In the last year I’ve been up to Byron Bay three times as it’s got to be one of my favourite places in Australia! For me it has a great energy and it’s somewhere I feel instantly calm and at home.

If you are thinking of heading up to Byron but not sure what there is to other than sit on a beach…think again! There are loads of things to do so in no particular order, here’s your guide to the top 13 things to do in Byron Bay.

#1 What Beaches To Visit In Byron Bay


Right, let’s start with the beaches and get this one over with because there are some beautiful beaches around Byron Bay!

My favourites include; Wategos (below the Lighthouse), Little Wategos and Tallow Beach. If you keep walking on the sand over to the right on Wategos, you’ll come to Little Wategos which can only be accessed by foot (5 minute walk from Wategos) which is pretty much deserted. Walk a little further and you’ll find loads of rock pools. Just gorgeous!

Wategos Beach

Wategos has that holiday feeling whilst Little Wategos and Tallow are secluded. For more information on beaches, click here.

#2 Main Beach To Wategos Beach Coastal Walk

byron bay coastal walk

Think the Bondi to Coogee walk is good? You must check out this walk which is just stunning! It takes 30 minutes to walk from the Main beach (opp Beach Hotel) to Wategos beach and it’s worth it because Wategos is just stunning! If you’re feeling adventurous, keep on walking up the hill to the famous lighthouse for spectacular views.

#3 Visit The Lighthouse at Sunrise

byron bay lighthouse

Byron Bay Lighthouse

A mandatory thing to do in Byron is to see the Lighthouse at sunrise which is the most easterly point in Australia. The views are absolutely stunning!! It’s a must do!

 #4 Kayak with Dolphins / Learn To Surf

Kayaking in byron bay

Kayaking in Byron Bay

Fancy a few hours kayaking out in the ocean? It’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll see dolphins as well! If you visit between May – October you might be lucky to see a Humpback Whale!! It’s a really popular thing to do in Byron so make sure you sign up as soon as you get to Byron. It’s going to cost around $69, click here to book with Go Sea Kayak.

There are lots of surfers in Byron so why not sign yourself up to learn to surf?! Mojo Surf have been in Byron or years, find them here.

#5 Hire A Bike


Even though I’d recommend hiring a car to get around, you can certainly get around the town on a bike. You’ll see loads of people hiring bikes out, a must do and only from $10 a day! For more info, click here.

#6 Grab a beer and watch the sunset on Main Beach

Byron Bay Sunset at Main Beach

Byron Bay Sunset at Main Beach

The sunset is just beautiful in Byron. Make sure you head onto Main beach to capture it with a beer in hand. You’ll see all the bongo players out there but at least it gives that happy, holiday vibe. Then head into town for dinner and drinks.

Got a Car? Here are some things to do outside of Byron

#7 Take a drive out to the Hinterland

Byron Bay Hinterland

Byron Bay Hinterland

I absolutely love the hinterland in Byron, there’s something so magical about it and it’s also the only place I’ve seen in Australia which reminds me of the English countryside. If you’re in the mood to go for a drive, it’s a must visit. There’s something really liberating about this area.

#8 Visit Bangalow or/and Mullumbimby

Mullumbimby Community Street Parade

Mullumbimby Community Street Parade

Bangalow and Mullumbimby are two great towns outside of Byron. Bangalow is a bit on the posh side with lovely a deli and a quiet feel. Mullumbimby is known for what Byron used to be like 20 years ago. Think of a chilled hippy town without the tourists. I quite liked this town and much preferred it to Nimbin.

N.B. I haven’t put Nimbin on this list because the only nice thing about this place was the drive out to there. I love the Hinterland in Byron, it’s beautiful but Nimbin had a bad vibe and we left after five minutes of being there as it really wasn’t a place for us. Obviously Nimbin is known for weed so if you want to make the drive out there then it’s over an hour’s drive or you can take a tour to the area. Click here for more info.

#9 Day Out At Crystal Castle

Crystal Castle

Crystal Castle

Crystal Castle is one of my favourite places in Byron based in Mullumbimby. You’ll need a car to get here (25 minutes from Byron). It’s set in the beautiful hinterland and consists of gorgeous gardens with huge crystals in them. There are free guided tours around the grounds as well a free meditation sessions. There’s something really lovely about this place and it’s a great place for the family to come to. The cafe, I must note is awesome and has some of Byron’s best healthy food!

#10 Cycle / Drive to The Farm

The Farm

The Farm

I was going to leave food places off this post (I’m going to do a separate food post soon) but going to The Farm is more like a day out. It’s a 9 minute drive or 20 minute bike ride go get there. So The Farm is a newly opened Farm built by the owners of Bronte’s Three Blue Ducks cafe. It’s quite similar to The Grounds of Alexandria in the sense that there’s a flower stall outside and a busy restaurant although you can also sign up for morning Yoga as well. The grounds are lovely and you can even buy a picnic basket ready to go and find your own spot on The Farm’s grounds. It’s a gorgeous place and somewhere you can see getting bigger as time goes on.

#11 Hike around Minyon Falls

minyon falls

We drove out to the Minyon Falls lookout point but didn’t get time to do the hike down to the falls. I did however see a good few people enjoying the waterfall and it looked awesome. This is a must go to on your trip to Byron!

#12 Visit Tropical Fruit World

tropical fruit world

I love, love, love my fruit so when I saw this place on the drive down from the Gold Coast, we came up one day to check it out. This is a great place for families. You can take a little train tour around, watch live demos and try lots of tropical fruit! It’s a 40 minute drive which is situated up near the Gold Coast.

Tips on getting to Byron Bay

We always fly to the Gold Coast because it tends to be cheaper and the flight times are better than flying to Ballina as we fly with Tiger Air. It’s the cheapest airline and only an hour’s flight so it’s bearable. We also always pick up a car at the airport and Gold Coast – Byron Bay is a 45 mins drive whilst Ballina is a 30 minute drive.

OK, I think that’s it for now. As I said, I haven’t included any places to eat or drink because you can view that post below!


To view the best food in Byron see here

Hope this has helped for anyone of you thinking of going to Byron Bay! We have spent 5 days there in the rain before so I tried to find things to do in the rain in Byron so hope some of these help!

I’ve written a few recent posts already on Byron Bay which include; Where to stay in Byron and The Best Restaurant and Cafe in Byron. Expect a few more to come!

Have a great time!

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