30 Best Things To Do In Agnes Water & 1770 In 2021

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After randomly moving to Agnes Water after a pet sitting job, we’re sharing all of the fun things to do in Agnes Water and 1770 in Queensland. This Agnes Water guide is written by someone who hasn’t just visited for a couple of days! We’ve been living in this beautiful beach town since January 2020. You won’t find a more comprehensive Agnes Water guide on the internet!

Whilst many people travelling up the East Coast of Australia might not take a detour to Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy, you really should because there are some really cool things to do in Agnes Water!

If you’ve never heard of Agnes Water and 1770 in Queensland before, the two towns are located just 7km apart, merged in between Eurimbula National Park and Deepwater National Park. I’m not sure why, but many people refer to the town as Agnes Waters not Agnes Water.

This isolated Australian beach town is also an hour and a half drive from the nearest cities of Bundaberg in the South and Gladstone in the north, and a four hour drive north of Noosa. It also sits at the bottom of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, a gateway to some of the hidden islands which will blow you away, mentioned in this guide! You won’t find any shopping malls, McDonalds or anything like that in this town. It’s as authentic as a classic Aussie beach town gets!

Let us introduce you to one of the best places in Australia!

First, Watch Our Agnes Water Video

Why Is Agnes Water So Popular?

Honeymoon Beach along The Red Rock Trail in Agnes Water

Whether you’re doing an East Coast Australia road trip, or you’re looking to find the best places in Australia to visit, you absolutely must put this beach town on your list.

The Town of 1770 and Agnes Waters are popular places to visit in Queensland for many people from the Sunshine Coast, as well as grey nomads, backpackers and anyone travelling Australia in a van. You can say goodbye to traffic as there are no traffic lights, no roundabouts and no parking metres in this beach town!

It’s also the final place up the East Coast of Australia where you can learn to surf. The calm waves makes it a very popular place for beginner surfers.

And of course, 1770 was the first place Captain Cook found in Queensland in, you guessed it… 1770.

You can also watch the sunrise and sunset over the water. Expect an amazing show when it comes to sunrises and sunsets!!

You can watch spectacular sunsets right from your car at 1770 Headland.

Whenever we’ve mentioned the name Agnes Water to anyone who has heard of the town, we always get the reaction of many envious people. I think that’s one of the reasons we ended up staying here! Plus the locals are incredibly friendly too.

If you’re interested, you can read more about why we moved to Agnes Water here.

It’s a proper little gem, and although when you first arrive you might not understand what the fuss is all about, you quickly will. It’s no wonder Agnes Water and the Town of 1770 frequently make the top lists for the best places to visit in Australia.

How To Get To Agnes Water

It’s been said the town will be the next Noosa, although that rumour has been on the horizon for the last twenty years. Unfortunately what deters people from visiting is the remoteness of it.

If you’re wondering how to get to Agnes Water, you’ll need to turn off the Bruce Highway and drive 1h30m from either the regional city of Bundaberg in the South or Gladstone in the North.

Steve enjoying a magical sunset at 1770.

To put it into perspective, it’s a four hour drive from Noosa, 5.5hr from Brisbane and nearly three hours from Rockhampton.

Since the travel ban has been lifted, Agnes Water is booming with real estate being snapped up straight away. It’s the type of place people living in Sunshine Coast come for their holidays to get away from the crowds.

You can’t technically fly to Agnes Water as there’s no airport, so you’ll need to change at Brisbane. Luckily the flight from Brisbane to Bundaberg only takes 30 minutes. From Bundaberg or Gladstone airports, you’ll need to hire a car and drive 1h30m to get here.

Greyhound Bus usually come to Agnes Water although at the time of writing they had stopped running because of the pandemic.

Need To Hire A Car?

Don’t Miss Out On This Hidden Gem!

If you don’t have a car, don’t worry you can still visit this hidden gem! Check our go to car hire company in Australia to be able to discover this place.

When To Visit Agnes Water

Wondering when is the best time of the year to visit Agnes Water? Agnes Water weather actually differs a lot during the year in terms of cool, lovely warm weather and unbearably stinking hot!

Agnes Water shopping centre.

From November to April, the weather is unbelievably hot in town. You can’t really spend more than an hour in the sun without having an umbrella on the beach. The water is beautifully warm but the humidity is super high.

I can only describe the weather during this time as similar to being in South East Asia. The mozzies and sandflies are very apparent during these months and you absolutely will need a strong mozzie spray, especially down at 1770.

