Looking for long weekend from Sydney ideas? If you’re feeling like it’s time for some awesome Sydney getaways, look no further.

From amazing Sydney hikes, to secluded Sydney beaches, excellent foodie places, Sydney family getaways, romantic getaways… the list goes on.

There’s so many incredible places to visit in Sydney that we’re here to inspire you to have the best long weekend from Sydney! If you’d prefer just to do a day trip from Sydney instead, you can check out our popular post about 25 day trips from Sydney.

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1. Weekend From Sydney In Blue Mountains


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There are so many things to do in Blue Mountains, it’s not just for the hiking types! From amazing Blue Mountains lookouts which don’t require any walking, to spending the entire weekend from Sydney on an action based hiking adventure, it’s the type of place you can decide whether you want to spend the day in the spa or a day swimming through a canyon.

There’s also plenty of romantic things to do in Blue Mountains as well so you can have a beautifully relaxing weekend away from Sydney.

We also recommend visiting the amazing Japanese Bath House in Blue Mountains which is honestly one of the best hidden gems in Sydney. Just make sure you book ahead!

There are some excellent Blue Mountains accommodation ideas as well. From staying in a tree house to a backpackers, to an awesome couples retreat – there’s literally something for everyone!

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2. Weekend From Sydney For Families

Just 3 hours north of Sydney lies the ultimate family destination of Port Stephens. But, it’s not just for families, as there’s something for everyone in Port Stephens!

From horse riding on the beach, the incredibly popular sand dunes tour (book here) or the equally popular quad biking tour (book here) on the largest sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere at Anna Bay.

PLUS! Port Stephens is the ONLY place in NSW where you can swim with dolphins! You can find out more about ticking this off your Australian bucket list here!

There are so many things to do in Port Stephens, you’ll have no problems keeping the kids entertained!

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Watch our video of Port Stephens below!

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3. Spend The Weekend In Newcastle


Newcastle is located just a two hour drive north of Sydney and is often overlooked by many Sydney-siders. We’ve lived there for nearly a year and I can admit it’s a proper little gem. There’s so much to see there that you really need to check it out.

Think of beautiful beaches in Newcastle NSW, rock pools, great places to eat and some proper gems like the best cinema we’ve ever been to and more!

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4. Art Weekend From Sydney


We were completely blown away by Canberra during our recent visit. If you’re looking for a weekend away from Sydney which has some of the best art galleries in Australia as well as some awesome hidden things to do, you must check it out!

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If you’re looking for Canberra accommodation, click here to read all about our stay at Ovolo Nishi. 

Watch our video of our stay at Ovolo Nishi below!

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5. Visit the best beaches in NSW


Expect the world’s whitest sand, the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever seen with pristine clear waters, plenty of dolphins, some of Australia’s best camping spots, and a vibe that’s comparable to Byron Bay. All of this is just a 3 hour drive South of Sydney at Jervis Bay!

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6. Get away from it all at retreat near Sydney


If you need a bit of time out from your current life, I’d recommend Sunnataram Forest Monastery in Bundanoon in Kangaroo Valley.

They usually hold a meditation retreat once a month on a weekend but during long weekends the retreats last a bit longer. I’ve been to this place three times in the last year, it’s amazing! Expect a combination of walking and sitting meditation, dharma talks, Tai Chi and awesome vegetarian food.

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7. Stay on a hidden island in Sydney

If you want to get away from Sydney but not drive very far, Scotland Island is the place to go. It’s an amazing little gem, located on Pittwater near Palm Beach.

We’ve stayed at Scotland Island Lodge twice now and it’s absolutely perfect. Their home cooking doesn’t get much better, and you’ll be able to do various hikes around the small island (30 minutes each) and even hire out a kayak to get around the area. Just make sure you ask for the room with the spa 🙂

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Watch our video of Scotland Island below!

8. Visit the Spring or Autumn Leaves

If you love gardens then you’re in luck because the beautiful Breenhold Gardens in Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountain opens their doors only during Spring or Autumn.

I got a lot of British vibes from these gardens in a really nice way when I visited and it made me feel like I was back home.

Want to know more? Read about our experience at Breenhold Gardens.

Watch our video at Breenhold Gardens below!

9. Explore Sydney waterfalls to swim in

If it’s warm enough during the long weekend why not try and find some of our favourite Sydney waterfalls to swim in and secluded beaches in Sydney?

You’ll feel like you’re in paradise and be wondering how on earth you’re so close to Sydney and never knew any of these places existed?

10. Take a romantic getaway from Sydney

If you’re stuck for ideas to impress a loved one, we’ve planned 16 romantic getaways from Sydney all within a three hour drive.

From sleeping in a tree house, to bush walks, to romantic waterfalls, to staying in one of the most beautiful and luxury hotels near Sydney, it’s all here in this post.

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11. Feel like you’re in Byron Bay near Sydney


If you love the chilled out beach vibes of Byron Bay but don’t want to travel far, I’d definitely recommend spending the weekend at Avoca Beach near Sydney.

There’s some really great beaches in Avoca Beach, one of the healthiest cafes in Australia, a gorgeous cinema (voted one of the best cinemas in the world!) and a chilled vibe that will make you think you’re in Byron Bay.

Avoca is only 1h 30min drive from Sydney so you can save the cash from the flights and time.

Want to know more? Check out our guide to Avoca Beach.

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12. Visit paradise at Seal Rocks and Pacific Palms


The amazing area of Pacific Palms near Forster is just a 3.5hour drive from Sydney. This is the kinda place you’d expect people to say ‘this is what Byron Bay used to be like’.

With back to back of some of the best beaches in NSW, you’ll feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. It’s a quiet area to holiday in with just a couple of places to eat in Bluey’s Beach itself. Head to Kambali for dinner – the Balinese cuisine is fantastic and it’s BYO. If you fancy camping on the beach, stay in Seal Rocks.

To be honest with you, if you’re looking for a beach holiday, it really doesn’t get any better than here. You can thank us later for introducing you to paradise 😉

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13. For the actual Byron Bay lover!

It’s not quite a 3 hour drive out of Sydney, but if you want to get far, far away, then Byron Bay is a must visit.

Check out the most amazing airbnb right on the beach, and another amazing airbnb at the famous Wategoes Beach as well as an amazing beach house in Byron and my top 14 restaurants in Byron Bay.

Byron Bay is the quintessential Australian beach town to chill out and relax in and a favourite amongst locals, holiday makers and backpackers. Expect beautiful beaches, the amazing Byron Bay Hinterland to visit and so many things to do in Byron Bay – you won’t be bored!

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