If you’re looking for a getaway from Sydney, Seal Rocks has it all that you’ll never want to leave.

After staying with Steve’s mum for a while in Newcastle, it gave me the time to really explore the area and to finally drive the 1h 45min journey from Newie to Seal Rocks. So all in all, if you’re coming from Sydney CBD, it takes just 3h 20mins which isn’t too far for a weekend away. It’s like going to Jervis Bay but in the other direction.

But I was so surprised when we got there, this place is a real gem. If you’re looking for a weekend away from Sydney, look no further – I have you covered!

7 Reasons why you need to visit Seal Rocks

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1. You really should camp at Seal Rocks

SEAL-ROCKS-NSWImage via Reflections Holiday Park

There are a few campsites at Seal Rocks which have fantastic facilities. Even if camping isn’t your thing, they have holiday rentals up there too. And did I mention the view you’ll be getting too?? Or you can find a lovely airbnb here with $55 off your first booking here! Or if you need to rent a car for the weekend, check out this post I wrote about the best car and van hire company in Sydney!

2. It really has that far away feeling


Seal Rocks is segregated from the rest of the outside world due to being on the other side of Myall Lakes. This means that you really get that I’m away from everything feeling which is the perfect getaway from Sydney. It’s so untouched there that it almost has a Goonies vibe to it (you know, the beach at the end?).

3. There’s a shop on site to grab anything you’ve forgotten / run out of


There’s one local shop in Seal Rocks so if you’ve forgotten to bring anything with you, then you can always get it there. Seal Rocks is one of those places you’ll probably want to bring everything with you including food and some beers so that you can be cut off from the rest of the world.

4. The Lighthouse


There’s a lighthouse at Seal Rocks you can go and explore. On the way up to it there’s an ocean inlet you could go and have a sim in (depending on the tides of course) which is just beautiful.

5. The beaches


There are a good few beaches to discover in Seal Rocks, we loved Treachery, SugarLoaf and the Light house beach (which you can drive onto) the most but there were a few we didn’t didn’t get the chance to explore.

6. Venture up to Bluey’s Beach


I absolutely love the area of Bluey’s beach. It’s more built up with housing unlike the rustic vibe of Seal Rocks but there’s cafes in the area and some awesome beaches.

I love Bluey’s Beach itself and Shelly Beach which unbeknown to us at the time is a nudist beach.  Shelly is an incredible secluded beach that if you’re not shy about people getting their kit off, you should go and see it. Even Steve said it was one of his favourite beaches he’s ever seen in Australia and he’s Aussie!

7. On your way back, you must visit Port Stephens


On your way back home you should stop by Port Stephens as it’s gorgeous there. Make sure you spend 15 minutes climbing up to the top of Mount Tomaree as it has a spectacular view. There’s also heaps to do there, especially if you have kids.

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So there’s my 7 reasons why you need to visit Seal Rocks! This will make an amazing getaway from Sydney for the weekend! Be sure to make the effort to visit whether it’s camping or staying in an airbnb up there. You can save $55 off your first booking with airbnb here.

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7 Reasons why you need to visit Seal Rocks
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