How To Find Gerringong Falls (the top)

If you’re wondering how to get to Gerringong Falls, here’s how we did it when we went to the top of the waterfalls. If you’re looking to get to the bottom of the Gerringong Falls, check out this post.

I’d only really seen one image of the falls of someone standing right on the top of the 180m drop, overlooking a spectacular view. I knew this place was going to be special and even though they mentioned it would be easier to cycle the majority of the 8.6km, my tiny car was in no way capable of taking bikes along for the ride.

So this dream was put on the back-burner for a long time, until recently I realised there was a way around this becoming a reality.

About a month ago, our car broke down and we ended up hiring a car from our trusted local car rental company called Orana for a couple of days for like $40 a day (they have an office in Tempe and Artarmon). We had used this company a few times in the past with moving house and they were brilliant – really cheap and amazing service and I would recommend this company all day long!!

I realised then if I hired out a van for the day, we could put our bikes in and make a beeline to Kangaroo Valley to find this hidden gem.

We hired the van for $84 a day (which included unlimited km’s and no other fees), drove down to the Budderoo Mountain Road car park (this feels a bit like a hidden road as it says ‘no through road’ from the main road) and started on the nearly 9km bike ride down the Gerringong Falls walking track. We came across 2 hikers on the way but they had no idea the waterfall existed.

We used the book as a guide on how to get there but it’s quite easy as you just follow the fire trail on your bike until you reach a sign saying Hersey Trail and turn right into it. At the end of the trail you’ll come to the river. Turn left and within 5 minutes you’ll come to the end of the falls. It is without a doubt, absolutely spectacular, and I have to say it’s one of, if not, the most jaw-dropping amazing sights I have ever seen in Australia.

It took us about an hour to cycle but we were going really slowly as it was raining and our not-so-mountain-bikes were sliding everywhere. There are loads of swimming spots right on the top of the falls as well. 


The main reason we embarked on this adventure was because we wanted to get to the bottom of the falls. As you can see on the day we went it was really foggy, bizarrely cold and wet seeing as it was at the end of summer, 13C to be precise!

I have seen it popping up on instagram a fair bit so I know I have to get there sooner than later before it gets destroyed by people who don’t have any respect for nature (ie leaving rubbish everywhere).

I’m going to go back and attempt the hike to the bottom very soon as we found the secret path to get down there, thanks to a few lovely people on instagram whom I quizzed massively about how to find it. We did walk along the path for a bit but because it was wet, the leeches were well and truly out so we turned back. We also knew it would be too dangerous to attempt getting to the bottom as it was rubbish weather.