13 Things You Might Not Know About Lake Mckenzie In Fraser Island (K’gari)

Ever wondered why Lake Mckenzie in Fraser Island (K’gar) is such a popular attraction? After visiting the island recently, I’m sharing things you need to know before visiting this famous crystal clear lake so you can not only learn about the history behind it, but also avoid getting fined too.

1. It’s one of the softest sand beaches in the world


Lake Mckenzie is home to one of the softest sand beaches in the world with a very high percentage of white silica sand and a surreal beauty that will take your breath away. The only beach in the world which has softer pure sand than here is Whitehaven Beach in The Whitsundays with Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay taking third position, all located on the East Coast of Australia.

You’ll notice when you visit Lake Mckenzie, the sand is super soft to walk on, and you can even clean your jewellery on it as well. Just be careful not to clean and stones on your ring, and only clean the band of the ring on the pure white sand to avoid ruining it.

2. It’s one of 40 perched lakes on the island

Lake Boomanjin

Did you know there are more than 40 perched lakes on Fraser Island which almost makes up half of the world’s population of perched lakes? It basically means that it’s a coastal dune lake, which is formed from sand dunes cementing anything from leaves, dead plants etc with aluminium and iron to form a lake. This means, these lakes aren’t fed by streams or flow into the ocean. Check out our guide for 15 Things To Know Before Planning Your Trip To Fraser Island for more facts and tips!

Put the lesser known Lake Boomanjin on your list to visit while you’re here because it is the largest perched lake in the world!

3. It’s a fresh water lake with healing powers


Lake Mckenzie is a fresh water lake meaning the water that is provided in this lake has come from only rainwater, ie no groundwater or from the steams or rivers like I mentioned above to make it crystal clear.

Surrounded by tea trees, the plant’s oil has healing powers which are in the pure water lake to apparently cure many aches and pains in the body. Many people tend to feel totally relaxed and instantly find their skin is totally smooth and soft after swimming in the water here.

4. Why the water is bright turquoise at the edge to the lake


Considering Lake Mckenzie is a fresh-water lake, the waters is super clear closer to the shore apparently because the the lake bed has been worn away by people paddling there. The lake also acts like a mirror, reflecting the sky and can look silver on grey sky days.

5. Avoid doing this, otherwise you’ll get fined


It is forbidden to take any food or drinks (except water) down to Lake Mckenzie. If you are caught doing so, you’ll be fined. This is to protect you from the dingos roaming the area and to keep the lake in its pristine condition. If you would like to have something to eat here, there are the protected, fenced off picnic facilities with picnic tables at Lake Mckenzie car park to enjoy your food safely.

6. Visit the Lake Mckenzie lookout


The walk down from the car park to Lake Mckenzie only takes a few minutes, but you’ll come to a fork in the road to walk down there. While both paths lead to the lake, take the right path and you’ll head down to the lookout, giving you a slightly raised platform to appreciate the beauty of the unique lake.

7. Be careful of your swimming depths here


While Lake Mckenzie is only five metres deep, be careful of your swimming abilities because there have been fatalities here. If you’re with children, please keep an eye on them because the lake is huge measuring at over 150 hectares.

8. The real meaning behind Lake Mckenzie


The traditional owners of the land, the Butchulla people named the lake, Boorangoora, meaning ‘water of wisdom’. It was a place for decision making where the people would meet here and listen out for messages from spirits to help them make decisions.

Lake McKenzie’s real name is Boorangoora, which means ‘waters of wisdom’. The Butchulla people considered Boorangoora as a place for decision-making.

9. Best Time to Visit


When we visited Lake Mckenzie on our 4WD K’Gari Explorer Tour, there were so many people here, it was super busy. If you’re driving yourself, I would personally come here at sunrise or sunset.

I think sunrise in particular would be absolutely spectacular here and it was one of the only times on our tour that I would have preferred the freedom to come here before the crowds got here. I can imagine the energy would feel very special when visiting here without anyone else around.

10. One of the best spots to put your tent up


If you’re new to K’gari (Fraser Island), there are a couple of fantastic camping spots that aren’t just located on 75 Mile Beach on the sand. Lake Mckenzie has some some really good facilities like public toilets, BBQ areas and showers here that you can use. Make sure you get a camping permit and book your camping spot before you arrive.

11. It’s not the only spot to swim on Fraser Island


If you’re looking for more places to swim on Fraser Island, I highly recommend Lake Wabby and Eli Creek to get you started. Check out our Best Things To Do In Fraser Island (K’gari) guide to help you plan your trip before you go!

12. Before you go to Fraser Island


If you’re thinking of visiting Fraser Island in Queensland for the first time, and unsure how to plan your trip, I would recommend you check out our guide for 15 Things To Know About Planning A Fraser Island Trip. This is where I break down some of the things you might have no idea about including sacred places only women are allowed to visit, hidden gems and much more.

13. How to get around Fraser Island


Meanwhile in terms of getting around Fraser Island, you have a few options to consider which is either a 4WD Coach Tour (which is what we did), a tag-along tour which is popular with backpackers, hire your own 4WD or trek the island on the 90KM Fraser Island Great Walk.

Check out our guide for the Best Fraser Island Tours vs Tag-along Tours vs Self Drive to help you decide which option suits you best.

I’d also recommend checking out my 4WD K’Gari Explorer Tour Review so you can see what our tour actually looked like. I break down everything about the tour in the most honest light so you can decide if it’s right for you.

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13 Things You Might Not Know About Lake Mckenzie In Fraser Island (K’gari)

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