16 Best Things to Do in Batemans Bay NSW 2024 Guide

Heading down the NSW South Coast and looking for things to do in Batemans Bay? As a popular camping holiday for many Australian families, there’s much more to this beautiful part of the coast than you might think!

Known for its stunning beaches, lush national parks, and delicious seafood, Batemans Bay is a must-visit destination for any traveller looking to experience the best of Australian coastal living. After our recent visit, we’re going to share our personal favourite things to do in Batemans Bay, that we have to admit, we said to each other that we’d come back in a heart beat.

Where is Batemans Bay?


Batemans Bay is located on the South Coast and is 3h30m drive from Sydney. It is also a popular for day trip from Canberra, being just a two hour drive away. The popular holiday town of Narooma is just another 1 hour south of Batemans Bay as well.

What makes Batemans Bay special?

Cookie Beach

Whether you’re an adventure seeker looking to surf the waves at the famous Surf Beach, a nature lover eager to explore the pristine wilderness of the Murramarang National Park, or a foodie looking to indulge in some of the freshest seafood the region has to offer, Batemans Bay has something for everyone. Seriously… it’s got some of the most pristine beaches I’ve seen in Australia.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top things to do and see in the historic village of Batemans Bay, including kayaking the Clyde River and hiking to breathtaking lookout points. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready for an unforgettable journey to one of Australia’s most beautiful coastal towns.

Best things to do in Batemans Bay

1. Depot Beach


Nestled within the lush Murramarang National Park lies a hidden gem that’s sure to steal your heart, called Depot Beach in Batemans Bay. If you’re looking for a secluded escape that’s brimming with natural beauty and adventure, then this is the place for you. Make sure you check out our 12 Best Beaches In Batemans Bay Guide to see our favourite beaches you need to visit.

This is the beach that we had to come back to a couple of times because we just couldn’t believe how stunning it is. I had seen photos on Instagram years ago and had always wanted to visit it. But, I had no idea how beautiful it really is in person.

I actually turned to Steve and said ‘this is one of my favourite beaches in Australia’.

As the beach is nestled within the national park, it almost made me feel like we were in New Zealand. The coastline here is exceptional, and we can’t wait to come back and camp at the campground opposite the beach. There are also hiking trails near to the beach as well so it would make a great getaway.

The only problem with this beach and area is that on Google Maps, it does say it’s a Great White Shark breeding ground. Not ideal but this is Australia and they are everywhere. We went in the water just like everyone else and just made sure we didn’t go too far out. Funnily enough, the beach next door called North Durras Beach is a surf beach and with loads of surfers around.

2. South Durras Beach


Around the corner from Depot Beach is the long stretch of coastline which is broken up between North Durras Beach and South Durras Beach. We visited both and really loved South Durras Beach more so, especially the beautiful Cookies Beach next door to it. If you head next door to Mill Beach by the South Durras Boat Ramp, you might see some kangaroos hopping around like we did!

Looking for Batemans Bay Snorkelling Trail? Head over to Maloneys beach or Guerilla Bay. Here you’ll snorkel through the stunning blue waters and explore some of the oldest, most picturesque rocks on Eurobodalla’s coastline and in New South Wales.

3. Discover the hidden gem of The Gantry


When we first saw photos of The Gantry in Bawley Point, we honestly thought it was located in the Mediterranean. The beautiful short jetty is the perfect spot to hang out with the fishermen while jumping off it into the crystal clear water. The water is so beautiful here, the beach is stunning and it makes a gorgeous day trip from Batemans Bay which is a 30 minute drive north away.

4. Eat at Mossy Point Cafe


When we visited Mossy Point Cafe, we were totally surprised about how good it really is. Located near to Mossy Point, this cafe has all of the country charm you’ll love, just like we did.

This charming cafe is housed in an old general store and has a relaxed, rustic atmosphere. The menu features a variety of breakfast and lunch options, all made with fresh, local ingredients. Steve said the coffee is excellent too!

5. Head down to Mossy Point Boat Ramp for live music and a coffee


Head down to the Mossy Point Boat Ramp for a coffee at The Boat Shed and watch live music here like we did. You might see some stingrays in the crystal clear water like we did too. Kids especially love watching them go under the little ramp while the kayakers weave around them.

6. Go kayaking in Mossy Point


Mossy Point is a great place to go kayaking. The Tomago River is a calm and peaceful waterway that is perfect for exploring. You can rent kayaks from the Region X Boatshed and set off on your own adventure. There are plenty of places to stop along the way, such as the mangrove forests, tidal flats, and beaches. You may even spot some wildlife, such as stingrays, crabs, and fish. Kayaking at Mossy Point is a great way to see the area and get some exercise. It is also a fun activity for all ages.

