Discover These Breathtaking Wonders Of The Jervis Bay Passage Tour

Thinking about doing the Jervis Bay Passage Tour with Jervis Bay Wild Cruises and unsure if it’s worth it? Having recently done this tour, I’m sharing my personal experience so you’ll know whether it’s worth doing when you visit Jervis Bay next.

Home to one of the best weekend getaways from Sydney, Jervis Bay is a favourite amongst many Sydney siders and Canberrans for good reason.

With the whitest sand beach in the world, and plenty of other blink and you could be in the Whitsundays beaches on tap, beach towns like this in Australia are far and few between. Throw in spectacular national parks, such as Jervis Bay Marine Park and Jervis Bay National Park, there are so many hidden treasures to be found.


With plenty of tours to choose from, we wanted to jump on the Jervis Bay Passage Tour in Jervis Bay Marine Park to check out the bay’s dramatic coastline, incredible cliffs and breathtaking natural beauty the region has that you can only see from a boat.

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What makes the Jervis Bay Passage Tour special?


This Jervis Bay Passage tour is a two hour boat trip that takes you out to the towering sea cliffs, and over to the Point Perpendicular lighthouse. You’ll discover hidden beaches and learn loads about the area from the fantastic tour guides.

We had been keen to visit some of the unique sea caves on this tour which is why we booked it. Having only seen pictures before, it’s been on our list for ages. Plus! You’ll see an abundant sea life with heaps of dolphins too. To us, this is the ultimate Jervis Bay experience, and a must do cruise when you’re next in town.

What to expect on the tour


The day we did our tour it was raining, but it cleared up with brilliant sunshine when we returned to Jervis Bay. If it’s raining for you too, don’t worry! They give you massive rain coats which are super warm too. Plus, you’ll be protected from the rain on the boat too.

If you ever suffer from sea sickness, try and find a seat at the front of the boat (the guides will suggest this too).

Our boat crew were excellent. Their local knowledge is next to none that we ended up learning so much more about Jervis Bay and saw the place with fresh eyes after this tour.

There’s so many amazing stops along the way, here are the highlights of the incredible natural beauty of Jervis Bay.

Get a glimpse of the fairy penguins

Did you know Jervis Bay is home to little penguins? It turns out the live on Brown Island which is where you’ll pass by. But, you can only see them from the boat as you can’t step foot on the island unfortunately.

Find paradise at Silica Beach


You know we would totally hire a boat simply to spend a few hours at Silica Beach. This is a stunning beach you can only get to via a beach or via Honeymoon Bay. If you’re camping at Honeymoon Bay, it’s about a 1 hour walk to reach this stunning beach. Honestly, it’s absolutely beautiful and deserted.

Get up close to Jurassic Era rocks


When we started to get closer to the towering cliffs, the 320 million year old rocks are truly spectacular. You’ll go past the Jervis Bay apostle – a freestanding rock that looks like pancakes.

See a waterfall in the ocean


I have to say it’s a first for us to see a waterfall in the ocean! The rocks form a cascade in the ocean, creating a waterfall effect, something we’ve never seen before.

Plan a trip in the Albie Swim Through


We got super excited when the boat crew showed us the Albie Swim Through. There’s a small gap in the rocks which leads into a sea cave.

You can swim through the cave and out through another gap, with the gaps being the only sources of light in the cave.

Our guides told us it’s amazing and wow, it kinda reminded us of being back in Greece or something with the crystal clear turquoise waters lapping up against the cliffs.

Get a glimpse of the leaning tower


Home to so many hidden treasure, who knew Jervis Bay has a leaning tower? It’s an incredible rock formation snuggled into a cliff that you probably would never know about unless you did this tour.

Marvel at The Docks


Wow – The Docks is why we wanted to do this tour to be honest. The incredible rock formations which create the remarkable sea cliffs is a sight to be seen when visiting Jervis Bay. It’s got to be one of the best natural wonders you need to see near Sydney for sure! The breathtaking scenery is amazing as you watch the ocean swell head into the sea caves. It’s a sight to be seen!

Watch the rock climbers next to Point Perpendicular Lighthouse in Currarong


I didn’t know this before doing this tour, but Jervis Bay is home to some of the best rock climbing in the world. We saw rock climbers nestled into the towering sea cliffs of Point Perpendicular and could have watched them for hours!

FYI – did you know on the June Long Weekend, Jervis Bay opens the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse and Cape St George Lighthouse to visitors so you can climb up to the top? Don’t worry, you climb up inside using the staircases, no rock climbing involved!

Head over to the famous Jervis Bay beaches


After you’ve been left marvelled at the rocky headlands, the crew will take you over to the famous beaches in Jervis Bay, starting at the beautiful Murray’s Beach. You’ll then guide through the Navy College which I must say has probably the nicest beach in Jervis Bay! Apparently the Navy College was once a honeymoon resort, but the crew said you should head here for Anzac Day – it’s a beautiful service here at dawn.

And you’ll continue the boat trip along Hyams Beach and onto the beaches on the White Sands Walk too before heading back to Jervis Bay Public Wharf.

If you visit during whale season, I’m sure you’ll encounter a good few whales on the Jervis Bay Passage experience.


And when you finish the tour, we recommend heading over to Pasta Buoy for some delicious home made Italian pasta and a cocktail!

If you’re looking for things to do in Jervis Bay, we 100% recommend booking this cruise with Jervis Bay Wild Cruises here.

The informative commentary was brilliant and seeing Jervis Bay passage is a sight to be seen. Honestly, I couldn’t recommend this tour enough!

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Jervis Bay Accommodation


Need to know where to stay in Jervis Bay? Here are our top picks!

  1. Paperbark Camp – ultimate luxury glamping experience!
  2. Huskisson Beach Motel – we stayed here as the location doesn’t get any better than just off the main street! It’s more basic but affordable and clean.
  3. The Woods Farm is a gorgeous place to stay in Jervis Bay. With glamping tents for couples and three bed holiday homes for families, plus it is dog friendly too! Get up close to loads of farm animals, sit by the fire at night and swim in the pool in the daytime.

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Jervis Bay Passage Cruise

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