How Does The Heatwave In England Compare To Summer In Australia?

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Wondering if you can cope with Summer in Australia? With the weather in England, we’re here to show you how the heatwave in England compares to Summer in Australia. You might be more surprised than you think!

If you live in Australia and have connections in England, the likelihood that you’ve heard all about the heatwave going on will be non stop on social media.

I know Australians would laugh at the idea of a heatwave being in the high 20s if not reaching 30C, but how does the heatwave in England compare to Summer in Australia?

Seeing as I’ve lived in Australia for eight years, and I’ve just been travelling to some super hot countries in the last six months like India and Maldives, how have I found the heat in the UK since I returned a month ago?

It rained for the first time last night since we got back and to be honest, I’ve never seen a summer like this in England before. I mean, I even went into the sea in Brighton yesterday for the first time!

The Temperature Is Different In England And Australia

Appreciating the countryside at Stanmer Park, Brighton

Weirdly, as I’ve always said, 22C in England feels a lot hotter than 22C in Australia.

In England, I’ll be in a tee and shorts whilst in Australia I’d probably have a coat on. I’m not sure why this is and it’s nothing to do with acclimatising, it’s probably to do with a combination of things like humidity, sea air etc.

This means, when it gets up into the high 20s in England, it’s very hot like an easily 35C in Sydney as a comparison.

There Is No Aircon In England

At least we have a good British pub garden to sit in.

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed since I got back to England is the lack of aircon. People might laugh at the fact that the Brits find it hot with temps in the high 20s but when there’s literally no aircon anywhere except in somewhere like Marks&Spencer, you really notice the difference fast.

The buses are super hot with their tiny windows which may as well be closed because the airflow is literally zero. The tube in London is insane and would be a health & safety matter if it was as hot as that in Sydney (to the point where I felt like fainting, it’s that bad).

I’ve wondered how Aussies would actually cope in heat like it’s been with zero aircon. Even walking down Pitt St Mall in Sydney isn’t difficult in the heat because you get the strong aircon breezing out from the shops into the street.

What about the beach and cool sea air in England?

On Brighton beach, UK

Luckily because I’m living by the sea at the moment, it’s much cooler, but it’s not like Australia where everyone lives near the coast. London is currently a nightmare.

Whilst I was in London a few days ago, seeing as the culture is to have a pint outside of the pub, even outside it was so hot, I don’t know how people were doing it.

The pollution is bad and it honestly felt like there was no air at all because of the mass of buildings and people in the city. It certainly made me appreciate the fresh air in Sydney and even though we get those awful 40C temps some days in the summer in Aus, at least you have loads of rock pools, and beaches to cool off.

Even Steve an Aussie who loves the heat has found it unbearable on the tube and bus.

This was taken on a Saturday in Brighton

As I mentioned yesterday was the first day I have ever swam in the sea in Brighton. It was amazing even though it was obviously a lot colder than the temps we get in Aus.

The water felt like it was fresh water and not nearly as salty as the ocean in Aus which is something I just picked up.

We even had to do what we usually do in Australia, only spend a maximum of 2 hours out in the sun because the sun was so strong.

So if you’re in Australia and you’re laughing at everyone in UK for melting, I can confirm, it is super hot right now that it would be difficult for anyone to cope with seeing as there’s barely any aircon.

I’ve wondered how on earth people are managing to work in the shops as it has felt like 40C in them!

And if you’re thinking of moving to Australia and worried about the heat, you’re a lot stronger than you think you are. This heat we’ve been having in England has felt much worse at times than what we get in Australia.

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Heatwave in England vs Summer in Australia

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