19 Things To Do In Blueys Beach (Pacific Palms, Forster NSW)

Looking for things to do in Blueys Beach in Pacific Palms, Forster? This incredible NSW getaway is the perfect place to spend a good few days away from it all. Expect the best beaches in NSW, you won’t want to go back home!

Recently we were really lucky to spend a month at Steve’s cousin’s holiday home next door to Blueys Beach at Boomerang Beach in NSW.

If you’re looking for things to do in Blueys Beach, even things to do in Forster (it’s a 20-minute drive away) or if you’ve never heard of it before, you’re about to find out why this part of NSW is absolutely amazing! Now, we’ve written about Seal Rocks before which is about a 20-minute drive away from Pacific Palms in NSW and there’s more reason to talk about Blueys Beach.

Firstly the beaches in Pacific Palms are the best beaches in NSW and the best beaches near Sydney by a mile. It’s a three-hour drive, making it easily one of the best weekend getaways from Sydney as well.

Blueys Beach feels has a distinct paradise feel to it – some have even compared it to Byron Bay vibes from 30 years ago.

Bluey’s Beach Map

Here’s a map of everything mentioned in this post so you know where to find anywhere that interests you!


Pacific Palms Beaches You Need To Know About

1. Blueys Beach

The first beach you come to in the area of Pacific Palms is Blueys Beach. We loved this beach for its vast size and all round beauty. There’s nothing like driving down the hill from Forster and seeing glimpses of this stunning beach.

2.Boomerang Beach

Around the corner from Blueys Beach and you’ll come to Boomerang Beach. We hadn’t explored Boomerang Beach that much before when we visited the area of Blueys Beach. Because we were staying over the road, we went for a morning walk along this beach every day. I must admit, it’s absolutely beautiful.

Boomerang Beach is also a popular surfing beach near Forster as well and there are also some fantastic lookout points on this beach to take in all of its beauty.

3. Shelly Beach


If you venture just around the corner from Boomerang Beach, you’ll probably see a few cars parked up on the grass verge. Here there’s a walking path over to Shelly Beach, our favourite beach in NSW! Although it’s a clothing optional beach, there’s almost a visible line down the beach. On one side the nudists stick together and on the other are the more reserved types (aka me!) in their swimmers.

It’s a big enough beach to not have any nudists in your face if you usually find it a bit on the uncomfortable side and equally it’s comfortable enough for nudists not to feel like people are staring at them.

Shelly Beach is amazing though. The flat, clear water and white sand is absolutely stunning. Throw in views of Booti Booti National Park and you’ll feel like you’re somewhere like New Zealand or actually somewhere more exotic. Anyways, hopefully you’ll understand what I’m saying is it’s AMAZING!

4. Elizabeth Beach


Whenever we drove over to Elizabeth Beach, it was always one of those moments that I just thought to myself about how blooming lucky I am to live in Australia. Honestly this beach is just incredible.

Think white sand, crystal clear turquoise water and you’d be about right. This beach is more popular for families as the water is more calmer than at Bluey’s or Boomerang Beach but not as calm as at Shelly Beach.

If you’re not feeling the idea of Shelly Beach then head over to Elizabeth Beach instead (it’s just around the corner).

5. Seven Mile Beach


On the way into Forster we decided to stop off and check out Seven Mile Beach not thinking it would be a patch on the other four beaches we mentioned. To be honest, we couldn’t believe how four beaches back to back could all look that amazing.

But when we went to check out Seven Mile Beach, again this one is an incredible beach which looks back over to Elizabeth Beach and Shelly Beach. There’s something that’s just so amazing about this area of Pacific Palms that you really need to see it for yourself.

Things To Do In Blueys Beach And Nearby

6. Pacific Palms Recky Club For Sunset


Head over to the Pacific Palms Recreation Club for sunset as you’ll be treated to some beautiful sunsets reflecting into the water off Wallis Lake. Bring a picnic or grab a drink from the club.