April to October is when the weather is beautiful. I have swam all year round in the ocean here although it does get a bit chillier between June – July. It makes me laugh when the locals think I’m crazy for swimming in the cooler months because to me, winter doesn’t really exist in Agnes Water!

The amazing Paperbark Forest Walk in Agnes Water.

Around April to May, the weather is amazing and feels as close to a European summer as I’ve seen in Australia. In April you’ll see the butterfly migration where thousands of butterflies fly through Agnes Water and 1770 for about a month. It’s an incredibly special sight and April is by far my favourite month here.

30 Best Things To Do In Agnes Water

Whilst many people just head down to the main beach in Agnes Water, there’s so much more to do than you’ll know! Here are our best things to do in Agnes Water and 1770!

1. Paperbark Boardwalk In Agnes Water


The Paperbark Boardwalk is easily my favourite thing to do in Agnes Water. I love how unassuming it is from the road, you could easily miss the carpark as it’s not very well signposted.

The entrance to Paperbark Boardwalk.

But once you walk into the bush, it opens up into a majestic and absolutely beautiful paperbark forest. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful sights I have seen in Australia. It also makes for a fab Insta worthy photo as well!

It’s just a 15 minute walk and it’s really easy so you can take kids with you. They’ll actually love the stepping stones as well. There’s no access for wheelchairs or prams and it’s not best for anyone unsteady either.

If you go just after rainfall, it makes even better for photography as the reflections from the water are just incredible.

2. 1770 Butterfly Walk


It wasn’t until we had been in Agnes Water for a few months until we actually did the Butterfly Walk. Usually between March – May you’ll find hundreds of thousands of Blue tiger butterflies as the migrate through Agnes Water and 1770. It’s an absolutely incredible sight, but the best place to see them is on the Butterfly Walk.

Captain Cook Monument in 1770.

The 1770 Butterfly Walk starts from the Captain Cook monument which takes you through the bush and along the coast line, up to the 1770 Headland & lookouts. You’ll realise why this walk is called the Butterfly Walk because it descends down into a lush sub-tropical rainforest which is where thousands of butterflies have made their home during these two months. It’s an incredible and special place, you’ll honestly feel like you’re in a Disney movie like we did!

The Butterfly Walk doesn’t take very long (about 10-15 minutes) and you could easily take kids with you.

3. 1770 LARC Tours

1770 LARC tours

The LARC! 1770 Tours usually pops up as the number one thing to do in Agnes Water & 1770. We recently went on the sunset tour and it surprised us so much, especially after living in the town for 18 months, we loved it! There are three tours to choose from including the Lunch Tour and the most popular being the all-day Paradise Tour which takes you to Bustard Head Lighthouse. Make sure you read our review below.

4. Red Rock Walking Trail

The Red Rock Walking Trail in Agnes Water Queensland is one of the best coastal walks we’ve been on in Australia. The track isn’t actually that long but it took us about 2 hours return to do it as you pass by loads of ridiculously amazing beaches along the way. Best of all, you’ll probably get the entire track to yourself. If you come to Agnes Water and you don’t do this hike, you’re totally missing out.

Bring A LOT of water and if you end up doing this Agnes Water walk during Summer, do it as early as possible.

You can read more about everything you need to know about The Red Rock Trail in Agnes Water below!

5. Visit Springs Beach


On the way to the start of Red Rock Walking Trail, you’ll pass by Springs Beach which to us is the best beach in Agnes Water. This long stretch of bay is absolutely spectacular and it’s also super quiet. To us, this is paradise at its best.

The road is opposite the Paperbark Forest which is OK for normal cars to drive along. When you reach the end of the road, you’ll come to a car park. There’s a boardwalk all the way down to the beach which will take about 7 minutes to walk down.

6. Horizons Kangaroo Sanctuary


I doubt there’s anywhere else like the Horizons Kangaroo Sanctury in Australia. It’s run by a family who open their arms to orphaned kangaroos and nurse them back into the wild.

When you arrive, you’ll basically stand in front of the house feeding them kangaroos sweet potatoes for an hour. They ask for a $10 donation fee which you’ll need to pay in cash (there’s no cash machine there).

Watch Out For Kangaroos In Agnes Water!

You’ll notice a lot of kangaroos in Agnes Water. They usually come out at dusk and dawn so just be super careful when driving into the town and drive slowly, especially on the road between Agnes Water and 1770. You don’t want to hit one and have to pay out a lot to get your car fixed!

