27 Beautiful Things To Do In Sydney At Night (For Couples)

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Looking for things to do in Sydney at night? Whilst there’s plenty of couples things to do in Sydney during the daytime, finding things to do in Sydney at night with your loved one might take a bit more creativity. Whilst we have the beach and the great outdoors to keep us busy, there’s more to Sydney nightlife than what you might think!

After our popular fun date ideas in Sydney post, hopefully we’ll inspire you to with some more things to do in Sydney at night:)

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1. Go On A Secret Sydney Pub Crawl


We love the secret bar crawl with Aussie You Tours. 

Looking to explore a Sydney night life tour? There are loads of fun tours you can jump on which are brilliant if you’re a solo traveller in Sydney.

Our top pick!

For couples and anyone who prefers joining a small tour of no more than 12 people, is with Aussie You Tours. This is a fab idea if you’re looking to find some of the awesome secret bars in Sydney around the Darlinghurst and Surry Hills area on Thursdays and Saturdays and in the CBD during the week.

They also include local stories about the bars as well so it’s more than just going from bar to bar. They get a lot of solo travellers, first daters and couples on this tour run by a local Australian for people mainly between 25-40. This is an awesome way for locals and travellers to meet new people.

For craft brewery lovers

For those who are genuinely interested in the craft breweries – because there are a lot – check out this Craft Brewery Tour which will take you around some of the best craft breweries in Sydney.

2. Experience A Sydney Helicopter Night Flight


Just imagine what it would be like at night time with all of the buildings lit up with Sydney Heli Tours? Impress your loved on with a beautiful night flight in Sydney. It would be the perfect way to see events like Vivid Sydney and would make a fantastic proposal too!

This is an experience you truely won’t forget and would make one of the best romantic things to do in Sydney at night!

Check availability HERE >

3. Bring Out Your Inner Artist (with vino of course)


If you’ve not been to one of the painting nights in Sydney yet, here’s your chance. You’ve got two options to take part in a fun paint & sip class in Sydney. Either head over to the Ivanhoe Hotel in Manly, or to Stacks Bar & Restaurant in Darling Harbour. Paint & Sip classes make a brilliant date night in Sydney because it’s all about having fun and not taking it too seriously.

The Ivanhoe Hotel in Manly run a 2 hour class from 7pm-9pm where you’ll all learn how to paint a masterpiece from one of the most famous paintings in history.

You don’t need to bring anything as all materials are provided. But you must be 18 or over to take part in this fun night out.

Check availability at Ivanhoe Hotel here >

If you don’t fancy going all the way over to Manly, Stacks Bar & Restaurant in Darling Harbour also offer up a similar class whereby you’ll get to paint Van Gough’s famous Starry Sky.

It runs from 7:30-9:30pm, perfect for something to do during the week in Sydney.

Click here to check availability at Stacks Bar >

4. A Romantic Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb At Sunset


You know, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is something EVERYONE needs to do in their life. Having climbed it twice now, I’d happily do it again. You know why? It’s because it gives you one of those “I’m actually standing on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge” moments. There’s really nothing quite like it.

There’s multiple times to do Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb but we recommend going for the twilight time. This is because you’ll go up as the sun’s setting, be able to watch the sunset – did we mention Sydney Harbour have some cracking sunsets? – and you’ll get to come back down in the dark when the city lights up.

This is one of the best romantic things to do in Sydney and it’s no wonder many people end up dropping on one knee when they go up there with their loved ones!

Honestly just do it. 

Check for availability here

5. Eat With The Best Views In Sydney


800ft – that’s 92 stories – above the city sits Sydney Tower, one of the most iconic buildings in Sydney which is also known as the Westfield Tower.

This is a great activity for couples and best of all, it costs from $29 to see the city from the top of Sydney Tower.

Click here to book your admission to Sydney Tower >

If you decide to explore it in the day time, go up on a clear day and you might be able to see the Blue Mountains from there. We have indeed been able to see the Sydney skyline, especially the Sydney Tower from Anvil Lookout in Blue Mountains!

