Why You Need To Visit Unique The Pinnacles Loop Walking Track In NSW

Few moments have stuck with me quite like the first time I saw The Pinnacles on the NSW’s Sapphire Coast. If there’s one place I would recommend to anyone coming to on your South Coast road trip, it would be here, located in Beowa National Park, formerly Ben Boyd National Park. The spectacular erosion feature was one of the highlights on our trip which is why we’re sharing this amazing hidden gem with you right here!

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What makes The Pinnacles so special?


Wondering why we loved The Pinnacles so much? The geological masterpiece is the result of millions of years of weathering and erosion, leaving behind two-coloured spires of red clay and white sand, which resembles a snippet from the planet Mars. It’s a truly unique sight which sits opposite the ocean and is a photographers dream.

Where is The Pinnacles NSW?


The Pinnacles is located in Ben Boyd National Park, also known as Beowa National Park. Situated a 20 minute drive from Merimbula and just 12 minutes from Eden, it’s one of the best Sapphire Coast attractions you need to see in person.

If you’re coming from Sydney it’s a 6 hour drive, and nearly 7hrs from Melbourne. Coming from Canberra? It will take you just over 3 hours to get here.

Access via The Pinnacles Loop Walking Track


To be able to see The Pinnacles, you’ll need walk along The Pinnacles Loop Walking Track which takes you through a pine forest. You can type it into Google Maps and it will take you right to The Pinnacles Loop walking track car park. From there, it’s an easy walk and just 1.1km, 20 minute round trip to The Pinnacles lookout points.

The pleasant walk is super easy to follow and we actually saw people coming back up the same path, instead of walking all the way round.

Walk all the way around if you want to access the stairs to the beach so you can walk along it and over to The Pinnacles.

The staircase down to The Pinnacles

We didn’t have time to walk over which I do regret as it would have been fantastic to see it up close in person. I’m guessing the time to walk over to The Pinnacles would take about 10-15 minutes one way.

What’s it like seeing The Pinnacles?


The spectacular erosion feature of The Pinnacles is a tertiary geological period dating back to 65 million years ago. When seeing the red gravel clay for the first time, it really does take your breath away.


At the lookout points, you’ll see The Pinnacles with the backdrop of Long Beach with the soft white sands behind it. When we visited, a storm was approaching which made the dramatic coastline, even more dramatic. In the distance you can see Lennards Island as well. If you visit between June – November, you’ll mostly likely spot whales dancing in the ocean and dolphins offshore.

When to visit The Pinnacles


Obviously for the photographers out there, visit either at sunrise or sunset. The early morning or late evening light bathes the towers in a warm glow, highlighting their contrasting colours, making the view an absolutely surreal and magical experience. However, remember to check local weather before visiting the Pinnacles rock formation.

Stop by Longstocking Brewery on the way to The Pinnacles


We stopped by the Longstocking Brewery just outside of Merimbula before heading over to The Pinnacles Loop Walking Track in Ben Boyd National Park, which is great. The brewery is quite big with multiple shops inside. We stopped by for lunch and enjoyed it here. When you go to the national park car park, you’ll only find toilet facilities here, so if you’re peckish, stop by Longstocking Brewery on the way before you go.

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