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Radio Cairo Sydney Restaurant Review

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Looking for things to do in Cremorne in Sydney? If you plan it right, you could spend a Friday night at the amazing Radio Cairo restaurant in Sydney and go to an interactive cinema experience at The Hayden Orpheum Picture House.

In this post, we’re sharing with you what a Friday night looks like when looking for things to do at night in Sydney.

One of the best things about living on the Lower North Shore in Sydney is The Hayden Orpheum Picture House. This cinema is easily the best cinema I’ve ever been to for its incredibly beautiful art deco design, kitsch looking outfits the staff wear, and it’s all round awesomeness!

Every time we go to this cinema they always play a trailer for The Room, a cult movie that’s supposed to be the worst movie ever made, now played in cinema’s around the world. Here’s The Orpheum’s trailer below.

The Orpheum play it on the first Friday of the month, every month, and we just kept missing the date until recently. We actually killed two birds with one stone and finally got a reservation at the very popular North African restaurant over the road called Radio Cairo that night before the screening at 9pm.

I’m going to tell you why Radio Cairo and The Room will make the best Friday night out in Sydney that you’ve had in a long, long time. 

Go For Dinner At Radio Cairo In Sydney

We’ve tried to get into Radio Cairo three times before, once we just turned up on the door to be turned away, and twice we’ve called but no such luck as they were always full, but we planned ahead and finally got in.

They have two seatings, one at 6:30pm and another at 8:30pm on the weekends. We thought, how on earth would this work?Having a restaurant completely full, we’d surely be waiting for ages – but we weren’t. The food came out straight away and was an impressive mix of spices and tastes that we hadn’t experienced in Sydney before. We loved it!

The Room movie review at The Hayden Orpheum Cremorne

When I went to see The Room, I wasn’t expecting it to be that good, let alone be writing a post about it so I only had my iPhone on me to get some photos.

When we walked into The Orpheum, the age range was slightly younger than us, most early – mid twenties but then quite a mix of people really. It was packed, and I’d never seen this cinema so busy before as the screening for The Room had completely sold out!Showing you the size of the cinema screening at The Orpheum Cremorne

Oh the spoons. Yes, plastic spoons are a must for this movie and the more you have, the better. We grabbed a load off the poor guy working there, as did everyone else and as soon as we walked into the screening, it was utter carnage… in a good way.

Found this one on Instagram of these guys ready with their spoons!

There was this undeniable, exciting atmosphere in the air, people were shouting, throwing spoons, I’d never seen anything like it and the trailers hadn’t even started yet! And once the trailers started, everyone started cheering, singing along to the ads. I thought god, if this is like this now, what’s it going to be like when the movie starts?

Here’s a video I found on Youtube of The Room at The Orpheum

And I was right. As soon as the movie started, everyone got off their seats and started applauding. I instantly knew, it wasn’t the first time the majority of the people in the audience were watching this movie, unlike us. Everyone knew all of the words and it was infectious.

What it’s like the whole way through the movie – you won’t really be able to hear much of the dialogue!

When the movie started it was like it was the best thing ever and we quickly joined in with the shouting and cheering. What quickly turned into what we thought we like a 90’s soft porn movie, I wondered, what had we come to see? But it wasn’t, it was so much more than that. The painfully bad acting is what made this movie. Seeing as it’s known as the worst movie ever made, it’s not hard to see why.

Here’s a trailer to The Room so you get an idea of how bad it really is! 

And the spoons. What’s the reference? You’ll notice random placements of spoons throughout the movie. Once you see one, everyone in the audience throws them towards the screen. People would run down the aisles during the movie to grab more when they ran out. You might want to sit towards the back if you don’t want to get hit with any, but that’s fine – they’re just plastic. We had to sit near the front, but loved it.

The spoons left at the very end of the movie

I have never been to the cinema to see such a raucous crowd, but this is just the norm when it comes to The Room. I can see why people go back there time and time again to watch it, because it’s not just a night at the cinema, it’s much more than that. We walked out both saying we hadn’t laughed so much in ages and were buzzing all night from the fun we had.At the end – I only had my iPhone on me that night to take photos!

Off the back of this ridiculously terrible movie, James Franco has made a spin off called The Disaster Artist, a spoof movie of making of The Room which airs from 30 November at The Orpheum. I cannot wait to see this movie.

If you’ve not been to see The Room, go see it now. It is honestly the best thing I have done at night in Sydney. This isn’t family friendly, best to go with people who have a good sense of humour and up for a laugh. I also think this would be a great ice-breaker for a date night in Sydney as well 😉

To get to Radio Cairo and The Orpheum Cinema, it’s based in Cremorne on Military Road, just a 7 minute drive from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. From Town Hall you can catch the M30 bus which takes 24 minutes.

Have you seen The Room? If yes, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!