Best 21 Things To Do In Sydney When It’s Raining

Looking for things to do in Sydney when it’s raining or even things indoors activities in Sydney when it gets too hot?

Let’s face it, Sydney is a great city when the sun is shining, but what to in Sydney when it rains is another matter. When it rains it completely buckets down, the roads flood within minutes, and as I write this post as it’s pouring outside.

Although Sydney is amazing for its outdoors, it can be difficult come up with things to do on a rainy day in Sydney. Let us help you make the most out of Sydney weather conditions, regardless of the forecast.

1. Learn How To Make Your Own Terrarium In Sydney

Take the opportunity to learn an amazing new skill when looking for things to do in Sydney when it’s raining! Terrarium workshops in Sydney have become hugely popular and you can check out a class in Bondi or Redfern!

You know what’s great about learning how to make a terrarium? You’ll be able to make them as gifts to give to friends & family when you’re stuck for ideas because everyone loves a terrarium.

Also they are the easiest little jungles to look after and require watering like once a week. This means you can say goodbye to killing your future plants in your home! Also, it’s a fun class and it’s based indoors so you can still have a great day in Sydney when it’s raining!

2. Learn To Cook At Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Seafood School class

Get out of your comfort zone and take a cooking class at Sydney Fish Market. This fun three hour class will not only teach you new cooking skills, you’ll get to meet other people and spend an awesome afternoon regardless of the weather outside.

Find more Sydney food experiences below!

3. Relax In The Best Day Spa In Sydney

Absolutely beautiful spa at Gillian Adams Spa

What a better way to take advantage of the rain in Sydney other than to head straight to the spa. The best day spa Sydney we found online are Bath Houses and Gillian Adams Spa.

Bath Houses recommend you start with their famous baths, which at 39C will relax you in no time. For $31 for 30 minutes, this is a good way to start the weekend. They also offer loads of other treatments including massages and tarot reading and with their three locations, you should be able to get to one of them quite easily.

For those of you living in the North Shore, we found the gem, Gillian Adams Spa. The pool and steam will set you back $70 for 50 minutes and they have load of other services as well to try such as microdermabrasion, massage, full body exfoliation and many more. The pool looks absolutely beautiful though (pictured above).

4. Explore Sydney Art Galleries

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White Rabbit Gallery, Chippendale

An obvious one, but I find that visiting Sydney’s galleries like the MCA, Art Gallery of NSW or  the world’s largest Chinese art collection at White Rabbit perfect for a Sydney winter activity. Don’t forget Brett Whitely’s Studio in Surry Hills. He famously married Wendy of Wendy’s Secret Garden and it’s definitely on my list to visit.

I never go to galleries in Summer as I want to be outside, so it’s a good way to see some culture, get those steps up and I find that usually, there’s always a good cafe to have something to eat at afterwards. I hear White Rabbit have a fantastic tearooms and how could I forget to mention the beautiful cafe on the rooftop of the MCA?!

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5. Kids Superhero Craft Class

If you’re looking for things to do with kids in Sydney, look no further… this dream kids superhero class is the perfect opportunity to keep them entertained when it’s raining outside!

In this awesome, fun kids class in Sydney, they will be making their own superhero mask, cuffs and a cup to take home. There will also be loads of fun thrown in and cake too!

6. Have Fun At A Paint & Sip Class


Paint & Sip Classes in Sydney have become wildly popular in the last year or so. Not only is it a fun way to meet new people, it’s an opportunity for you to have fun with your friends painting the same picture whilst you’ve got a vino in the other hand. There’s two places to choose from: either the Ivanhoe Hotel in Manly or Stacks Bar & Restaurant in Darling Harbour.

Ivanhoe Hotel in Manly run a 2 hour class from 7pm-9pm where you’ll learn how to paint a masterpiece from one of the most famous paintings in history.

Check availability at Ivanhoe Hotel here >

If you don’t fancy going all the way over to Manly, Stacks Bar & Restaurant in Darling Harbour also offer up a similar class whereby you’ll get to paint Van Gough’s famous Starry Sky. It runs from 7:30-9:30pm, perfect for something to do during the week in Sydney.

Click here to check availability at Stacks Bar >

7. Bring The Hunter Valley To Sydney


Sometimes when it’s non stop raining, the best thing to do is get sloshed.

Urban Winery in Sydney next door to Centennial Park serve yo six glasses of wine in one hour to ‘taste’. That’s right. SIX. If that doesn’t get you away from Netflix, then I don’t know what will!