7. Watch A Sunrise At Agnes Water Beach

The ABC were filming a classic Agnes Water sunrise when we first arrived in town.

Make sure you get up early and watch the sunrise at Agnes Water Beach. There’s something really magical about getting up early to witness the sunrise on the beach, so make the effort to do it, even if it’s just once during your holiday.

8. 1770 Sunset Is A Must!

One of the best things about Agnes Water is being able to see the sunset over the water at 1770. It’s absolutely spectacular and it’s a sight you need to see.

Either watch the 1770 sunset from the 1770 Headland & Lookout, down at the beach or over by Rusty Pelican’s Fish & Chips. There’s a seat there with the 1770 sign and it’s a beautiful spot to sit back and watch the sun go down.

Just make sure you bring mossie spray with you when watching the sunset at 1770, otherwise it won’t be pretty. Trust us on this one – we learnt the hard way!

9. Learn To Surf With Lazy Lizard School

Agnes Water Main Beach

The guys who run Lazy Lizard Surf School in Agnes Water are super friendly. Located just across from the Agnes Water Main Beach carpark, you’ll be able to hire a surf board or take a class whilst you’re in town!

10. Take A Day Trip To Lady Musgrave Island


Lady Musgrave Island is one of the best hidden gems in Australia! This protected and un-inhabited island in the Southern Great Barrier Reef, is just a 2 hour boat ride from 1770 with 1770 Reef tours.

When we did a day trip to Lady Musgrave Island with 1770 Reef, we had a fantastic time! Expect a glass bottom boat tour in the reef which will feel like being in a fish tank. You’ll see everything from turtles, reef sharks and even manta rays! You’ll also have the opportunity to go on a guided walk around the island and of course spend some quality time snorkelling in Lady Musgrave Island.

You can read more about what our day trip to Lady Musgrave Island looks like below.

Watch our Trip To Lady Musgrave Island Below!

11. And A Day Trip To Lady Elliot Island

Snorkelling in the famous Lady Elliot Island lagoon with 30 turtles!

Usually you can only visit Lady Eliot Island from either Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hervey Bay or Bundaberg. But, sometimes they do day trips from Agnes Water.

Lady Elliot Island is located about 20km from Lady Musgrave Island and it honestly just stole our hearts. In actual fact, Lady Elliot Island is our favourite place in Australia because it’s just such a wonderful place.

Firstly, it’s home to the best diving in the world with manta rays and home to the only pink manta ray in the world! When diving, you almost walk in from the beach so it’s a great experience for anyone looking to learn how to dive in Australia.

The lagoon is absolutely amazing and home to over 30 turtles. Although you can only enter the lagoon at high tide which is usually only accessible for anyone staying over night due to the timings, it’s a mind blowing experience. After we both snorkelled and dived in Lady Elliot Island, we turned to each other and said it was the best snorkelling and diving we had done anywhere in the world!

Read more about our experience at Lady Elliot Island below!

Watch Our Video To Lady Elliot Island Below!

12. Go To A Yoga Class In Agnes Water

Shala Om Yoga School in Agnes Water.

One of the reasons we wanted to stay in Agnes Water is because the yoga studio at Shala Om is one of THE best yoga studios in Australia! Every single yoga instructor is amazing in Agnes Water and we can’t recommend it highly enough! Kenton’s Saturday morning yoga classes are fantastic, and I have to say, he’s the best yoga teacher we’ve ever been to!

You can mostly drop into the yoga classes at Shala Om yoga school which is situated above Sandcastles Resort. Just bring $15 cash with you for the class. Check the classes and whether you need to book here first.

13. Check Out Workmans & Chinamans Beach

Chinamans Beach is next door to Workmans Beach and although you can drive right up to both beaches, both tend to be pretty quiet Agnes Water beaches. Be careful when swimming here as there are often a lot of rip tides and there’s no lifeguards patrolling.

FYI – You’ll only find lifeguards on Main Beach in Agnes Water.

14. Visit Deepwater National Park

The beautiful Wreck Rocks in Deepwater National Park.

It took us a few months of being in Agnes Water before we realised that you can drive into Deepwater National Park without having a 4×4. We went via Rules Beach which takes about an hour from Agnes Water, but it’s worth it. We drove up to Wreck Rocks which is absolutely beautiful. Plus I must mention, we saw an emu and a fresh water turtle cross the road on the way into Deepwater National Park which just blew my mind!