But if you decide to go up to the Sydney Tower at night time, it certainly creates an extra special moment. Honestly, I’m a total sucker for city lights.

Make sure you check out the Revolving Buffet Restaurant in Sydney Tower which costs just $60 per person – a total bargain. We went on my 30th birthday and had a great time.

Check availability here

6. Romantic Sydney Harbour Sunset Cruise


One of my favourite things I’ve ever done in Sydney was go on a Sydney Harbour Tall Ships Cruise. We went on a huge pirate ship, had loads of space to walk around it, cruised on up the harbour whilst we drank too much wine and ate all of the canapes being served up.

After two and a half hours, we sailed back into Circular Quay and watched all the lights sparkle around us. I got off that boat and will always remember it being one of my favourite moments living in Sydney.

Check here to book your Sydney Harbour Tall Ships cruise >

If you’re looking for something extra special to do in Sydney – like ideas on where to propose in Sydney – check out this private tour. Honestly, it looks awesome and comes with a seafood dinner!

Want to do another sunset cruise around Sydney?

Find the best sunset cruises around Sydney Harbour here >

And if you’re totally strapped for cash, jump on the Manly Ferry to see the sunset with a thousand other people too 😉

7. Finally go to see an actual performance at the Sydney Opera House


I wonder how many of you have actually been inside the Sydney Opera House? I know I was guilty of it for ages until I had an excuse and booked tickets to finally go and see a performance. If you’re looking for romantic things to do in Sydney at night, look no further. You must go and see a performance at the Sydney Opera House!

There are so many tours to choose but which one is best for you?

If you’re looking to go to see a performance with no bells or whistles on, then check out THIS TOUR.

If you want to go all out and have dinner at Bennelong – our favourite restaurant in Sydney which is located inside one of the Sydney Opera House sails – go on a guided tour of Sydney Opera House and get some of the best seating to watch one of the exclusive performances, then THIS TOUR is for you.

8. Fun Sydney Crime Tour Around The Rocks


Looking for fun things to do in Sydney that also involve learning a bit about the city? Learn about Sydney’s dark past in this popular 90 minute Sydney crime tour around The Rocks.

Check availability here

9. Hang Out In The Best British Pubs In Sydney


There are some fab British pubs in Sydney, so if you’re looking for a pub with a bit of character, head over to The Duke Of Clarence or The Lord Dudley. The Duke Of Clarence was actually an old pub in England which was shipped bit by bit and rebuilt in Sydney! How cool is that?

There are loads of fun bars in Sydney to go to as well. If you just head over to the York St, Clarence St and Kent St areas in Sydney CBD, you’ll find loads of hidden bars. Some of the classics include The Barber Shop, The Swinging Cat, Since I Left You and of course the famous The Baxter Inn next door to The Duke Of Clarence.

10. Go Watch A Brilliant Aussie Comedy Show


If you’re looking for a cheap night out in Sydney then check out THIS stand up comedy show in Kings Cross – I doubt you’ll find a better night of comedy! Comedy nights are a fun way to spend a romantic evening with your partner in Sydney!

11. Go On A Sydney Sunset Photography Tour

The weather in Sydney is like no other I’ve seen in the world. We’ve seen clouds that literally look like they’re UFO’s to having witnessed the best sunset I’ve ever seen.

Want to find the best places to capture a Sydney sunset?

You’ll find the best photography spots in Sydney to capture the real beauty of it with a professional local photographer.

But which photography is the right tour for you?

Want to go on an Instragram sunset tour in Sydney? Check out THIS awesome small tour which includes wine and cheese and takes you to the beautiful Lavender Bay – a local’s hidden gem and one of our favourite places in Sydney!

Want to go on a professional photography tour with your DSLR? Check out THIS tour.

Or would you prefer to go on a private night photography tour around Sydney? Here you’ll learn all about the best spots in Sydney to take photos of. Check out THIS tour.

12. Go watch the cult classic The Room at The Hayden Orpheum 

things to do in Sydney at night

Check out our review of The Room and Radio Cairo here >

If you’ve not heard about The Room yet, you should. The cult classic is known as being The Best Worst Movie Ever Made, has been running on the 1st Friday of every month at The Hayden Orpheum in Cremorne for over 7 years now.

