25 Awesome Things To Do In Bondi Beach

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There are more things to do in Bondi than visiting Bondi Beach, so welcome to our guide specifically written for locals or any expats new to Sydney.

Maybe you’ve just done the famous Bondi Beach walk and you’re not sure what else there is do. We’re here to let you in on the 25 best things to do in Bondi during your next visit.

1. Make Your Own Kombucha Class In Bondi

It surely doesn’t get any more Bondi than going to a learn how to make kombucha class does it? Bondi is the epicentre of health and so learning how to make kombucha and fermented veggies has got to be one of the most unique things to do in this surburb.

We’ll all for finding different things to do in Sydney, so grab your mates or your loved ones and spend the day not only learning all about the process, but you’ll be able to take you very own homemade kombucha home with you.

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn how to ferment veggies and cultured pickles, sauerkraut or kimchi.

The great thing about going to this kombucha class in Bondi, is you’ll gain the skills to make your own after the class has finished so you’ll never have to buy it from the shop again!

2. Find The Secret Beach

How many of you have heard of Mackenzies Bay? Every few years, this secret beach appears in between Bondi and Tamarama. Make sure you check it out!

3. Go To A Kokedama Workshop

If you’re looking to bring more life into your home, then check out this awesome Kokedama workshop in Bondi. Led by some of the best kokedama teachers in Sydney, you’ll learn how to make these beautiful and unique plants to hang in your own home.

If you didn’t already know, kokedama is a structure made out of bonsai. Small plants live by hanging off a ball in soil and moss joined by string. You don’t necessarily need to hang them, it’s up to you how to feature them in your home and are able to stand a lone if you wish.

4. Check Out Bondi Markets

Bondi Markets are worth coming solely to the Eastern Suburbs for. You’ll find everything from gifts, flowers, second hand clothing and food at these Saturday markets.

If you’re thinking of selling your things here, sell them at Kirribilli Markets instead. I’ve had stalls at both markets and hardly sold anything at Bondi. On the other hand I can show you all the tips to make a $1000 just by doing a few simple tricks!

5. Gut Healing Japanese Cooking Class

One in four Aussie’s suffer from gut health problems and if you follow our blog, you’ll know that Steve and I both suffer from terrible gut problems in Australia.

Good news is there’s an awesome gut healing Japanese Cooking Class in the heart of Bondi so you can learn all about the best foods to cook in your very own home. You’ll spend the whole day learning from one of the best in the industry who has written a couple of books and has worked on the popular TV show, The Biggest Loser.

6. Learn To Surf

Tick off an iconic thing to do in Bondi and learn to surf with Let’s Go Surfing. This is an iconic company who also offer up surfing in Manly and Maroubra.

In this two hour surfing lesson, you’ll learn how to catch your first wave at Australia’s most famous beach!

This is a great option for anyone who’s visiting Sydney or if you’re like me, you’ve never actually tried to surf… this is your time to do it now! And did we mention Let’s Go Surfing have 1000 reviews on Trip Advisor!?

7. Energy Body And Movement Meditation Class

If you’ve not done meditation before or if you’re looking to further your meditation skills, why not take a Movement Meditation class in Bondi.

Movement Meditation is all about learning how to connect with your own energy. The power within this will enable you to learn more about who you are and how to understand situations you may come across that involve mental and emotional filters.

The skills you’ll learn in this meditation class in Sydney will truely give you a sense of how to deal with difficult situations to give you long lasting contentment and happiness from within.

Bondi Accommodation

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8. Find The Beautiful Diamond Bay

Diamond Bay is a stunning part of Sydney which will make you think you’ve been transported to somewhere like Greece. Whilst it’s on the Bondi to Watson’s Bay walk, make sure you’re really careful here.

Don’t put yourself at risk, even if it’s just for a photo. But admire the amazing steps which we think must have been a house here one day before it eroded away.

9. Terrarium Making class

Terrarium workshops in Bondi have become hugely popular as you don’t only learn a new skill, you’ll be able to make your very own terrarium to take home with you. Just imagine how many terrariums you’ll be able to make as gifts after you’ve finished this class?

Also they are the easiest little jungles to look after and require watering like once a week. This means you can say goodbye to killing your future plants in your home! Also, it’s a fun class and it’s based indoors so you can still have a great day in Sydney when it’s raining!

10. Go For A Swim At Bondi Icebergs

It’s a classic option and there’s no reason why our reader @jessmpascoe wouldn’t come to Bondi Icebergs when she’s in the area.

I must admit, I’ve only tried to swim at this pool once in my life. Having come from England, I was so excited to see this pool for the first time in my life. I bought a pair of googles from the reception and I paid for a swim – but I lasted one length before I got out. This is because I thought it was going to be like a swimming pool, not an ocean pool. There’s a big difference, especially if there’s a lot of waves on the day you go.

You don’t have to swim though – hang out amongst Bondi’s hottest locals and spend the day showing off your hot bod.

Entry into the pool costs $9 for an adult and $25 for 2 adults and three kids.

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11. Or Go To Wally Weekes Ocean Pool

Our reader Sarah Dunton usually opts for North Bondi’s ocean pool called Wally Weekes Pool, which sits next door to the children’s pool. This lesser known swimming spot attracts locals and the best part is, it’s free!

12. Make Your Own Ceramics

One of the most popular classes in Bondi is a ceramics class because you’ll be able to make your own beautiful crockery to use at home. Say goodbye to buying cheap Ikea crockery because you’ll going to learn from some of the best ceramic makers in Sydney!

