Best 10 Australian Souvenirs & Gifts (To Keep Or Send Home!)

Looking for Australian souvenirs or Australian gifts? Finding an Australian souvenir shop can be really difficult, especially if you’re looking for unique gifts in Australia. We’ve got plenty of awesome Australian gift ideas, you won’t need to spend any longer looking for the perfect gift.

A few months ago whilst I was getting ready to go and visit family & friends in England, I was wondering what Australian souvenirs I was going to buy them.


Worst of all, I was sort of dreading the prospect of having to trapes around those god for awful tourist shops in Sydney because that’s what I’ve always done when trying to find unique gifts in Australia.

After having to waste time going to Paddy’s Market to buy really cheap and terrible Australian gifts that would be thrown out in no time, I thought to myself, ‘there must be a better Australian souvenir shop somewhere?’

That my friends, was the moment I came up with the idea to start my own Australian gift shop on Londoner In Sydney.

So what does that mean? It’s a shop we’ve created after searching high and low on the internet to find you the best Australian souvenirs to either take home in your luggage or send back in the post.

Best of all this means you can do all of your online shopping in Australia rather than having to dedicate time going into the shops!australian-gift-shopI bought these awesome presents to take back to England with me which are now on our shop. 

Most of our products are either from Amazon or Etsy and which means that if you click on our shop to buy these gifts, we’ll make a very small commission for finding you the gift.

Our shop includes our favourite British & Australian souvenirs, and more are being added weekly.

In this post we’re sharing with you our favourite Australian presents to take home. They’re so good, you’ll want to keep them for yourself.

Check out our entire Australian gift shop below!shop-image-final

1. Peppa Loves Australia Book


Every single child seems to LOVE Peppa Pig so when we found these specific Peppa Pig Australian books on Amazon, we knew we needed to include them in our shop.

When you’re away from loved ones, you’re likely to miss out on seeing your friends have kids. This is a great idea to teach children all about where you live!

peppa-pig-loves-australiaMy best friend’s daughter LOVED her Peppa Loves Australia book!

I even bought a couple and took them back with me to give my loved ones. I can confirm they are a big hit!

Click here to buy Peppa Loves Australia >

2. A gorgeous Bondi Beach print

bondi-print-to-buy-in-sydneyThere’s nothing better than having your home filled with beautiful prints of iconic Australian places. We love this Bondi Beach print because it makes us want to jump into Bondi Icebergs too!

Click here to buy this Bondi Beach print >

3. Australia’s Ultimate Bucket List: The Top 100 Places you should see in your lifetime book


Ever wanted to tick off as many bucket list items as possible? We found this awesome book on Amazon that everyone who is either visiting or moving to Australia must own.

I wonder how many of these bucket list places you’ve seen?

Click here to buy Australia’s Ultimate Bucket List book >

4. Cockatoo Canvas Bag


We love a good bag for life and these cockatoo canvas bags are absolutely perfect. Whether you need a bag to go shopping or to the beach, we love how fun these cockatoo bags are and oh so very Australian 🙂

Click here to buy the cockatoo canvas bag >

5. Finally some decent Sydney cards!

northern-beaches-sydney-cardsI don’t know about you but we’ve struggled so much to find not only decent cards in Australia but Australian cards! Now we have the chance to send home these gorgeous cards from the areas where we live.

Click here to buy the Northern Beaches cards >

6. Someone In Australia Loves Me Baby Onesie

someone-in-australia-loves-me-onesie-gift-for-australiaDon’t you just love this baby onesie? If you’ve got friends or family back home who’ve had kids since you’ve been away, this is the perfect and affordable gift to send back.

Click here to buy the Someone In Australia Loves Me Onesie

7. Map of Australia for Kids


When I’ve visited friends back home, their kids often ask me about Australia. We think this children’s map is so informative, they can put it on their wall to learn all about the unique animals that live here.

Click here to buy the Children’s Map of Australia >

8. An awesome Sydney T-shirt

Sydney-skyline-t-shirt1We’ve seen some terrible tourist t-shirts around the world but we’ve found some awesome Australian t-shirts on Etsy recently. We especially love this minimalistic Sydney skyline t-shirt which you can get in various colours and sizes.

Click here to buy this Sydney skyline t-shirt >

9. Sydney Friendship Bracelet

Sydney-friendship-braceletDo you have a friend who is moving to Sydney or a friend who is moving away from Sydney? We think this beautiful Sydney skyline bracelet is the perfect Australian souvenir for someone special.

Click here to buy the Sydney Friendship Bracelet > 


10. Gorgeous Expat Kids T-Shirt 

We absolutely love this kids expat t-shirt, it’s so perfect for those of you moving over to Australia or as a gift for anyone you know making the move over 🙂

Click here to buy the Kids Expat T-Shirt >


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