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What Happens After You Apply For De Facto Visa To Australia?

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What happens after you apply for the de facto visa to Australia?

After the success of my post about How To Apply For The 820 Partner Visa To Australia, I know a lot of you are wondering what happens next? Here’s my story since applying for the partner visa.

The partner visa is split into two sections:

  1. The visa subclass 820 visa – temporary visa, part 1
  2. The visa subclass 801 visa – permanent visa, part 2

You have to apply for part 1, 820 visa first which I did on 1 May 2014.

Defacto Visa

Read the popular post on how to apply for part 1 – Subclass 820 partner visa here

As soon as I applied for Part 1, I went straight onto a Bridging Visa which gave me full working rights in Australia. I was sent confirmation of the bridging visa via email from Immigration. Anyone applying for Part 1 is automatically put onto the bridging visa whilst the application is awaiting approval.

For everything relating to The Bridging Visa, read more here

I was also sent confirmation from Immigration via email a few days after I posted the application off saying they had received it. I didn’t hear from them again until a year later at the end of April 2015 when I received an email saying my visa had been approved.

Then in February 2016 I received another email stating I was eligible to apply for part 2 –  the permanent 801 partner visa once my two years was up from the date I applied for the 820 visa. This means as of 1 May 2016 I could apply for the permanent visa. I am now in the process of doing this and will write another post detailing what I had to do in this application.

Read my Q&A for those of you applying for Part 1 – 820 partner visa here

Hope this helps! As always please comment below or send me a direct email here if you need any more help!

Just to also remind you all I do not work for Immigration, I am just another person who is going through the partner visa process and just sharing  my experience.

Need a migration agent? My go to is AUREC Migration & Mobility. Email them a question and they’ll give you some advice for FREE!

What Happens After You Apply For The De Facto Visa To Australia


  1. Hello. I just want to say thanks for putting up all the info about applying for the DeFacto Partner Visa was really helpful. I’ve heard different things from people regarding whether or not if you are aloud to work after you submit the Temporary subclass 820 visa while it is processing. Curious to know as I’m going to be applying in country and thought that I’d have to wait to work once the visa was processed.


  2. HI, I had applied for a partner VISa but outside Australia.. I haven´t heard a word from them… I know it takes time, but not even an email saying “something”
    I can see now that the easiest way would been applying directly from Australia , rather than outside OZ….
    Can you get e a bridging Visa if you apply outside Australia?
    Thank you for any answer that maybe clarify this hopeless endless waiting ;)))


  3. Hi Carolina, I don’t think you can get a bridging visa outside of Aus sorry! Have you emailed immigration to see what’s going on with your visa? How long ago did you apply? Best of luck!

  4. Can I apply for the 820 visa, right after I get to Australia with a tourist visa? Or is necessary to wait 2 months and 3 weeks using the tourist visa?

  5. Thanks for the information. I am an Australian hoping to move my family to Australia from Canada in the next 6 months. So my wife will be applying for the 820 visa when we get there. I know you said you could work on your bridging visa. However I have heard you both can and cannot on a bridging visa A. Was yours automatic or did you have to apply separately? Did you need to wait untill your tourist visa expired before the bridging visa kicked in or was it straight away? Do you also know if you would be eligible for Medicare on the bridging visa? Thanks

    1. Hi Nick, Once my tourist visa ended, the following day I automatically went onto a bridging visa which gave me full working right in Australia. If you’re unsure about anything, I strongly recommend contacting AUREC Migration & Mobility who will be able to answer your questions. Hope that helps!

  6. Hi Annie
    I am in the process of applying for my 820 visa which should go in the next couple of weeks. However I am pregnant and was just wondering if I am able to apply for maternity leave via centrelink when the baby arrives?
    I’ve been in Australia for over 3 years on a student visa and have paid all taxes to date.
    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

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