How To Spend A Weekend From Sydney Hiking In Blue Mountains

Looking to spend a weekend from Sydney in Blue Mountains hiking but not sure how to plan an itinerary?

We’ve been asked by our readers to write more Sydney itineraries so here’s what we would personally do when spending a hiking weekend from Sydney in Blue Mountains.

This guide is specifically for adventurers, so that means for anyone looking to do some hiking and exploring! The best thing about hiking is it’s FREE! So here’s a cheap weekend from Sydney!

If hiking isn’t your thing – don’t worry, we plan to write more guides on what to do in Blue Mountains for everyone soon!

When I first went up to Blue Mountains, I didn’t really get it. Seeing the Three Sisters and going for a walk down the main street didn’t really seem worth it. But, there’s SO much more to this magical area than you think.

With a huge variety of Blue Mountains walks on offer, plus lookouts, shops, cool cafes and so much more, you could easily spend weeks here and not get bored. Here’s how we’d spend a weekend getaways from Sydney in Blue Mountains.

Friday Night In Blue Mountains

The good news about finding a weekend from Sydney you’ll love, is that the Blue Mountains is just an 1h30m drive away. This means you can easily head up there after work on a Friday night.

Although you can get the train to Blue Mountains, we definitely recommend hiring a car in Sydney if you don’t have one. This gives you more freedom to reach the Blue Mountains hidden gems we mention in this post because you won’t be able to get public transport to them otherwise.

Where to stay in Blue Mountains

We recommend staying in Blue Mountains for two nights because there is just so much to see and do. This way you’re be able to experience one of the famous Blue Mountains sunrises and and sunsets, plus choose from many hikes and adventures. Even if you’re not up for hiking, there’s lots of other cool things to do in Blue Mountains.

Whilst there’s plenty of places to stay in Blue Mountains, we’ve chosen more of a hikers guide on accommodation options.

Friday Night Dinner

<em>Image via Leura Garage<em>

Once you’ve settled into your accommodation we recommend going to award winning Leura Garage for dinner. It’s a tapas bar which also serves up pizza and beers – the perfect casual dinner option!

Saturday Morning In Blue Mountains

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Start the morning early to capture the sunrise at either Three Sisters or Govetts Leap. Make the effort because there’s something that’s just so spectacular about seeing the sunrise in the Blue Mountains. It’s like the world just turns to stillness and you’re the lucky one who gets to witness the pure natural beauty of it.

Saturday Breakfast

Head over to Blackheath for breakfast at Anonymous Cafe who offer up a seasonal menu of local produce. Opt for the eggs and add the lot – it won’t disappoint!

Saturday Morning Activity

After breakfast, we recommend going on a little adventure to one of the Blue Mountains hikes below. Obviously there are so many Blue Mountains walks to recommend and if these don’t float your boat, check out our complete guide to hikes in Blue Mountains here.

Grand Canyon Walk in Blue Mountains

Time: 2.5 hours return
Distance: 6.3KM

The Grand Canyon Walk in Blue Mountains is one of THE best walks in Sydney. This Blue Mountains hike takes you right into the heart of the Gondwana rainforest. If you’re not aware, the Gondwana Rainforest is over 40 million years old. This fact in itself is an amazing experience.

As you descend into various terrains, when you head down into the rainforest, you’ll walk side by side along the canyon. It’s a spectacular walk and completely worth doing. We saw families on this hike but personally I wouldn’t take young kids as it will take a lot longer to complete.

Or Hanging Rock to Baltzer Lookout

Time: 2 hour return
Distance: 10KM return

The Hanging Rock walk in Blue Mountains is a great alternative to the Grand Canyon walk. Although it’s slightly further, the track is much easier to walk to Hanging Rock as it’s relatively flat.

And although the walk to Baltzer Lookout is not as exciting as Grand Canyon Walk, the views at the end of the walk make up for it.

There’s something really special about the Baltzer Lookout in Blue Mountains. When you reach it, I don’t think anything will prepare you for how beautiful it really is. The valley completely opens up and it’s really spectacular. Just be very careful and don’t try to get an Instagram image at the end of the lookout – it’s incredibly dangerous.

Saturday Afternoon in Blue Mountains

Saturday lunch in Blue Mountains

Images via: Blackheath General Store & Cafe Instagram.

