sydney or for friends wanting to chill out and catch up.

I honestly couldn’t recommend Sparadise anymore! You can thank me later for finding this gem!

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Japanese Bath House In Blue Mountains


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