36 Best Fun Date Ideas In Sydney To Impress 2024 Guide

Looking for new and exciting fun date ideas in Sydney which don’t include an awkward dinner date? I’ve searched high and low to find some beautiful unique places to visit in Sydney to inspire your next date!

You’ll find everything from cheap date ideas in Sydney, to anniversary date ideas in Sydney and of course date night ideas in this post. Even if you’re just looking for quirky date ideas or first date night ideas, get ready to reinvigorate a great date night out, all mentions are from my own personal experience!

We’ll also share lots of other romantic ideas you need to know about like where to propose and where to find an amazing engagement ring designer we personally used and so have plenty of our readers because she’s that good (wink wink, nudge nudge!).

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1. Book a breakfast date with real koalas included


Could a breakfast date be anymore Australian? WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo in Darling Harbour (next to the Sea Life Centre) have opened the doors again to their popular Breakfast With Koalas Experience.

Enjoy a hot breakfast while watching the cute koalas being fed. You’ll get a photo with the koalas and best of all, you’ll have the zoo to yourself before the crowds turn up for opening hours. This honestly has to be one of the best quirky date ideas in Sydney, especially if it’s a first date!

2. Go On A Unique Sydney Crime Tour


It might not sound like your average date idea in Sydney, but I’m sure crime podcast lovers will love this great date idea. Book a Sydney Crime Tour which is a really popular for our fun date ideas in Sydney!

Expect to be taken around The Rocks in Sydney on a 90 minute tour as you’ll discover some of Sydney’s most unexpected crimes and history which will leave you totally shocked!

3. Sail into the sunset on a Tall Ships Cruise in Sydney


Forget a lazy evening organising drinks at a bar, and enjoy a truly unique night by sailing along the harbour and Sydney Opera House by booking this Sydney Tall Ships Twilight Cruise.

In my experience, this cruise is still to this day (11 years on) one of the best things I’ve done in Sydney. It was a real pinch me moment to be away from the city chaos and be able to sit back and enjoy the sunset especially on a warm summer’s evening. Honestly, you won’t regret it!

4. Book an affordable romantic picnic for 2


If you’re looking to impress, why not let someone else do the organising for you with a beautiful romantic picnic in Kirribilli? Watch the sun go down over Sydney Harbour Bridge and relax with fairy lights to make it extra special when you book this picnic for two.

Tip! If you are looking to propose sometime soon, check out our guide for Where To Propose In Sydney.

5. Go on an adventure to find the secret glow worms


Feeling a little adventurous and love the idea of doing something totally different? Why not book a Secret Glow Worms Tour which is a four hour small group tour which will pick you up in Sydney and take you to a cave in the Blue Mountains to spot glow worms.

If you’ve not seen them before, honestly put this on your list – it’s an incredible experience and a great idea to get you talking!

6. Hire a double kayak and find secret beaches


Love the idea of kayaking but actually don’t want to do the leg work (or arm work!)? We hear you! Book a double kayak hire in Manly and go exploring some of the secret beaches you can’t get to by foot. Just imagine doing this on a beautiful morning in Summer with the water sparkling and a date vibe that will set you off on the right track for the weekend! Bliss!

7. Declare your love by doing a skydive together


So, now we’re getting onto the super adventurous date ideas for an amazing experience and bucket list item by going sky diving in Sydney. This is not your average date idea, but then again, do you want to be average? Thought not.

It might not be one of the most romantic things to do in Sydney, but it will certainly be a memorable date in Sydney that’ll get the heart racing for sure! Book your skydiving in Sydney here and enjoy this special occasion together.

8. Or maybe try skydiving indoors first!


If jumping out of a plane is a little too much for you to get your head around, why not book a skydiving indoors experience first?

We have personally done this experience (you can read our Indoor Skydiving Review) but it’s so much fun and such a laugh with your date. We were buzzing after we went and felt on a high all day after the adrenaline rush!

9. Bring out your adventurous side


Love The Amazing Race? Well, here’s your chance to compete in a similar game at your own pace with Adventure Clues. You’ll not only be able to race to the top of the leaderboard, you’ll also discover loads of hidden gems in Sydney. Did I mention it’s super budget friendly too?!

Adventure Clues is a cryptic self-guided scavenger hunt game in Sydney as well as a popular date idea in Sydney. You’ll have the chance to stop off at loads of awesome hidden bars in the city.

There’s three different trails to choose from; Secret SydneyBloomin’ Botanic Gardens and Unlock The Rocks. Which one will you choose?

Here’s a chance for you and your date to have a laugh and work together to reach the top of the leaderboard.

