Put The Cistern Chapel Maryborough Public Toilets On Your East Coast Bucket List

If you’re looking for places to visit on the East Coast, you absolutely need to swing by and check out The Cistern Chapel Maryborough public toilets! I know, as random as it sounds, the renovated toilets is claiming to be the ‘poshest toilets in Australia’, and I think they are right!

I saw Maryborough’s Cistern Chapel go viral on TikTok and couldn’t believe the amount of times I have driven past Maryborough when we used to live in Agnes Water and drive down to Sunshine Coast and didn’t know about it.

The new local tourist attraction is something that you shouldn’t miss because it’s so quirky and fun, I 100% stopping by to take a look!

Where is the Cistern Chapel in Maryborough?


Located in the Heritage City of Maryborough, the Cistern Chapel is located in the City Hall public toilets. Don’t do what we did and just type into Google Maps ‘public toilets’ as you’ll end up at the wrong ones! Type in ‘Cistern Chapel’ and you’ll find them especially as you’ll see the Flusher Ushers outside the flashiest loos in Australia!

It took us just over 2 hours to drive to The Cistern Chapel from our home in Sunshine Coast as we were driving up to Hervey Bay to go to K’gari (Fraser Island). We tried to visit them before after visiting friends in Agnes Water, but we got there too late. Just so you know, the toilets aren’t open 24 hours. You’ll need to visit between 9am-4pm.

What are the Flusher Ushers?


The proud volunteer Flusher Ushers stand outside the public bathrooms located at the Cistern Chapel to provide information about the famous toilet block and help visitors pop into both the men’s and women’s bathrooms to check them out when of course they aren’t being used.

The story behind the toilets


Former Editor of the local newspaper, Nancy Bates, had the grand vision of wanting to turn the once soulless dingy toilets into the best toilets in Australia with the most amazing art filled walls. After persuading the local council, local key artists involved, Akos Juhasz and Gary Madden brought Nancy’s vision to life which includes crystal chandeliers, classical music and even fresh flowers.

Who would have thought a public toilet block could evoke so much joy for visitors stopping by Maryborough? The quirky nod to Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel presents floor to ceiling paintings that are even more impressive in person. Opened in 2022, the public toilets are bringing more visitors to the town, adding on more reasons to visit than seeing the home town of the author who wrote Mary Poppins.

What’s the toilets like inside?


When we arrived, I went straight into the women’s toilets to check it out, not realising that I could go into the men’s as well. The women’s are the best in my opinion for such amazing artwork, gold plated toilet seat, chandeliers and fresh flowers.

You could spend a good bit of time in here just looking at the detail that has gone into the murals. There’s even an enchanting stained glass window which has been beautifully painted as well.


I loved the classical music playing in the toilets, it gives it an added touch and makes it feel special, even if it is just a toilet block!


There is also a parents room in the women’s toilets with a nod to the Mary Poppins theme which I thought was nice.


When I walked out of the women’s toilets, I was told by the Flusher Ushers that I could check out the mens and that the man painted on the back of the toilet door, was in fact a self-portrait of one of the artists.

We weren’t expecting the toilets to be as exciting as they actually are and thought it was something really nice about doing a detour to Maryborough to visit them.

Take a photo for an illusion effect


In the men’s toilets, the artists have painted a corridor which is a great spot to take a photo for an illusion effect, like you’e in the painting. The Flusher Ushers told us to take it, which is a bit of fun!

Other places to visit in Maryborough


As mentioned, Maryborough is famed for being the birth place of the author who wrote Mary Poppins. You can book quirky tours and experiences like Tea with Mary at the Story Bank Museum to learn more about the history behind the author.

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Places to visit nearby


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Cistern Chapel Maryborough

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