I Found The Best Engagement Rings In Sydney At Bert Jewellery

Wondering where to buy engagement rings in Sydney? Or even Australian engagement rings in general? We’re so glad we found Bert Jewellery because they went well above any expectations, and designed a custom made engagement ring in Sydney for me!

Don’t go thinking a custom engagement ring will cost a fortune either, Bert Jewellery cater for all budgets.

I’m writing this post to purely help anyone looking for a jewellers in Sydney. Also this is for anyone looking for a unique engagement ring, something that’s a one of a kind!

This post is written from my personal experience and I hope this might help some of you looking to find the perfect Sydney engagement rings, rather than go searching for a long time like we did.

Just to note, this article is not sponsored and we didn’t partner up with the jewellers. In fact, Bert Jewellery had no idea we were going to write this article! We have just written it to help you find the perfect engagement ring like we did!

Why It’s Taken Us Ages To Find The Best Engagement Rings In Sydney

It’s a bit of a long story but I’ll keep it short. When Steve proposed to me in New York whilst we were travelling around the world, he got a stand in ring so he wouldn’t have to carry it around. I think we both would have had the fear of losing it whilst we were travelling around various countries at the time.

We knew someone back in England who worked as an auctioneer and she always told us to go through her when buying the ring. We thought we would be able to find an amazing ring for a decent price. I think that’s the thing, I always thought we would have to spend a fortune to find an amazing ring if we went to a jewellers.

Not long after we got engaged, we landed in England and unfortunately she wasn’t working as an auctioneer anymore.

When we actually left England a few months later, we have since been pet sitting in remote areas around Australia. This made it difficult to go to any jewellers so it’s pretty much been on hold since.

Vintage Engagement Rings vs New Engagement Rings

<em>Steve checks out the clarity of the stone I picked in the end<em>

To be honest, Steve and I were butting heads with the engagement ring idea. He wanted to get me a new ring and I wanted to find someone selling vintage engagement rings in Sydney. I wanted a one of a kind ring which is why we struggled to find anything.

We did go to places like QVB to look at engagement rings in Sydney but we couldn’t agree on anything. Plus I felt like the idea of just picking a ring from a jewellery shop didn’t feel right for me.

Then We Found Bert Jewellery In Sydney

<em>Bert Jewellery Owner Sian Jones<em>

One day whilst I was looking at engagement rings on Instagram, I stumbled across Bert Jewellery, run by a lovely Welsh woman called Sian.

Sian makes custom-made engagement rings in Sydney, and often ships worldwide. Based in Bondi, her custom made jewellery in Sydney is made for birthdays, anniversaries and pretty much for every type of occasion. She specialises in custom made engagement rings and custom made wedding rings in Sydney, but she is often shipping her incredible one off pieces to UK and further afield.

<em><a href=httpswwwinstagramcombertjewellery target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Bert Jewellery Instagram<a><em>

What I love about Bert Jewellery in Sydney is the passion which goes behind the jewellery making. Sian only buys stones she truely loves and as you’ll see on her Instagram page, each ring tells a unique story. Wait until you read the story about how she ended up designing her own engagement ring without even knowing!

I fell in love with Sian’s storytelling and since I’ve gone full time with my blog, I have felt more empowered to buy from other local businesses in Australia, especially as she’s also British. It somehow just felt right to choose Sian to make my engagement ring.

How Much Are Bert Jewellery Engagement Rings?

<em>At Bert Jewellery once we had finally made a decision<em>

You see, originally I thought Bert Jewellery engagement rings were going to be really expensive because they all just looked amazing. Steve and I agreed he wouldn’t spend a lot on my engagement ring because we’re not made of money.

After I found Sian’s Instagram account, I tried to find out as much information as I could about Bert Jewellery. I found a few articles and in one of them, she stated that she can work for all budgets.

This gave me some sort of reassurance so I emailed her to find out a bit more about what we should be able to do. It turned out that we were going to be able to go ahead with Bert Jewellery as our engagement ring designer.

When We Went To The Rubyvale Gemfields

It was all up in the air about what stones were were going to use for this engagement ring. Steve’s mum was keen for us to use her engagement ring which is a massive privilege, but Steve also liked the idea of using a Sapphire as well.

