How To Visit The Amazing Horse Head Rock In Bermagui NSW

Did you know there are a couple of walking tracks to see the famous Horse Head Rock in Bermagui in the Sapphire Coast? While the South Coast is full of rocks shaped like various animals, Horse Head Rock really is impressive in person.

If you’re unsure how to find Horse Head Rock, want to know how far the walk is, or simply have never heard of it and wondering why are are writing about it… it’s all in this article!

What makes Horse Head Rock in Bermagui special?


As one of the most popular tourist attractions and best things to do in Bermagui, Horse Head Rock is one of New South Wales oldest rocks, which is believed to be around 500 million years old. The distinctive rock formation is in the shape of a horses head from a particular angle and is located in one of the most beautiful areas in NSW.

It was a highlight on our South Coast trip to the Sapphire Coast and it really is an incredible sight in person. It is super popular spot for photographers and swimmers as coastal views from the beach it’s located on is absolutely stunning!

The two walking paths to choose from to get there


I didn’t realise this until we did the walk, but there are actually two ways to get a glimpse Horse Head Rock.

You can either take the walk over the top of the cliffs to the lookout platform or walk along the beach at low tide from Camel Rock Car park. Both walks start from this car park opposite Camel Rock Surf Beach.

1. Accessing Horse Head Rock by the beach


If you want to see the ancient rock edifices and glimpse Horse Head Rock, you’ll need to come at low tide and walk around the beach to get there. I’m guessing the walk will probably take around 15 minutes but you’ll need to walk over some rocks to get there.

We actually saw Horse Head Rock from the viewing platform and spoke to some other people there who said it was better seen from the beach instead. If we had time, we would have walked around to it from the beach as well as there are plenty of rockpools to discover around there. The beaches between Horse Head Rock are absolutely amazing, like some of the best I’ve seen in Australia!

2. Accessing it from the walking track


We automatically took the walking path because we thought it was the only option to view Horse Head Rock. When you get to the car park, it’s clearly signed from here to take the 1.5km return path up and over the cliffs to the lookout.


It took us just 15 minutes of slow walking to reach the main lookout platform accessed by the walking track.


The walk is easy and not strenuous and we saw people of all ages doing it. On the way, you’ll come to the first lookout which is actually of the back of the rock. We didn’t realise it until some passersby told us we were looking at the back of it, because it just looks like any other rock from behind.


When you walk around to the main lookout and see the Horse Head Rock, you’ll immediately understand that it is indeed the graceful pony as it’s known for its distinctive rock formation. Continue on a little further to Murunna Point and you’ll see it from another perspective from the end of Pebbly Beach.


We did see people climb down from Murunna Point to Pebbly Beach, but I don’t quite know how as there isn’t a distinctive path down. To be honest, it wouldn’t be that safe, so if you do want to see the historically significant rock, walk around beach from the carpark.

Pebbly Beach Bermagui

Other famous rocks to visit


I also didn’t realise this until we visited, but Camel Rock is right opposite the car park on you guessed it, Camel Rock Surf Beach! So, you’ll be able to hit up two of the most famous rocks on the Sapphire Coast! You can literally walk 10 metres from the carpark to see Camel Rock on the beach so it’s accessible for everyone to see!

If you’re on a South Coast road trip, swing by Narooma to see the famous Australia rock which is in the shape of the map of Australia too!

Where to stay in Bermagui NSW


Looking for the best Bermagui NSW accommodation? Here are our top picks for staying on the beautiful Sapphire Coast.

  1. The Anchorage Bermagui – perfect family friendly hotel apartments with outdoor swimming pool in the centre of town.
  2. Bermagui Beach Hotel – stay in the centre of town at the legendary pub with water views.
  3. Reflections Holiday Parks – 250m from the centre of town, perfect for camping and family holidays

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Horse Head Rock Track

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