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If you’re wondering what to bring to the beach in Australia, it’s a whole new ball game if you’re only used to the British sun. So, we’re going to share with you the only Australia beach packing list you’ll ever need!

A lot of expats move over to Australia not really understanding how strong the sun is over here. You burn a lot quicker and before you know it, you could have third degree burns! (I actually remember burning on a cloudy day when I first arrived in Sydney!)

There’s a few things I’ve learnt which can make your time in the sun so much better which is why I’ve basically created this beach checklist. You’ll be able to spend the whole day at the beach rather than an hour, before having to spend the next week inside because you only put on factor 8.

Yep, say goodbye to those days, because you need to make sure you’re sun safe now you’re living in one of the hottest countries in the world.

Make sure you bookmark this post because there’s some proper gems we tell you about which you’ll need for your Aussie life in this beach packing list!


1. Invest in a beach tent


NESO beach tent is an awesome idea, especially if you’ve got young kids. It was only when we bought one that we realised what a total game changer if you’re wondering what to bring to the beach. You’ll have loads of room and it’s not like an umbrella where you have to adjust it according to the sun every ten minutes or so.

The best thing is you’ll be able to stay out all day in the sun with a beach tent. You’ll also be able to protect your things as well as any food and water too making it the ultimate item in our beach packing list.


Honestly it’s a god send!

We love this beach tent by NESO. As you can see in the video above, it’s super simple to put together and it’s made for longevity.

The only thing you’ve got to decide on now is what colour to buy!

2. Beach Umbrella


If a beach tent is out of the question, go for a beach umbrella. If you plan on spending more than an hour at the beach, you definitely need a beach umbrella which is one of the things to take to the beach. If you don’t have one, your time at the beach is completely limited.

We love these gorgeous vintage looking umbrellas by Beach Bungalow.

3. Beach Chairs


Every single time I go to the beach and I see people with their small deck chairs I always end up saying to Stevo that we really must buy our own.

Although you might not see people handing out deck chairs or sun loungers on the beaches in Sydney like you do in European beaches, a small deck chair is a must. We really love this one although there’s so many to choose from. We love this vintage inspired chair as well.

4. Pool Deck Chair


We love this pool chair from Sunny Life. The best part is you don’t need a pump to blow it up, you can just use the air in your lungs!

This versatile chair is perfect for sitting on the beach, floating in a pool or even for camping and is something you’ll definitely get a few people asking you about when they see you relaxing in your arm chair on the water!

5. Buy A Decent Esky


A decent esky is another essential beach item you need in Australia. If you plan to spend more than an hour at the beach, you’ll need an esky.

Fill with ice or ice blocks and put your food into containers and you’ll be set for the day. We have always gone with the brand Coleman. It’s an awesome camping brand that has never failed us with our esky!

If you’re wondering what food to take to the beach, think about what won’t create too much mess. For example, trying to eat mangoes probably isn’t the best idea as the combo or sticky fingers and sand don’t go well together!

6. Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Honestly, you’ll need a stainless steel water bottle when living in Australia! It’s a huge game changer for us especially if you’re wondering what to bring to the beach.

Since we bought our water bottles in India, we’ve never looked back.

Water in Australia will go warm within minutes when left out in the sun but if you invest in a decent water bottle, your water will stay cold all day long. This means you won’t need to go and buy water from the shop and waste money on plastics either.

7. Stainless Steel Cups


These stainless steel tumblers from Cork n Cloud are brilliant for anyone going to the beach. If you’re going to have a sneaky vino, then get yourself one, because no-one likes warm wine.

8. Floaties


We love having a floatie on hand when we go to the beach in Sydney. The range out there these days are huge but we’ve always been fans of Sunny Life Australia.

We bought our watermelon to take to Maldives and got some cracking drone shots from above.

Our favourite place to take our floatie in Sydney is at Parlsey Bay. It would be wrong if you didn’t have one there so get yourself a fun floatie to complete your Summer in Australia!

9. Beach hats


You definitely need a decent hat in Australia to protect yourself from the sun.

It’s taken me a long time to find a decent beach hat but I can confirm Lack of Colour Aus are the best best beach hats in Australia. The hats are great quality and are also stylish so you’ll be able to keep it for years and years. Honestly invest in a decent beach hat.

10. Beach bag

Everyone needs a decent big beach bag to fit everything in when they go to the beach. Check out this beautiful straw bag – you’ll be able to fit everything in it!

Otherwise check out this gorgeous Mexican inspired bag (pictured above), we love it!

If you have kids, the best beach hack is to use a big Ikea bag. They are not only waterproof but you can fit so much in them that you’ll be able to take everything you need for the kids in it.

I met up with a friend the other day and she was using one and said how good it is to throw all of the kids stuff in them.

11. Huge Beach Towel


Beach towels are something we’ve tried to master for years. We taken three towels onto the beach between two of us so we’ve got a bit more room until I found this beauty of a huge towel.

You’ll be able to spread out and fit the whole family onto one towel. I know.

12. Women’s Swimwear


If there’s one thing I struggle with in Australia, it’s finding decent swimwear because I tend to have a different body shape to most Aussie women. Finding decent swimwear for big boobs is pretty hard to come by (think 1980s style for your grandma).

If you’re more on what’s regarded as a normal size, then Seafolly is a decent shop selling some absolutely stunning bikinis and one pieces (swimming suits).


So where can you buy swimwear for big boobs in Australia? I have found Brava Lingerie is a great shop in Sydney which sells some awesome pieces specifically for women with big boobs, but it’s not cheap.