There’s a basic campsite there (you have to get a tag to camp), an amazing stretch of beach, plus loads of little rock pools to swim in. It’s honestly the type of place we would definitely go back to because it’s that beautiful.

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, look no further. It’s paradise at its best.

If you have a 4×4, you can drive right into Deepwater National Park from Agnes Water. The popular spots include Flat Rock and Red Rocks.

Prefer to do a Deepwater tour? Check out Moondoggie Beach & Bush Tours who goes to Deepwater & Eriumbula for those of us who don’t have access via 4×4.

15. Eurimbula National Park


We’ve not actually been into Eurimbula National Park because we don’t have a 4×4. I have heard it might be OK to drive there in a normal car. You’ll have to drive out of town to Captain Creek to gain access into the National Park. It’s a popular spot for fishing in Agnes Water, beach driving and there’s a campground there too. Or you can go on this Eurimbula National Park Tour if you’d like to explore the area.

16. Cycle up to 1770


A visit to 1770 and Agnes Water wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t cycle around the town! If you don’t have bikes with you, you can hire a bike from the tourist shop next door to the Caltex Service Station.

We’ve seen many people walk from town to 1770 along the Captain Cook Drive and we 100% recommend cycling the 7km. No one wants to walk back in the dark after a 1770 sunset, and it’s going to take you at least an hour. It’s not an exciting walk so definitely hire a bike.

If cyclying isn’t your thing, we recommend jumping on a bike with Scooteroo tours!

17. Agnes Water Markets

The Discovery Rotary Markets at the 1770 SES Grounds.

The Discovery Rotary Markets, known as the Agnes Water Markets usually take place every other Sunday between 8am-12pm. Depending on the time of the year you visit Agnes Water, they might run in consecutive weeks, depending on the holiday period. You’ll find loads of local businesses selling everything from Opals, Organic Food and much more!

18. Go to Agnes Water Blues Roots & Rock Festival


If you’re visiting Agnes Water in February, we recommend coming along to the annual Agnes Water Blues Roots & Rock Festival. It takes place over a weekend at the 1770 SES Grounds (same location as the markets). There are shuttle busses running so you’ll be able to get to and from town really easily during the event.

It’s been known, Agnes Water Blues & Roots has drawn in some major artists including Tex Perkins!

19. 1770 Kayaking at Sunset

Image via

We’ve been meaning to jump on a kayak with 1770 Liquid Adventures for a while now. The 1770 kayaking tour is best done at sunset so you’ll float back to enjoy the incredible sunset show 1770 puts on every night!

20. Agnes Water Museum


Pop into museum to learn all about the history of this fascinating beach town. You’ll be surprised to learn there’s more to this small town than you might have thought!

21. Go Fishing In Agnes Water


May people come to this beach town to go fishing. You only have to go into the Caltex to see the wall of the fish caught in the area.

If you’re looking to cook up some locally caught Agnes Water fish, then head over to the seafood shop next door to the Caltex. It’s the best locally caught fish we’ve ever tried!

22. Playgrounds In Agnes Water & 1770

1770 playground.

If you’re looking for any playgrounds in Agnes Water & 1770, you’ll find one at Main Beach, a skatepark on the Springs Road, and a gorgeous playground at 1770 next door to the 1770 Campground.

23. Have a BBQ At 1770


1770 is home to so many fantastic BBQ areas, we recommend parking up before sunset and get your food cooking. You can pop over to the 1770 Beach Hotel to grab some more drinks if needed!

24. Walk To The Discovery Trail Lookout

The Discovery Trail Lookout over to Workman’s Beach

I run to The Discovery Trail Lookout Agnes Water every morning! When you walk up Springs Road, you’ll find a path next to the back of the campground by the beach. Keep to the left of the trail and it will bring you up to The Discovery Trail Lookout. The trail technically starts next to the museum but it all joins together.

At The Discovery Trail Lookout, you’ll be able to see back over to Main Beach, and over to Workman’s Beach. It’s so beautiful at sunrise too!

If you want to continue the path on, it goes all the way to Workman’s Beach. When you get to Workman’s Beach, there’s another walking track which will take you to Chinaman’s Beach and then onto Springs Beach. The path on this track is on sand so it’s not as easy to run on if you’re looking for running tracks in Agnes Water. If you’re looking for Agnes Water walks, then you’ve come to the right spot.

25. Go To The Local Gin Distillery & Agnes Water Nursery


It sounds kind of random, but the 1770 Gin Distillery and plant nursery are situated at the same place. This family run business is really authentic and we’ve been over there a couple of times now to support this local business. They are located just down the road from 1770 Getaway.