Book your wine tasting tour here >

8. Go Indoor Skydiving

Yep, that’s me, indoor skydiving at iFly, Penrith 

Another thrill seeking activity is indoor skydiving at iFly in Penrith. I went here with Steve and had a brilliant time! Perfect for a date or with your friends! You can read more about our experience at iFly Penrith here.

Watch our experience below!

 9. Go To An Immersive Cinema Experience

Another obvious one, but, have you ever been to The Golden Age Cinema in Surry Hills? They even have a bar there as well to have a few sneaky drinks before or after the movie! My local, The Orpheum, Cremorne is an amazing Art Deco cinema.

Pop over the road to Radio Cairo, a North African popular restaurant before or after your movie for some incredible food (make sure you book)!

And if you’re lucky, you should time it to go and see The Room which is a cult movie played once a month on a Friday. It’s the best interactive movie experience out there! Don’t forget Sydney has the world’s largest imax cinema as well in Darling Harbour!

10. Make You Own Box Of Chocolates

Love chocolates as much as we do? Stay indoors and learn how to make a beautiful box of truffles with Meltdown Artisan based in Darlinghurst. You’ll learn how to make various truffles and take home the box of chocolates you make!

This fun three hour workshop could just be the trick to spending a great weekend either by yourself, with friends or with family. It’s also a brilliant way to get yourself out there and meet like minded people in Sydney.

11. Get A Massage In Chatswood

OK, I’m calling it… the best massage place I have been to in Sydney has to be Magic Massage, in Chatswood Westfield.

I know those massage parlours in a shopping centre always look a bit on the dodge side but this one is incredible. I’ve been there four times and every time it has been amazing!! A must visit and for $35 for 30 minutes, you can’t go wrong.

12. Chinese Teahouse, Surry Hills

A proper little gem of a place we found recently was Zensation, an incredible tea house in Surry Hills. We spent a good few hours there just trying loads of different green teas which is something different to do in the rain in Sydney.

They also serve food as well like dumplings. This is a must visit and a great way to spend a Sunday. Just don’t drink too much tea as you’ll be buzzing all night from the caffeine!

13. The Best Sunday Lunch In Sydney

When it’s wet and cold, there’s nothing better than going out for a Sunday roast. I even found one that’s on par with an English one! See here for where it is!

14. Best High Tea In Sydney


I found the most amazing tea rooms right in the middle of The Rocks that’s on par with the English tearooms back home. Best of all it won’t set you back as the prices are as friendly as the staff.

15. Check Out The Escape Rooms In Sydney


Probably another obvious one but escape rooms are a fab way to spend the afternoon. Check out this escape rooms in Sydney review of when our writer Rebecca took her mates along for a fun day out!

16. Sydney Trapeze School

Have you ever fancied trying a go at trapeze? Get yourself down to Sydney Trapeze School for just $70 a class, this would be a brilliant day out in St Peters.


17. Go Rock Climbing In Sydney

Find more adventurous things to do in Sydney when it’s raining by checking out Sydney’s largest climbing centre in St Leonards called Climb Fit. I’ve been here and for someone scared of heights, I absolutely loved it. You’ll find yourself around loads of like minded people who love the thrill of climbing. For $30, you’ll get entry and a harness to use.

18. Cocktail Making & All You Can Eat Pizza Class

If you’re looking for fun things to do indoors in Sydney, look no further, because Salts Meat Cheese offer up a really popular cocktail making class with all you can eat pizza.

Basically you’ll learn how to make your favourite cocktails whilst you spend the day drinking them and eating as much pizza as humanly possible. Sounds like a fab afternoon right?

19. Find The Best Indoor Pools In Sydney

Just because it’s raining in Sydney, it doesn’t mean your exercise routine needs to be off the agenda. Why not go to one of Sydney’s amazing indoor pools for a swim! Two of the top pools include Cook & Philip right next to St Mary’s Cathedral (next to Hyde Park) and the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre (next to the Power House Museum).


20.  Check Out The Best Pottery Classes In Sydney

If you’ve ever wanted to own the most beautiful crockery in your home, take this pottery making class in Sydney because you’ll be learning from one of the best pottery experts! Located in Marrickville, expect to come home with your home made coffee mug or set of plates.

This pottery class in Sydney has had rave reviews so make sure you check it out!

21. Discover Mitchell Road Antique Centre In Sydney


If you’re still looking for things to do in Sydney when it’s raining, you could spend hours looking at all of the incredible stalls at the Mitchell Road Antique Centre in Alexandria. This is a proper gem which I came across when I drove past it one day. I then spent a good few hours looking at all of the incredible finds!

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Best Things To Do In Sydney When It’s Raining

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