My other go to’s include Bravissimo and Pour Moi in UK. Swimwear is much cheaper in UK for big boobs but it’s a gamble as I always end up having to order a lot and send a lot back.

13. Cover up


I’ve been looking for a decent cover up for a while now because I tend to go running in the mornings, followed by a swim.

Rather than changing into a clean set of clothes, I just throw my cover up on before I jump in the car to go home. It’s one of those items you have no idea how much you need until you buy one.

14. Men’s Swimwear


There’s a bit of an unspoken rule in Australia when it comes to men’s beach attire. Speedo’s are a no no unless you’re actually swimming in an ocean pool or competing. Boardies are always slightly below the knee, not above. Get this right and you’ll blend in as a local straight away!

Ripcurl make some of the best board shorts for men in Australia so make sure you check out our picks here.

15. Sunnies


You can’t go outside in Australia without wearing a decent pair of sunnies. Make sure you buy some which are polarised as well. I’ve always been a big fan of Ray bans which are always a classic brand which won’t ever go out of style.

16. Flip Flops


Don’t wear your decent sandals to the beach or worst of all trainers. Buy yourself a pair of Havaianas because they will last and just use them for the beach.

17. Water Shoes


Bring a pair of water shoes with you to the beach as there tends to be some rock pools which will make it much easier to scramble over.

When we went to Sri Lanka a few years back, I stepped on a sea urchin in a rock pool and had to go to hospital. It wasn’t fun. We’ve since bought a pair of water shoes and it’s one of those must needed items.

If you’re into hiking or exploring waterfalls in Australia, you’ll definitely need some water shoes as well.

18. A Rashie

A rashie comes in really handy when the water is a bit on the cooler side. Honestly, Stevo finds it hard to get into unless the water temp is above 25C. It takes until around February in Sydney before the water is really warm so a rashie will come in handy before then.

19. Wetsuit


If you’re into surfing or body boarding, you’ll need to get a decent wetsuit. Ripcurl tend to do some of the best wetsuits around and they’ve got a great selection for both men and women.

20. Don’t Use Anything Under Factor 50


It’s an obvious one but you’ll need factor 50 sunscreen at all times in Australia. I know back in England most people use Factor 8 at the most but in Australia it’s a whole new ball game.

If you didn’t know, the difference between the factors is how long it will last. If you use Factor 8, you’ll have to reapply every few minutes.

21. MATRIX BOND Utlim8 Treatment


I never go to the beach without taking my MATRIX BOND Ultim8 sealing treatment with me. This hair mask is honestly the goods that I wrote all about it here.

Put it on after you’ve been in the ocean and it will protect your hair. Then wash your hair as normal when you get home and your hair will be super soft.

Because I have short hair, it can become a bit wild if I’ve let it dry after being in the ocean. I always take a hairband and hair grips with me for the incase moments – it’s a mandatory part of my what to bring to the beach bag.

22. Buckets & Spade


You can’t go wrong with a classic bucket & spade to keep the kids entertained when knowing what to bring to the beach. My best friend was recently saying to me that it’s something that’s just not commonly sold on the beaches here in Sydney so make sure you order yours now.

23. Kids Games


If you’re looking to keep the kids more entertained on the Australian beaches, make sure you pick up this classic game for everyone to play. The child friendly paddles are a great activity for all year round, regardless of whether or not you’re on the beach!

24. Pick up one of the best books in 2020


An obvious part of our what to bring to the beach list includes a decent book. The beach and a good book go hand in hand so why not take the perfect opportunity to get back into reading. If you’re wondering where to start, take a look at this list.

25. iPhone dry bag


Most people tend to entertain themselves on the beach with their iphone but it’s a tricky one because you don’t want to ruin your phone either.

We’ve found these cool iphone cases so you don’t even need a bag either.

26. GoPro


I remember when we went to The Philippines back in 2013 and we absolutely regretted not having a GoPro with us because of some of the amazing lagoons we went to.

In Australia, there’s lots of exploring to do around the beaches where you’ll be able to take photos and film some cool underwater scenes. Just wait til you get into canyoning as well.

27. Snorkeling Gear


There’s some amazing snorkelling spots to discover all around Australia so pick up this snorkelling gear and keep it in your car at all times. This way you’ll never forget it and won’t miss out on some awesome moments. It’s a crucial part in our what to bring to the beach list because there are so many amazing places to discover underwater.

28. Big Dry Bag


A dry bag is a must when going to the beach. If you’re going on any tours like jet boating, diving or more, you’ll need a dry bag. We’ve had one for years and it’s something you just need in this what to bring to the beach list.

The good news is you can pick them up for really cheap from here.

29. Beach Hammock


Steve was so proud when he bought this hammock that he travelled around the world with it for a whole year. Mind you, he didn’t use it all that often whilst he was travelling, but the times he did get it out he said were completely worth it.

Grab yourself one of these lightweight hammocks and take it to the beach with you. You’ll be the envy of so many people.

30. First Aid Kit


Our final what to bring to the beach list includes a first aid kit. Because there are so many secluded beaches around which aren’t near any shops or roads, you need to make sure you cover all bases. Bring a first aid kit with you especially if you have kids.


Might sound obvious but Australia has a strict “leave no trace” policy on the beaches so make sure you bring a rubbish bag with you especially if you’re visiting secluded beaches in National Parks.

What To Take To The Beach In Australia

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