10. Wine tasting in Sydney + cheese of course!

If you really need to break the ice, go on a wine tasting tour at Urban Winery in Sydney next door to Centennial Park. You know what’s great about it? You’ll get six glasses of wine in one hour. That’s right. SIX. If that doesn’t break the ice then I don’t know what will!

11. Learn about new cultures in a Unique Food Tour


Try something completely different and book a foodies tour around some of the newest refugee communities in Australia. If you love exploring new cultures then this could be one of the best fun date ideas in Sydney to consider.

Expect to try amazing food from Afghanistan, Syria and Turkey. This three and a half hour tour starts in Merrylands, near Parramatta but it certainly makes a change from a romantic dinner at a stale restaurant in the city!

12. Enjoy a pottery class in Sydney together


Not only are the Beginners Pottery Classes in Sydney completely therapeutic, you’ll feel much closer to your loved one when you’re doing something out of your comfort zone while spending quality time together.

Take a pottery lesson in Sydney and you’ll not only come away with a brand new skill, you’ll share the memories of the class everyday when you use your very own homemade mugs, bowls and vases.

13. Show off your arty side


It’s oh so like The Bachelor – a classic boozy art class! Get ready to impress with your best painting skills with a classic paint & sip class for a fun night out. It’s a brilliant first dates idea in Sydney to help you break the ice while you casually and mindfully paint the same picture in your own unique way.

I have done a paint & sip class before and it’s not even close to being intimidating. Sip on your favourite beer or wine and enjoy chatting away before being gob-smacked at how everyone has interpreted the same picture in a completely different way. With loads of classes and Sydney locations to choose from, book your Paint & Sip Class here.

14. Check out the best art galleries in Sydney


Most people will have heard about the MCA or Art Gallery of NSW, but what about the rest? There are so many amazing art galleries in Sydney, so we’re here to show you our favourites.

We recommend checking out our popular guide for the Best Art Galleries In Sydney so you can spend a beautiful afternoon at the weekend wondering around and feeling inspired by some of the best art in Australia. Expect to read about contemporary art galleries such as White Rabbit Gallery and art gallery studio called the Brett Whitely Studio.

15. Best gay bars in Sydney


I know we weren’t going to add in many Sydney restaurants or bars, but if you’re new to Sydney and looking for a gay bar to spend the evening, then look no further! Our guides are inclusive for everyone so this guide isn’t just for straight couples.

Our writer Amii is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and is sharing her favourite bars you need to check out. Read them in our 12 Best Gay Bars In Sydney Guide.

16. Check out the amazing antique shops in Sydney


One of the best fun date ideas in Sydney is checking out the amazing antique shops in Sydney! Head over to either Mitchell Road Antiques, Lunatiques or The Design Ark in Randwick and you could easily spend hours checking out some amazing vintage finds! You can read all about them in our guide, 10 Best Antique Shops In Sydney.

17. Relax At A Japanese Bath House

One of the best fun date ideas in Sydney you must tick off your list, is the Japanese Bath House in Blue Mountains. It’s really inexpensive, plus you can stay in the accommodation at the bath house if you wish. We were blown away by the amazing hidden gem we found in Blue Mountains and couldn’t think of a better date idea in Sydney if we tried!

Check out our Japanese Bath House In Blue Mountains Review and watch our video above!

18. Go for a drive to one of the best day trips from Sydney


If you need a break from city life, you’ll love our ultimate 30 Best Day Trips From Sydney guide. Expect to find everything for an epic day trip including: what to do in Palm Beach, why you need to visit the gorgeous Pearl Beach, hikes in Royal National Park and so much more!

19. Build a terrarium in Sydney

Looking for fun things to do in Sydney for couples? Why not try something completely different and learn how to build a terrarium? This is a great way to break the ice without feeling too awkward. Choose from various terrarium classes in Sydney, and you won’t only be supporting local Artists, 5% of your booking goes to Dementia Australia.

20. Watch the sunrise in Bondi


If you’re looking for fun date ideas in Sydney, try something really simple and watch the sunrise in Bondi Beach. Honestly, it’s an amazing and free romantic date idea in Sydney which you’ll love. Simply walk along the Bondi to Bronte walk and you’ll find some quieter spots to enjoy the sun rising over the ocean.

Check out some of our Bondi guides for more inspiration:

17 Amazing Places To Eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner In Bondi

Everything You Need To Know About The Bondi To Manly Walk

The Ultimate Guide For The Best Things To Do In Bondi Beach

21. Take your loved one to Europe for the night in Sydney


If you’re missing Europe right now, let us bring a romantic dinner to you. We’ve got a fabulous guide for the Best European Restaurants In Sydney which include dining in an old school Italian restaurant for a sit down meal, eating at a Hungarian restaurant and blink and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported there.

