To me, the colder months in Sydney are all about eating out, and if there’s one thing Sydney does really well, it’s brunch. Let’s kick off some of our favourite brunch spots in Sydney written by British expat, Rebecca Shinn.

1. White Rabbit (Double Bay) 

Relatively new joint White Rabbit opened in Double Bay in December 2017 – and its consistently busy every time I walk past. So its worth checking out the hype, right?! 

 Yep yep I confirm – tastiness all round. My favourite dish is this beautiful Mango and coconut panacotta with granola. 

Oh and if you haven’t had toast from the Bread and Butter Project by now – grab some from here. Thick slices of toasted fresh bread with a heart-attacks-worth of butter dripping from it. 

2. Bowery Lane (CBD) 

 Bowery Lane was a place I wanted to go to for awhile because of the rave reviews. Seriously interior décor inspo – you have to walk through a mini florist before getting to the actual café. It was delicious and hit the spot on one particular quiet Sunday. 

 3Grounds of Alexandria (Alexandria) 

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‘The Grounds’ as they’re known are almost a bit of a tourist attraction as there’s so much more here than food. I ventured here in my first week of being in Sydney and fell in love with the massive pig in the little farm. Yes – a farm, as well as a florist, a garden, a café and a restaurant. The papaya smoothie is to die for and my usual every time I go. Also, if its too far to get to Alexandria – mooch along to Town Hall into The Galleries – there’s a ‘Grounds of the City’. 

  4. Indigo (Double Bay) 

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 Indigo is fab on several accounts: 

  1. The BEST people watching in the eastern ‘burbs and I promise you that! 
  2. Great service – the staff seem to love their job and I always find it makes a difference. 
  3. Every single menu item is delicious, I should know because I’ve had the majority of them (and they are also completely Instagram-able).

 5. Speedos (Bondi) 

Speedo’s is a tiny little café at the end of the infamous beach deserves a place on the list because of its great pink pataya bowl. I added the coco whip for fun, but it was delicious enough without it. Seriously fun and tasty – the crowds flock here on a weekend and its easy to see why. It’s also open until 5pm, a rare find in Sydney as most cafes seem to close by 3pm on weekends. 

6. Ministry of Coffee (Rose Bay) 

Ah how I love thee, because Ministry of Coffee’s menu is to die for. Usually I’ll order the bruschetta, my favourite in Sydney but recently I went for this poached eggs dish which was equally as good. This is easily one of my favourite cafes in Sydney!

7. Sokyo (Pyrmont) 

Sokyo is literally the best morning food I have ever demolished in my life. In. My. Life. 

I love The Star, mainly because it’s a playground for adults (gambling and expensive bags – be responsible folks) but the discovery of this place just elevated it. There’s a really awesome menu full of Asian fusion foods, but the one being ordered by everyone around me – there was actually one guy who refused the menu and just ordered it before sitting down – the eggs benedict.  

Brioche, maple bacon, edamame, ponzu pearls and miso hollandaise. Any of that confusing? Just go and see for yourself. It’ll soon make sense. 

8. Vela (Breakfast Point) 

It’s a bit of a trek from the centre of Syd, but if you have a soft spot for ferries – you’re sorted. Brunch is more of an upscale affair at Vela Bar & Dining, demonstrated by the slate that my barramundi was served on. Beautifully presented and well balanced flavours – but the best part was the view looking out onto the water. 


 9. Four Ate Five (Surrey Hills) 

Four Ate Five is a cute little café on a corner of tree-lined streets in Surrey Hills. Open, vibrant and comforting with tummy-rumbling plates leaving the kitchen at a good speed. Don’t let the breakfast plate deceive you – those are carrots NOT sausages. Still a great accompaniment to the dish though and they have amazing coffee here. Which is also a pretty serious component to a brunch spot.  

 10. Motown Coffee Brewers (CBD) 

Post sweaty gym sesh, I was on my way to another Sydney spot for brunch when I walked past Motown Coffee Brewers. My intention was just around the corner but this menu wouldn’t let me leave. A fresh strawberry and pineapple juice and breakfast bruschetta later, I was pretty happy with my decision! As I mentioned with Ministry of Coffee – my heart is with them for breakfast bruschetta, HOWEVER, Motown Coffee Roasters threw a block of halloumi onto my brunch which made the cheese addict in me hit the roof with sheer joy.  

What’s your favourite brunch spot? Let us know in the comments below.

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