7. Stop by the beautiful Bodalla


If you’re continuing your South Coast trip through Batemans Bay, make sure you stop by the charming town of Bodalla. You’ll definitely want to stop by the Bodalla Dairy Shed and get an ice cream! I recommend the strawberry ice cream, it’s so good! You might like to pop by the Bodalla Pub opposite as well which is a gorgeous country pub with beautiful views overlooking the countryside.

8. Mogo Wildlife Park


Mogo Wildlife Park is a magical place where you can come face-to-face with some of the most amazing animals on the planet. From gorillas to tigers to elephants, there is something for everyone to enjoy at this incredible zoo.

Not only will you get to see these animals up close, but you’ll also learn about their natural habitats and how they are being conserved. Mogo Wildlife Park is committed to animal welfare and education, and they do an incredible job of raising awareness about the importance of protecting our planet’s wildlife.

If you’re looking for one of the best things to do in Batemans Bay and nearby, then Mogo Wildlife Park is the perfect place for you.

9. Skydive Moruya


Ever wanted to skydive in Australia? Skydiving at Moruya is an incredible experience! You’ll get to see stunning views of the coastline, beaches, and rainforest. The feeling of free-falling through the air is unlike anything else in the world. So tick off this bucket-list item and do it over the beautiful South Coast!

10. Go hiking in Budawang National Park

Hike The Castle image by Hiking The World

Fancy going for a hike near Batemans Bay? Budawang National Park is a beautiful and rugged wilderness area located just an hour away from Batemans Bay.

One of the most popular walking tracks in the park is the Mount Budawang Trail which is an 8 hour 8km hike. Or, take on The Castle, one of the most famous Budawangs walks to consider which is a hard 13km hike. This challenging hike takes you to the summit of The Castle, a large granite monolith that towers over the surrounding landscape.

And if you’re looking for a shorter and easier hike, the Long Gully Track is a great option. This easy walk takes you through a lush rainforest and along a beautiful river. The track is well-maintained and easy to follow, making it a great choice for families with young children.

11. Visit the beautiful Tuross Head


35 minutes south of Batemans Bay will bring you to Tuross Head and to One Tree Point Lookout which is a beautiful lookout overlooking a couple of beaches. We loved the driftwood on the beach which had been made into tee pees here.

12. Don’t miss the famous oyster tasting


A trip to Batemans Bay wouldn’t be complete without tasting some of the fresh oysters! Known as Australia’s oyster coast with batemans marine park full of working oyster farms, here are some of the most famous places to check out for oysters in Batemans Bay and around the Clyde River National Park.

  • The Oyster Shed: The Oyster Shed is a popular spot for oyster tasting in Batemans Bay. It is located on the banks of the Clyde River, and it offers a variety of oysters, as well as other seafood dishes.
  • Moruya Oysters: Moruya Oysters is another popular spot for oyster tasting in Batemans Bay. It is located on the Moruya River, and it offers a variety of oysters, as well as other seafood dishes.
  • The Clyde River Oyster Farm: The Clyde River Oyster Farm is a working oyster farm that offers oyster tastings. It is located on the Clyde River, and it offers a variety of oysters, as well as other seafood dishes.

Why not check out the Clyde River Oyster Tasting Kayak Tour around the Clyde River National Park?

13. Batemans Bay Heritage Museum


Looking for things to do indoors? The Batemans Bay Heritage Museum is a great place to learn about the history of the area. It is located in a former courthouse, and it houses a variety of exhibits on topics such as Aboriginal history, European settlement, and the local timber industry.

14. Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens


Spend the morning or afternoon strolling around the Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens which is home to a wide variety of plants from all over the world. The gardens are divided into different themed areas, each with its own unique character, making it a lovely place to relax.

15. Birdland Animal Park


Birdland Animal Park is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a fun and educational experience. The park is home to over 100 species of native Australian animals, and visitors can learn about the animals through interactive exhibits and educational programs.

16. Batemans Bay Sculpture Walk


Enjoy The Batemans Bay Sculpture Walk which is an outdoor gallery of public art along the Batemans Bay foreshore which is a yearly event running around the end of May to early June. The walk features a variety of sculptures by local and international artists. Start the walk near 7 Clyde St Batemans Bay and follows the seaside shared path of Mia Murra Walk and Beach Road to Batemans Bay Marina.

Where to stay in Batemans Bay

  1. We stayed at The Esplanade Motel (room pictured above) and it’s fantastic! Modern rooms, right on the water, walking distance to shops and restaurants. Perfect!
  2. The Isla – modern, hip hotel – perfect for couples or friends
  3. Big 4 Batemans Bay – classic family friendly holiday park

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