Because we’re based in Agnes Water in Queensland at the moment, we spent the weekend up in Yeppoon which is around 5 hours from the town of the Rubyvale Gemfields.

We decided to make a beeline to the Gemfields to see if we could purchase our own blue sapphire because we thought we might be able to make it cheaper. I told Sian we were going to go and she gave us great advice by saying if anything jumps out to us, we should get it.

Interestingly she said the cost would probably be more for us to buy from the actual gemfields in Australia as she gets industry prices.

It was an eye-opening experience because when we arrived into the town, we were faced with the majority of shops which were basically sheds. We loved the experience of meeting the locals and looking at many stones but we didn’t find anything. I am really glad we went to the gemfields more for peace of mind.

Meeting Bert Jewellery

<em>Steve and Sian at Bert Jewellery in Sydney<em>

So I’ve been pretty indecisive about what my custom made engagement ring was going to look like. I am a very visual person and just couldn’t really see what I was going to want.

Firstly, I don’t have the best hands. They are like kids hands, small but with fat fingers. Every ring I tried on in the past didn’t look right at all which is why I’ve put it off for so long.

<em>I loved this ring Sian had designed for another customer<em>

Originally I thought I’d end up with a ring like the above but I knew we would have to incorporate Steve’s mum’s diamond somehow.

I asked Sian if we could cut up the diamond into smaller diamonds to put either side of the sapphire. Turns out it costs more to do this and it devalues the stone as well, so that was out of the question.

<em>Steves mums engagement ring<em>

I knew I would have to wait until I saw Sian and hoped we could come up with something together. Weirdly, I just knew I would be able to trust her to produce the most amazing engagement ring I would have ever seen.

When we arrived at her workshop in Sydney, Sian is exactly how I’d imagined she would be. She’s got a beautiful and warm energy about her. Weirdly, I felt like I already knew her, maybe it’s because I had been following her on social media! Or maybe it’s because I was born on the border of Wales, and I felt like there was some kind of connection already.

As she let us into her studio, a range of blue sapphires were waiting to greet us. We sat there and went through each sapphire until we found the one.

<em>I decided on this sapphire in the end<em>

Designing My Engagement Ring

Once we found the sapphire, Sian started to sketch different designs on what would work with Steve’s mum’s diamond. I decided to go for a kite shape because I felt like it was the most flattering one on my finger. I loved how it changes colour in the light as well as the overall cut.

To be honest, I never saw myself wearing a sapphire engagement ring but somehow I fell in love with this particular stone. We found out it was mined around the Rubyvale area where we had previously been to which is kinda cool knowing where it’s from.

I wanted to make sure we got an Australian sapphire rather than one from another country to keep the sentiment. We were really excited that we found a stone from the mining area we had actually been to.

How We Included Steve’s Mum’s Engagement Ring

Now all we had to do was include Steve’s mum’s diamond somehow. I had no idea how this was going to work. Originally I thought we would be using just the diamond on its own but after a few designs later, we came up with something I just loved!

Thankfully Sian was really patient with us as it took about 1h30m to finally come to a decision.

<em>My engagement ring designed and photographed by Bert Jewellery<em>

We decided to go with a line of diamonds down the side of the sapphire. We placed Steve’s mum’s diamond at the bottom of the ring as a symbol of Steve’s parent’s marriage.

Not only do I have my own custom made engagement ring, I know no one else in the world will have the same one!

What’s The Ring Like In Person?

The lead time for a Bert Jewellery engagement ring is 4 weeks. Yesterday after my ring arrived in the post, Steve took me up to a lookout over our favourite beach in Agnes Water and dropped on one knee again at sunset. It was beautiful!

My engagement ring is exactly how I hoped it would be and I can’t stop looking at it! It changes colour constantly from turquoise blue, to dark blue and even a a dark green. Plus, I feel like I’ve managed to capture the look of a vintage engagement ring which is what I originally wanted.

I’m glad Steve and I were able to design the ring together because not only is it a ring I’ll be wearing for the rest of my life, it’s a memory we can share together about how the ring was actually made.

<em>Photography by Bert Jewellery<em>

If you’re looking to design your own engagement ring or you’re looking for the most beautiful engagement rings in Sydney, look no further. I doubt you’ll find a better jewellers in Sydney than Bert Jewellery!

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Best Engagement Rings In Sydney At Bert Jewellery


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