13. Bondi to Coogee Walk

It would be wrong if we didn’t include the classic Bondi to Coogee or Bondi to Bronte walk in this article. Our reader @charlotte_r_5439 highlighted the fact that she can’t come here without completing the Bondi to Coogee Walk. There’s a reason why this walk is one of the most popular walks in Sydney.

The 6KM walk goes really fast because you’ll spend most of your time in awe of the beauty. Bring a camera with you and your swimmers because you’ll want to stop off and enjoy the many beaches along the way.

14. Don’t Miss A Bondi Sunrise


Sunrise is really a sight to be seen. I love the fact that it just blows my mind seeing how busy it is at the crack of dawn – honestly it’s like it’s the middle of the day.

Everyone is up and about, whether they are taking part in bootcamp classes, meditating, doing yoga on the beach, walking their dogs, going for a swim at Icebergs or a surf. It’s all happening at sunrise! Plus, the sunrise is usually spectacular.

If you’re driving, there’s not a lot of traffic, plus you’ll get a parking spot right next to the beach!

15. Or A Bondi Sunset On The Grass At North Bondi

Sunrise in Bondi might be amazing, but the sunset light is also pretty incredible too. Although you won’t see the sunset over the water thanks to being on the East Coast, you’ll certainly get that sunset glow along the beach.

Locals congregate at the grassy knoll at the northern end of the beach to hang out during the golden hour. Pop over to Speedo’s next door and pick up a cocowhip in time for sunset (they are open until 5pm).

16. Get A Free Game Of Bondi Lawn Bowls

<em>Image via bondibowlscomau<em>

Our reader @lewisdewcpfc told us how much he loves to play a classic Aussie game of lawn bowls at Bondi Bowling Club based in North Bondi.

Good news is Bondi Bowls is FREE on Fridays and there’s happy hour to save you some money! On Tuesday nights, there’s trivia night and on Sunday’s they have a DJ with loads of drinks promotions. That’s the weekend sorted then!

Address: 1 Warners Ave, North Bondi NSW 2026

17. Explore The Bondi Famers Markets

Not confusing you with Bondi Markets, Bondi Farmers Markets take place every Saturday from 9am-1pm at Bondi Public School.

Instead of shopping at one of the supermarket giants, support Aussie farmers and buy locally buying shopping at the Farmers Markets. You’ll be able to buy homemade jams, oils, herbs, cheeses, meat, veggies, flowers and so much more!

18. Stock Up On Your Insta Feed

Whilst there’s many Instagram worthy photos to take at Bondi, go check out the famous street art wall on the beach which is an ever changing art space. You’ll be able to stock up on loads of Instagram images to keep your feed consistent.

We also love the famous street art wall on the side of Noah Backpackers. Make sure you go check it out!

19. Basket Weaving Class

If the idea of spending a couple of hours exploring new ways to connect with mother nature in a mindful and sustainable way, then book a basket weaving class in Bondi.

You’ll learn how to make your own basket to put in your home out of a Bangalow palm inflorescence. Once you’ve mastered the art of weaving from natural fibres, you’ll be able to create your own shapes to build your basket.

Just imagine your baskets at home amongst your plants and you’ll soon feel like your home is complete.

20. Picnic At Dudley Page Reserve

One of the best Sydney Harbour views sits right in the heart of the Eastern Suburbs at Dudley Reserve.

It makes a great Instagram spot and is the perfect spot for a picnic with friends or family.

If you’re around on New Years Eve, this is an awesome spot to bring in the new year!

21. Go Shopping In Bondi

Bondi is home to some fantastic Aussie local shops. I always seem to gravitate towards Assembly Label which is a beautiful minimalist’s dream. Be careful with sizing though, it is slightly all over the place.

Our reader @travellingwithamanchild loves thrift shopping in this Sydney suburb. Her favourites include Vinnies and second hand shop, U Turn. Make sure you check these out to find some hidden gems!

Bondi Festivals you should check out!

22. Sculpture By The Sea

Images via

Sculpture By The Sea is one of the biggest art festivals in Sydney and is in fact the largest free to the public sculpture exhibition in the world!

The sculpture trail features over 100 local and international pieces of work which sits on the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk.

Sculpture By The Sea usually takes place for a couple of weeks from late October – mid November, but at the time of writing, 2020 dates hadn’t been confirmed.

23. Festival Of The Winds

At the end of August or beginning of September, the beach becomes a huge kite festival known as the Festival Of The Winds! The free festival attracts more than 70,000 people and is known as being one of the largest kite festival’s in the world!

24. Bondi Winter Festival

The Bondi Festival is Bondi’s biggest festival which takes place over 16 days during July 2020.

Although it’s mainly famous for having a (small) ice skating rink next to the iconic beach, there’s actually a lot more going on than you think. Expect comedy shows, theatre, cabaret, music and much more during the Winter Festival. Blink and you’ll think it’s Christmas (if you’re an expat reading this!)

25. City2Surf Festival

Known as the biggest fun run in the world, City2Surf attracts 80,000 runners who run the 14km track from Sydney CBD to Bondi every August. Most people dress up in fancy dress and finish the day with a beer in their hand in Bondi.

Even if running isn’t your thing, sign up with your friends and enjoy this huge Sydney event.

Dates: Sunday 9 August 2020

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