22. Catch dinner & a movie at Govindas

Govindas in Darlinghurst is a bit of an institution and has been operating for over 40 years! Serving up an authentic vegetarian Indian buffet, get a cheap dinner before heading into their small screen cinema to watch a latest movie release.

23. Cycle around Centennial Park

Did you know you can hire bikes in Centennial Park? Feel like you’re escaping the city and bring your date for a peaceful cycle around the park. You can stop off at one of the many restaurants located in the park for a spot of lunch if you like.

24. Go on a classic English date


Speaking of England, we cannot talk about fun date ideas in Sydney without mentioning a good old British twist!

Check out our guide for the Best British Sunday Roast In Sydney to start your date comparing Yorkshire puddings before pub hopping along some of the Best English pubs in Sydney. And yes, this site definitely has your go to guide for the 15 Best English Pubs In Sydney you need to check out!

25. Cinemas in Sydney


Cosy up at some of the most beautiful cinemas in Sydney and opt away from the major giants like Event Cinemas. You can check out our guide for the 23 Best Unique Cinemas In Sydney which include our favourite which is the Hayden Orpheum In Cremorne. It’s a stunning theatre you have to make the effort to go to!

26. Go on a Sydney hike together


Do cute date ideas look like a day of hiking to you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found some of the most amazing Sydney walks you need to check out which you can read in our guide, 18 Best Hikes In Sydney – all of which we have personally done ourselves. Is your favourite walk included in this list?

27. Go indoor rock climbing in St Leonards


Indoor rock climbing in St Leonards is definitely a new date idea in Sydney to consider! We’ve been to Climb Fit and loved how massive it is! It’s a great way to gain trust with your date as you need to team up and do this experience in twos. If you really enjoy it, consider a four week course to take part in together.

28. Float away at a city cave


One of our personal favourite couple things to do in Sydney is to literally float away at a City Cave. If you’ve not experienced it yet, you can book a couples float tank where you turn the lights off and literally just float for an hour. When your time is up, you’ll feel so relaxed, it’s an amazing way to end a weekend after experiencing the best first date ideas so far.

29. Look up at the stars at Sydney Observatory

I remember us going to Sydney Observatory and thinking how amazing it really is. It’s got to be one of the most romantic date ideas in Sydney! You’ll learn all about the stars and go into Australia’s most accessible telescope domes.

31. Bring your pooch and find the best dog parks in Sydney


Dating an animal lover? Impress them by discovering our guide for the Best Dog Parks In Sydney. If you go for a walk, you’ll more likely to break the ice, especially with a cute pooch in the mix for one of the easiest best date ideas.

32. Spend the day axe throwing in Sydney


Looking for a brilliantly unique date night idea? Book yourself into an axe throwing session with Maniax who conveniently have a brewery next door. Just head to the brewery after you’re done with axe throwing though! But, you can lovingly bring out your competitive side and have a real laugh here on one of the best quirky date ideas!

33. Go on a breakfast date at some of the best cafes in Sydney


It doesn’t have to all be about the date night! Think of a breakfast date, especially when you read our guide for the Best Breakfast In Sydney! Think of the best places to grab brekkie in Surry Hills, Darling Harbour and even places with Sydney Opera House views and Sydney Harbour Bridge views.

After breakfast, choose from the plenty of options in this guide to make a real day of it!

34. Have some craic at the best Irish bars in Sydney


Fancy a laugh and some live music in the pub to break the ice? Luckily for you, social media influencer, A County Down Under shares her favourite bars in our guide 10 Best Irish Pubs In Sydney. Think properly authentic Irish bars, and bars you may not even know bring in a massive Irish crowd on the weekend (we’re not just talking about the Tea Gardens!)

35. Spend the day at the Royal Botanic Gardens


You can’t go wrong with walking around the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney CBD which would make it a simple date idea. Bring a picnic with you, and enjoy a gorgeous afternoon with your toes between the grass.

Have a walk around The Calyx which is one of the top attractions in Sydney before walking along Sydney Harbour and over to Sydney Opera House for Sydney Harbour Bridge views.

36. Discover the secret gardens in Sydney


Want to find a few hidden gems in Sydney? You might not be aware, but there’s a few secret gardens you should check out with your date in hand. One of our favourites and maybe not so secret garden these days is Wendy’s Secret Garden which is a homage to her late husband, Brett Whitely (of the artist we mentioned earlier).

After you’ve finished your walk, why not pop by Luna Park for a fun date on the ferris wheel? You can’t go wrong with a romantic ride overlooking Sydney Opera House making it a certainly memorable date, and one of the best romantic date ideas in Sydney!

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