7. Take Part In A Yoga Class


There’s nothing better than to start the day with a yoga class. Pop into Blueys Natural Health to find out about their yoga, meditation, massage, pilates classes and much more when you visit Pacific Palms.

8. Check Out Pacific Palms Market


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Held on the last Sunday of the month is the Pacific Palms Market next door to the Recreation Club. We unfortunately missed it but it’s the type of market selling a mixture of gifts, local produce and much more.

9. Visit Seal Rocks


Heading back in the opposite Direction is Seal Rocks. This is a fantastic area to visit with some absolutely cracking beaches. Although it’s more remote than Bluey’s Beach and the area of Pacific Palms, there’s an amazing holiday park to camp here right opposite the beach.

10. Cape Hawke Lookout

Whilst we were in Pacific Palms, we checked out the Cape Hawke Lookout which is a lovely 10 minute walk up to a lookout tower which looks out over to Forster.

We didn’t get a chance that day but I would have loved to check out Mc Brides Beach nearby.

11. Watch A Movie At Great Lakes Cinema 3

Because we were in Blueys Beach for a month, we found The Great Lakes Cinema in Forster to spend our Friday nights! The cinema isn’t the prettiest but I’ll tell you what, you’ll probably get the whole screening to yourself! When we went, there was literally two other people in the cinema with us!

12. Hike In Barrington Tops

If you’re looking to get out and do some hiking, we recommend heading over to one of Australia’s best National Parks at Barrington Tops.

When we visited we did the Antarctic Beech Forest Track which takes you on a 1 hour loop through the 1 million year old rainforest, the Gondwana Rainforest. It’s honestly mind blowing.

13. Visit Ellenborough Falls

Ellenborough Falls is located just under a 2 hour drive from Bluey’s Beach and is Australia’s third largest waterfall.

You can walk down to the bottom within 30 minutes (read our full post here). The track is well maintained and you can even take kids with you.

Blueys Beach Restaurants

There’s not a huge amount of places to eat at Blueys Beach but here’s where we went in the month whilst we were there.

14. The Pacific Palms Recreation Club (AKA The Recky) for cheap meals


The Pacific Palms Recreation Club is a great little spot for cheap places to eat in Blueys Beach. They serve up the food pretty fast and actually do a decent Chicken Parmie! Just make sure you arrive for sunset as it’s spectacular.

15. Kembali in Blueys Beach

Kembali restaurant in Blueys Beach is an amazing Balinese cafe (with BYO!). Get the fish curry – it’s awesome!!

16. Moby’s On Redgum

Although we didn’t get a chance to visit Moby’s On Redgum which is part of the Moby’s Beachside Retreat, we’re sure we missed out on some amazing dishes! This healthy restaurant serves up the freshest local produce for breakfast, lunch and dinner

17. Tartt in Forster


Tartt Cafe is a fab healthy cafe in Forster serving up salads and burgers. We loved the mural outside, perfect for your next Instagram picture!

18. Spice Monkey In Forster


I actually couldn’t believe how amazing Spice Monkey restaurant in Forster is! The sushi and sashimi is easily some of the best I’ve ever had. Make sure you check this one out!!

19. Flow Bar In Old Bar

If you fancy going on a drive out of Blueys Beach up to Old Bar, make sure you go on a Sunday afternoon to Flow Bar. This gorgeous pub/restaurant is absolutely beautiful. With outdoor seating and a beautiful stage, you’ll find live music here on weekends.

Where To Stay In Blueys Beach

We stayed at Steve’s cousin’s airbnb which is a lovely two story house right next to Boomerang Beach. It’s got a lovely balcony in the spacious master bedroom and a front and back garden.

Mobys Beachside Retreat

Moby’s Beachside Retreat is one of the more popular places to stay in Boomerang Beach because it has an excellent cafe, a swimming pool and gym on site. The apartment style rooms are fantastic for anyone looking for a home away from home.

If you’re looking for camping in Blueys Beach, you can camp in Pacific Palms Caravan Park, the nearby The Ruins Campground, or over to Seal Rock’s Reflections Holiday Park.

19 Things To Do in Blueys Beach NSW


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