This immersive cinema event is honestly like no other. The majority of the audience has probably seen the movie before, if not a lot because everyone shouts out the script, throws plastic spoons at the screen and you’ll see a rugby ball being thrown around during the movie. Sounds random? It is, but you’ll get the references when you’re there in person.

We had so much fun at this event that we went back again to watch it. Still no idea what I’m talking about? James Franco recently made a movie about The Room here.

Also, make sure you pop over the road to Radio Cairo as the food there is delicious – but book in advance yeah? They get super busy because it’s that good.

If The Room isn’t your thing, make the effort to go to The Hayden Orpheum, it’s absolutely beautiful – an Art Deco delight.

Click here to read our review of The Room and Radio Cairo >

Watch what The Hayden Orpheum guests had to say about The Room below. 

13. Check out Spice Alley for a cheap dinner


If you’re looking for cheap restaurants in Sydney, go check out Spice Alley which is located just a seven minute walk from Central Station in Chippendale. Here you’ll be able to eat some of the best Asian food in Sydney for less than $15 pp. I loved the ramen at Kyoto.

14. Find our secret spot for a sunset picnic


I must admit, our favourite hang out around Sydney Harbour is on the Tarpeian Precinct Lawn which is located right about the Opera Bar. You know why we love it so much? You’ll be able to hear the music from Opera Bar without paying the price for the cocktails.

Bring a picnic blanket and a bottle of vino and sit back and watch the sunset over the Sydney Harbour Bridge for free – and without the crowds.

15. Go to the outdoor cinemas in Sydney


There are loads of awesome outdoor cinemas popping up all over the place in Sydney during the Summer time.

Most of the outdoor cinemas in Sydney start at the end of November and finish around March time.

Our favourite is the West Pac Open Air Cinema at Mrs Macquarie’s Point. This must honestly be THE best cinema in the world!

Others to consider include the Moonlight Cinema at Centennial Park, Sunset Cinema in North Sydney, the American Express Open Air Cinema in Bondi and the novelty Skyline drive in cinema at Blacktown.

Just make sure you book your tickets in advance.

16. Get An Unlimited Rides Pass At Luna Park


There’s nothing like going to Luna Park at night time in Sydney. Being able to see Sydney lit up at night whilst on the ferris wheel is about as romantic as it gets!

Go for a walk along the Harbour afterwards and finish the night at either Ripples, Sails or even the swankiest RSL in Sydney at the Kirribilli Club.

Book your unlimited rides pass at Luna Park here >

17. Visit Sydney’s best galleries at night

Did you know two of the biggest galleries in Sydney have late night passes? Art Gallery of NSW is open on Wednesdays after hours. Check here to find out what’s on.

The MCA is also open late on Wednesdays until 9pm for anyone who struggles to visit during work hours. The cool thing about the MCA is they have loads of awesome events on from sketch club to music on the brilliant rooftop. If you’ve not been to the MCA rooftop, make the effort to visit as the cafe is brilliant and so is the view. Check here to find out what’s on at the MCA.

18. Go Late night shopping on Thursdays in Sydney CBD


If you’re new to Sydney, Thursday night is late night shopping night in the CBD. This means all of the shops are open until 9pm. It baffles me how most shops close by 6pm in the week.

19. Visit Botanic Gardens until 8pm during the Summer

things to do in Sydney at night

Although there are free tours ran by volunteers each morning at The Royal Botanic Gardens, did you know during the summer the gates stay open later? From November to February you can explore the Royal Botanic Gardens until around 8pm.

Find out more about the Royal Botanic Gardens here.

20. Go to China Town night markets


If you’re a bit overwhelmed with where to eat in China Town in Sydney, check out the China Town Night Market on Friday nights. It’s located on the appropriately named Little Eat Street.

Find out more about the China Town Night Markets here.

21. Explore the fun things to do in Sydney

There’s quite a few fun things to do in Sydney which you need to know about.

