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Top 20 Blog Posts

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If you’re finding this blog for the first time and wondering what the most popular posts are, here’s my top 20 as a good place to start.

Since the middle of 2014, Londoner In Sydney has grown to become a blog I never thought would be possible; reached by more than 2 million people and growing fast, this blog is all about life as a Brit living in Sydney and now back in UK with a lot of my travels around the world thrown in.

Here’s the top 20 posts visited by you guys!

1. 19 Fun Dates in Sydney

top-fun-date-ideas-in-sydneyWould you believe the most visited blog post on Londoner In Sydney is about dating? I specifically wrote this blog for a work friend who asked me to find some out of the box date ideas in Sydney. Before I met Steve, I went on some fun dates in London rather than doing the standard drinks or dinner dates. In this post you’ll find all of the fun things to do around Sydney from outdoor cinemas, star gazing, the best ice cream spots, a Japanese bath house and more.

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2. Where to live in Sydney


If you’re moving to Sydney then it’s best to start with this post. Finding the right suburb can make a huge difference to settling into Sydney life. I’ve done my best to list the majority of the best suburbs as well as a comparison to areas in London to make it easier to understand. It’s since become one of my most popular posts as well!

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3. How I applied for the defacto partner visa to Australia


When I moved to Australia I spent ages trying to find out what I needed to do to apply for the defacto visa. I decided to write a post to show others what I did to offer some help in saving time from having to search high and low on the net for advice. It seems that I’ve had hundreds of messages from you all to say thank you for documenting my story. There’s literally no better feeling than to be able to help people!

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4. The best 11 acai bowls in Sydney


I remember going to Bondi Wholefoods and seeing acai bowls on the menu and once I tried them, I was hooked. I started to realise how much they differed from cafe to cafe and once I found the best in Sydney, I documented them in this post. If you’re unsure what acai is, it’s basically a smoothie bowl with the frozen superfood berry, acai topped with granola, bananas and strawberries. It’s the perfect healthy alternative to ice cream on a hot day.

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5. Sydney vs London


A box standard post that would obviously be a bit weird if it didn’t exist on this blog is a Sydney vs London comparison. In hindsight, the two cities are so different from one another, it’s truly hard to compare them but it’s something we naturally do when thinking of making a big move to the other side of the world.

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6. Top 13 things to do in Byron Bay


Not all of my blogs are about living in Sydney although the blog name suggests so. I’ve documented my travels around the world and throughout Australia. It seems that other people like my Byron Bay posts too and just for the record, Byron is my favourite place in Australia that if I could live anywhere, it would be there for it’s beautiful beaches, laid back vibes and abundance of healthy food!

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7. Port Douglas vs Palm Cove vs Cairns


When I was researching Northern Queensland, we were really torn as to where to stay. Port Douglas, Palm Beach and Cairns have so much to offer that after we ventured up there, we realised which was the best place for us. If you’re looking for a getaway, check out this post as these three places are perfect for different reasons. FYI – the best time of the year to visit is between July – September, a perfect escape from the Sydney winter!

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8. Can I work on a bridging visa?


Sometimes it’s so hard to find an answer to such a basic question which is why I wrote this blog after getting so many emails regarding visas in Australia. I was put on a bridging visa whilst I waited for my defacto visa to be processed. This is an important read if you’re going down the same route.

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9. The dangers of getting to the bottom of Gerringong Falls


One thing I love about living in Sydney is the access to all of the incredible hikes and nature on our doorsteps that I’ve written so many blogs about the wonderful places to visit. Unfortunately one of hikes was so dangerous that I had to write a post to warn others. Since Gerringong Falls became popular, this post has seen a lot of traffic that I hope I managed to convince others not to do it too!

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10. Sea Cliff Bridge lookout


A big instagram phenomenon is the second most photographed bridge in NSW, the Sea Cliff bridge which sits right on the south coast from Sydney. I documented the legal route to help warn others from going the illegal way where you can be fined up to $400! Just be careful as with any hike you go on accidents can happen.

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11. 16 Romantic weekend getaways out of Sydney


Sometimes we just need to venture out of Sydney for the weekend and luckily this was something we did all of the time so I can show you the best of NSW. Regardless of it being romantic, make sure you check out some of these gems I’ve found!

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12. 10 day juice cleanse review


Once I got Netflix I started watching some health documentaries and loved Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead so much that both Steve and I did a 10 day juice cleanse. Since I got SIBO I have literally done every diet out there and often did 10 day juice cleanses. Turns out this post did pretty well too!

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13. 13 things to do in Port Stephens


Port Stephens is one of those places that will honestly blow you away. It’s a little gem located near Newcastle and has so much to offer from the best beaches to so many family friendly things to do, you certainly won’t be twiddling your thumbs whilst you’re there!

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Top 20 posts on Londoner In Sydney

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14. Top 12 places to eat in Kirribilli and the Lower North Shore


I lived in and around Kirribilli and the Lower North Shore for three years and knew all about the best places to eat that this guide has done pretty well! The biggest tip is you’ll get some awesome harbour views for a fraction of the cost at most restaurants in Circular Quay!

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15. 11 unexpected things I wish I knew before moving to Sydney


There’s always going to be some things that will surprise you when you move to a completely new country. For me here’s 11 of those unexpected things I had no idea about before I moved to Sydney!

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16. How to shop the UK high street in Sydney


When I moved to Sydney I actually wondered how I would cope without my beloved UK high street shops. Thankfully H&M, Topshop and Zara had arrived but did you know there’s loads of shops which will deliver to the other side of the world? Check out this post to find out which ones!

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17. Are there any spiders in Sydney?


I remember when I had a British boss move to Sydney and he said his family were absolutely petrified of spiders that they tried to research it loads before moving out. It then made me realise that a post was in order to let others know if the hype is really true. Turns out quite a few of you research it too!

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18. 10 secret beaches in Sydney


I love exploring Sydney and the beaches you’ll find absolutely no one else on them. I made this post which I often look back on when I’m thinking about what beach to visit next.

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19. 11 Things to do in Winter in Sydney


A classic post that just needed to be written. Sydney is all about the outdoors and exploring the beaches and nature, but what about when it’s Winter? There’s more to do than you think!

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20. 8 Tips before you visit the Figure 8 Pools


The Figure 8 Pools became so popular at one point that I actually didn’t bother to go and visit the natural phenomenon because I heard it was a long hard trek. When we did go, there were so many things I needed to tell you all before you made the effort to go to. It’s still one of my favourite places I’ve been to so far in NSW.

Check out my video of our hike below!

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So there’s my top 20 posts currently on Londoner In Sydney. Here’s a couple of my personal favourites!

My favourite Australian blog post

Here’s my favourite Aussie post because it just sums up all of my best experiences since I first came to Australia in 2006.


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My favourite travel post

In 2018 we were fortunate to visit 12 countries and one of my favourite blogs I’ve written about is Sri Lanka. This guide is so detailed, it needed its own content page.


Read more: The biggest Sri Lanka guide 

What’s your favourite post of mine? Let me know in the comments below!

Top 20 posts on Londoner In Sydney

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