Head back over to Blackheath and go to Blackheath General Store & Cafe for a hearty lunch. They do some excellent soups and stews you need to try. This will be well worth it after your hike to Hanging Rock or the Grand Canyon Walk!

Saturday afternoon activity in Blue Mountains

After lunch, it’s time to go and check out some of the best lookouts in Blue Mountains. Here are some of our favourites which are all close to each other.

Pulpit Rock Lookout

Pulpit Rock Lookout takes 5 minutes from the carpark to reach and it’s one of the best Blue Mountains lookouts you will ever see! Will you be brave enough to walk the staircase down to the lookout? It took me a while to build up the courage!

Anvil Lookout

Then head over to Anvil Lookout which is a beautiful and secluded lookout in Blue Mountains. The cool thing about this one is you can actually see the Sydney skyline from here. It’s a stunning lookout and makes you feel like you’ve found a real hidden gem in Blue Mountains.

Govetts Leap Lookout

Then head over to Govetts Leap Lookout if you didn’t go there for sunrise. It’s a famous lookout complete with a tourist centre but there’s a reason why. It’s a beautiful lookout which is a must see in Blue Mountains.

Hargraves Lookout


Hargraves Lookout is one of our absolutely favourite lookouts in Blue Mountains. It’s one of those spots we have to visit every single time we go to Blue Mountains. Plus we’ve rarely seen anyone else there when we’ve visited, making it extra special!

Watch The Sunset At Blackheath Lookout

You should definitely head over to Blackheath Lookout for sunset in Blue Mountains. The view is spectacular and overlooks a beautiful valley. You might even see some of the para-gliders taking off from there too. It’s an amazing spot you’ll want to photograph loads.

Saturday Night Dinner In Blue Mountains

After you’ve had a day of hiking and checking out loads of awesome lookouts, head over to Aunty Ed’s in Katoomba for dinner.

Aunty Ed’s is a really cool, retro diner based in the heart of Katoomba. They offer up dishes like burgers and salads and the cocktails are incredible. Opt for the warm apple cider – it’s bloomin brilliant!

If you’re lucky, you’ll be treated to some live music in the restaurant by local musicians!

Sunday Morning In Blue Mountains

On Sunday you’ll be getting ready to head back to Sydney. But before you do, there’s still plenty of activities for the day to keep you going.

Sunday Breakfast In Leura

We recommend popping over to Leura Cafe & Deli for breakfast on Sunday. They serve up classic options like museli and a full English breakfast! But what’s great about this cafe is the view out the back!

Sunday Morning Activity

Hike to Wentworth Falls

Time: 2 hours return
Distance: 5KM return

We’ve given you two options for your Sunday activity.

For those looking to do another awesome walk with incredible views, Wentworth Falls is the go to.

This incredible walk takes you around the cliffs and right down to the bottom of the magnificent falls. The funny thing is, although the start of the walk is busy, by the time you walk past the first set of the waterfalls, you’ll most likely get the whole path to yourself. I think a lot of people assume they’ve made it to the bottom whereas they haven’t.

The metal staircases aren’t for the lighthearted. Just saying!

Or Canyoning down Empress Falls

If you’re looking to do something a bit more adventurous, go on a canyoning trip down Empress Falls. There are loads of amazing canyons in Blue Mountains to discover but if you’re new to canyoning and looking to do a tour, then Empress Falls is the best place to start.

This Empress Falls half day tour takes you on an amazing three hour adventure whilst you walk through the canyon to the pièce de résistance at the end and abseil down the 30 metre Empress Falls. You’ll be buzzing for the whole week afterwards!

Sunday lunch at Red Door Cafe in Leura

After you’ve either finished the Wentworth Falls walk or the Empress Falls Canyoning, head over to Leura for lunch at Red Door Cafe for a healthy lunch.

Sunday Afternoon Lookout

As you make your way back to Sydney, stop off at Lincoln’s Rock and get yourself a cracking photo at one of the best lookouts in Blue Mountains!

And that my friends is your itinerary to an amazing weekend from Sydney in the Blue Mountains for adventurers!

Don’t forget to watch our Blue Mountains Video!

Weekend From Sydney In Blue Mountains


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