Firstly check out the best Escape Rooms in Sydney right here.

Next up, if you’ve not been to Holy Moly yet, put it on your list. It’s a crazy golf themed bar. I know.

Love to sing? Check out Goros a karaoke joint in Surry Hills – behind Central Station –  which is open really late. The best thing is you don’t need to pay for the karaoke room. But they offer up loads of Asian food and drinks until the early hours of the morning. Check out Goros here.

22. Don’t forget the Darling Harbour Saturday night fireworks


Visiting Sydney for the first time and looking for things to do? The Darling Harbour Saturday night fireworks is a must visit.

Best of all, Darling Harbour has really become quite a place to visit in recent times. There’s an awesome kids playground there – dare I say it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen!

Also walk right around to the newly built Barangaroo. Architecturally alone, you should just visit to check out the buildings. There’s loads of amazing restaurants in the area too.

The fireworks take place around 9pm every Saturday. Find out more about it here.

23. Have Dinner At The Potting Shed

things to do in Sydney at night

The Grounds is one of the most popular cafes in Sydney and has Instagram written all over it. Seriously, you could spend the day here taking photos to fill up your Insta feed for the next month!

But inside the complex is The Potting Shed, a beautiful restaurant that you need to visit at night time. Honestly, you’ll think Christmas has arrived early.

24. Have a drink at The Oaks

things to do in Sydney at night

The Oaks in Neutral Bay is home to one of THE best beer gardens in Sydney. When we lived in the area, we used to go there a lot because it honestly just reminded me of Christmas. The lights wrapped around the huge oak tree is just incredible. It’s a sight to be seen 😉

If you’re looking for somewhere to have dinner in Sydney at night with a cracking view of Sydney Harbour, check out Cafe Sydney. It’s an awesome restaurant and not badly priced!

25. Watch jazz and play boardgames – yes really!

If you’re looking for things to do in Sydney on a Monday night, then you absolutely must check out Venue 505 on Cleveland Street in Surry Hills. Not only will you be able to watch some great live jazz bands but you’ll also be able to play board games at the same time. Random I know, but we love the idea of unusual things to do in Sydney like this!

Bring your own board games and even instruments – they encourage the audience to join in with the bands!

26. Go To Vivid Festival


If you’re visiting Sydney at the end of Spring, make sure you check out Vivid Festival. It’s one of the biggest events in the Sydney calendar when Sydney truely comes alive. The best way to see Vivid is on a cruise around Sydney Harbour and we loved THIS cruise when we visited.

Check availability for the Vivid cruise here >

27. A Romantic New Years Eve cruise


If there’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do in Sydney on New Year’s Eve, it’s to get myself on a cruise. This is honestly the best way to see the Sydney Harbour fireworks which are known as the best in the world.

If I had to go on one boat when spending New Years Eve in Sydney, I’d go on the glass boat because you’ll have an uninterrupted view. Check out THIS New Year’s Eve package on the Glass Boat – it includes all your drinks and food too 🙂

Looking for a Sydney hotel with a cracking view?

If you’re wondering what are the best hotels in Sydney with a Sydney Harbour View, here’s our top picks!

High end Sydney accommodation: Park Hyatt

Approx. $1000 a night

Park Hyatt is known as THE best Sydney Harbour view hotel, even the best city hotel in the whole of Australia. Just wait til you see the pool.

Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travellers have to say at TripAdvisor >

Check here for availability >

Mid range Sydney accommodation: Intercontinental Sydney

Approx. $270-$500 a night

The Intercontinental Sydney is one of the best hotels in Sydney with a cracking view of Sydney Harbour. Honestly, you’ll want to stay at this gorgeous hotel.

Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travellers have to say at TripAdvisor >

Check here for availability >

Cheap Sydney accommodation: Sydney Harbour YHA

Approx $30 – $130 a night

We’ve stayed at Sydney Harbour YHA and it’s awesome. We stayed in a double ensuite and had direct views of Sydney Opera House from our room. Best of all is the massive rooftop. Honestly, you won’t want to leave.

Want to read our review first? Read it HERE.

Check here for availability >

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