Why You Need To Go To Yayoi Sydney Japanese Restaurant

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A few months ago Broadsheet talked about a new Japanese restaurant called Yayoi in Sydney which is the first outlet of the huge chain to open up outside of Asia.

There are hundreds in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and Thailand and they decided Sydney was the first place out of anywhere else in the world that they wanted to open up in The West.

I’m surprised they didn’t pick somewhere in The States or London first seeing as there’s way more people there than in little old Sydney but I can say that I’m pleased it is here because man, it was so good.

Now Yayoi is a bit different to your bog standard sushi trains that you get everywhere else. It specialises in teishoku, a set meal commonly cooked at home in Japan that involves rice, miso soup, a main dish and two smaller dishes so basically a bit like Japanese tapas!

The restaurant is simple and attractive with floor-to-ceiling windows, blonde-wood tables and detailed ceramic tableware that gives you the sense that you have enough privacy from other tables.

When we arrived at Yayoi Sydney we were given a menu and an iPad. After browsing through the menu we were told to just press ‘order’ on any of the items we wanted on the iPad. The service was lightning speed and before we knew it our drinks were already at our table in less than 2 minutes!

The waiter brought out the rice in a pot which would sit on the table cooking for the next twenty minutes. The rice is called kinme, it’s a type of rice that’s as nutritious as brown rice but retains the sweetness and softer texture of white rice.

After twenty minutes of eating some delicious edamame beans our mains arrived and this is what we had:

Andrea had – Wagyu Sukiyaki Teishoku $33

(Wagyu beef hotpot, slow-cooked egg, boiled spinach dressed in sesame sauce, steamed rice, miso soup and Japanese mustard leaf pickles)

I had – Saba Shio-Yaki Teishoku $26

(Sak-grilled mackeroll, boiled spinach dressed in sesame sauce, savoury egg custard, steamed rice, miso soup, Japanese mustard leaf pickles)

There were so many dishes on our trays that we didn’t know where to start. My fish was amazing, Andrea said her beef dish was awesome. The savoury egg custard was a bit odd. It was placed in a small cup with a mushroom and carrot inside, a sort of dessert but… not. The rice was lovely and the miso was great.

All in all it was excellent and we both really enjoyed it. The service was really good and a revolution with the ipads as it made the service lightning speed!

This was so good that I brought Steve here again a few weeks later. We both had the top dog dish which was :

Yayoi Gozen $39

(Pork Fillet Cutlet, Salmon Teriyaki, Deep Fried Tofu in Broth, Steamed Rice, Miso Soup, Salmon Salad, Wagyu Beef Hotpot, Savoury Egg Custard)

It was however amazing and Steve was so impressed with Yayoi that I think we will be back again.

If you live in Sydney and haven’t been to Yayoi Sydney yet, you must and make sure you book because they do get booked up. It is so good, you’ll see what I mean!