26. Enjoy A Gorgeous Picnic


Coastal Rush Pop Up Picnics is a relatively new company based in the town. If you have a special occasion coming up or you just fancy doing something a bit different then check out their beautiful picnics in Agnes Water. We’ve seen them in action, and we could tell everyone was super jealous of the couple who were enjoying their stunning picnic set up!

27. Get Your Hair Done At Watermark Hair


This might sound a bit random but if you have blonde hair then you absolutely must book an appointment with Bree at Watermark Hair which is located at Sandcastles Resort.

I personally know how difficult getting a decent blonde colour is and luckily Bree specialises in blonde hair. I was absolutely over the moon with the results after four months of no colour thanks to being in lockdown.

Watermark Hair is worth a mention because Bree is just so good. So, if you’re coming into town, book in early with Bree!

28. Pick Your Own Strawberries At Rons Fruit & Veg Farm


We absolutely love Ron’s Fruit & Veg Farm. It’s popular place to pick your own strawberries (get there early!) and their food is fantastic. I love how you can choose what you want and they’ll go and pick it for you. Or you can go and pick it yourself. Think beautiful round lettuces, kale and so much more! FYI – the mushrooms are the best we’ve ever tried!

29. Take Some Gorgeous Photos At 1770 Getaway

Although 1770 Getaway is one of our favourite places to eat in the town, the entrance to the cafe is like no other. Honestly, it’s got to be one of the most beautiful cafe entrances I think we’ve ever seen!

30. Join the Sunday Sessions At Drift & Wood

Although we’ve personally not been to the Sunday sessions at Drift & Wood, I have heard they are a bit of an institution! If you’re into live music, then make sure you get down to Drift & Wood on Sundays between 3-6pm.

Where To Eat In Agnes Water & 1770
Acai Bowl at 1770 Getaway.

Whilst there are a few places to eat in Agnes Water, we’re going to share some of our personal favourites with you.

Firstly, 1770 Getaway is our favourite place to eat in Agnes Water. Owner Vera is easily the best chef in town! Expect delicious burgers, salads, smoothies and their to die for cakes! Whilst the vanilla slice is the famous cake at 1770 Getaway, our personal favourite it the apple and cinnamon cheesecake. Honestly it’s amazing!

Note, they are closed on Saturdays and open in the day time during the week but only on Wednesday and Sunday nights for their famous pizza and lamb spit roast! Book ahead for dinner.

Rusty Pelican’s is a great spot to watch the sunset and have a classic fish & chips in 1770, or opt for Coral Seafood in town. The freshly caught fish and chips is the best I’ve had anywhere in the world! Always end the day at 1770 Gelato!

Agnes Water Tavern.

You also can’t go wrong with the Agnes Water Tavern at the top end of town! Head over to Hollidays Cafe for breakfast or lunch with the only view of Main Beach in town!

You can read our full guide for Agnes Water restaurants below.

Agnes Water & 1770 Accommodation

Sunrise at 1770 Holidays

Lastly, you might be looking for the best places to stay in Agnes Water & 1770. Here is where we would personally stay.

  1. Luxury: Sunrise at 1770 Holidays is an exclusive and beautiful Agnes Water accommodation option with a cracking pool overlooking the ocean. To us, this is where we would stay in a heartbeat. It’s a little out of the way, but it’s on the Red Rock walk and is honestly paradise at its best.
  2. Mid-Range: 1770 Getaway offers boutique accommodation in beautiful gardens with a swimming pool and bali inspired day beds. Plus! Don’t forget to eat at their gorgeous cafe!
  3. Budget: 1770 Kite Surf Beach House is located right in the heart of town and has a relaxed vibe, perfect for couples.
  4. Backpackers: Backpackers at 1770 is an excellent backpackers, just a minute’s walk from town and Round Hill Pizza! It’s run by a lovely couple with an inclusive atmosphere.
  5. Agnes Water Camping: Stay at Agnes Water Beach Holidays which is right on the main beach in Agnes. The cafe serves up excellent food as well. There’s also Workman’s Beach campground just outside of town (although it is currently closed at the time of writing), 1770 Campground and Captain Cook Holiday Park as well.

If you made it this far, congratulations! We hope our huge guide has helped you make the most out of your visit to the amazing beach town in Queensland!

Don’t forget to watch our video!

Best Things To Do In Agnes Water & 1770 Queensland


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