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Best Place To See Autumn Leaves In Sydney At Breenhold Gardens

Breenhold Gardens in Mount Wilson, Blue Mountains is honestly one of my favourite places to visit in Sydney. It’s no wonder Mount Wilson is a regular film set for many Hollywood movies including The Great Gatsby because it’s absolutely beautiful. Every single time I visit the Mount Wilson, I feel like I’m in a slice of the English countryside because it’s so gorgeous.

Although there are many Mount Wilson gardens to explore in Blue Mountains, find out what it’s like to visit Breenhold Gardens in the area.

Watch our video at Breenhold Gardens

We’ve found the best gardens in Blue Mountains to see the autumn leaves! If you’re wondering where are the best gardens in Sydney, we’ve found Breenhold Gardens in Mount Wilson, an absolutely beautiful place for the whole family to visit.

I’ve always struggled to find anywhere that vaguely resembled anything like what the UK had on offer over here in Sydney. There are some incredible secret gardens spotted around the city, but having a vast space to walk around and admire the beauty of the countryside has been hard to find.

Then we came across Breenhold Gardens on good old Instagram.

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I was heading up to the Blue Mountains to go on a hike and saw that the gardens were only a 30 minute drive away so we dashed on over to catch the last of the autumn leaves.

We arrived late afternoon to find the beautiful, picturesque town of Mount Wilson. A $10 (cash) entry fee is required and we found ourselves in complete awe of the garden’s beauty and vast scenery.

We were given a map to find our way around the 45 hectares and it was so nice to really feel like you’re away from the city let alone it brought back so many memories of the gardens I used to visit in UK, it was exactly what I’ve been looking for so long (minus the lack of tea rooms!).

When we left Breenhold Gardens, we carried on driving into Mount Wilson to see what else was around and to our amazement, there we loads of other gardens to visit.

Because we arrived late in the day, we didn’t get chance to visit any others but I can not wait to go back here and explore more and to take a picnic with me next time. It’s a very romantic place but also perfect to take the family or friends.

This place is an absolute gem and a gardens wonderland! It’s also an Instagrammers wonderland (and there were a few there snapping away!) If you’re looking for the best garden to see the autumn leaves near Sydney, Breenhold Gardens has it all.

It’s no surprise many movies have been filmed up here too.

Breenhold Gardens are only open during a few weeks in Spring and in Autumn so be sure to check for dates here.

Be sure to check out my short video of my time at Breenhold Gardens!

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